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[Windows, macOS] Aiarty Image Enhancer V2.5 Giveaway for Free (Was $85) @ Aiarty


Aiarty Image Enhancer is a 4-in-1 image enhancer, which can automatically denoise, deblur, deJPEG, and upscale your image files like PNG, JPG, WebM, TIFF, etc in a click. There is no need for you to navigate through complex models or tweak parameters—Aiarty Image Enhancer takes care of it all for you. The latest version, V2.5, introduces support for AVIF format input, default saving of Exif information, customizable resolution, and a pre-processing model selection for 2-pass processing. To mark the significant release, Digiarty is offering an unconditional giveaway of Aiarty Image Enhancer V2.5. Participants will receive full feature access and unlimited upgrades for one year, a value of $85.

How to get:
Go to the giveaway campaign page, and click the green “Download Now Aiarty Image Enhancer 2.5(Win&Mac)” button to get the download link and unique license key instantly. This giveaway is available for all users, no-string-attached.

Outstanding Features of Aiarty Image Enhancer:
- Upscaling Options: Provides 2x, 4x, and 8x upscaling options and resolution presets of 1K, 2K, 4K, and 8K. Users can also customize width and height.
- Enhance & Restore: Improves noisy photos, fixes blurry images, removes JPEG compression artifacts, and restores old and low-quality pictures with or without increasing resolution.
- Add Details: Retains all necessary information during upscaling and enhancing, with the More-Detail GAN model generating realistic details, especially for skin, hair, and texture.

More info: aiarty.com

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