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[VIC] MSI Modern 14" Ryzen 5 7530U Laptop $599.99 In-Store @ Costco, Moorabbin (Membership Required)


This deal is not on their website but in-store only. It's a lot of power for that price with the Ryzen 5 7530U able to reach 4.5ghz.

14" IPS 1080p screen
8gb DDR4 memory
512gb SSD
Wifi, bluetooth, webcam
1 year warranty

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    That 8gb ram better be upgradable otherwise it's not worth it. I had a MSI modern 14 with intel i3 10th gen cpu before. Bit dissapoining that it was using single channel ram. I hope they changed it with this laptop.

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  • 8gb ram is deal breaker.

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      Definitely not. Or at least, not for everyone. We have a fleet of devices that have 8gb and rarely go above 6gb doing basic browsing and excel.

      If $600 is your budget, you must have a new laptop, and you don't do much work…then I'd probably still recommend a laptop with expandable memory haha

      • My Windows 11 laptop is using 8.7GB with just 1 tab open in Edge (this one).

        • The Parkinson's Law applies to available RAM and operating systems as well.

          • @Rimas: Work machines with 16GB + 8th Gen Intel. Since win11 upgrade, all sort of performce issues caused by 1. More resource intense and 2. Drive compatibility issues.

            16GB is a minimum if anyone want the PC to last more than a year.

            • @Chinese: 16GB is not required unless using the device for development, media production or CAD. With 8gb ram you can have 20 chrome tabs open and being responsive - which is more than enough for most people.

              • @alenpln: By default these are on for a general office machine 1. Outlook, 2. Excel (some times a few files at the same time), 3. Word (someone with a gazillion object attached) 4. A few pdfs 5. A few browsers 6. Tons of inhosie background apps.

                I have been tracking my PCs ram usage, not once less than 12 GB occupied.

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        At my company, we give out laptops to all the non-tech folk (sales people) that are 8GB and it turns out that it's unusable on our platform half the time and people complain about how slow our system is etc.

        The ones that didn't complain had the same everything except 16GB ram.

        Open excel, slack, outlook + a browser and it's a shit storm of slowness.

        At this point in time, 8GB is e-waste.

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      8gb deal breaker for me as a dev? Absolutely

      For someone who just watches YouTube and Facebook? No issues whatsoever

      • I am using an 8gb laptop, but I bought it 8 years ago. I will not buy an 8gb new laptop in 2024.

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    8gb on a Mac is one thing, 8gb on a Windows machine is a death sentence.

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    What about thunderbolt 4

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      Whats with you and thunderbolt 🤡

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    RAM is soldered. While 8GB in a windows laptop is usable, I really would not recommend it.

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    8gb not enough for heavy video editing or any intensive apps that uses alot of memory. 16gb should be minimum and 32gb should standard now

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      Its a $600 laptop one would assume this is not good for "heavy video editing"

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    Good enough for general office and student work. The average user doesn't need any more.

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      What if office work but with 4 excels, 1 doc, youtu.be, and 5 chome tabs, outook, teams, and Bluetooth devices? And external monitor 4k

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        Sounds like you are context switching a lot and probably unproductive

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          Actually its more productive to have all windows in foreground so i dont need to minimise and maximise repeatedly. The excels, docs, outlook, and teams

          • @CyberMurning: Great thanks for sharing 👍

            • @solidussnake: Yep im copying numbers from a to b, referencing c , and entering confirmation to d. All by following manual in e. So all a to e need to visible to avoid mistakes. Plus outlook. And teams chat. And the in-house software's. YouTube is for music hehe

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    8gb yes very modern

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