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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 - Black $899.99 Delivered @ Mobileciti via Everyday Market


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Brings it down to $719.20

Appears to be New and Australian Stock
Sold via mobileciti

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  • -6

    The cameras are crap. If you need a big screen, just get a tablet.

    • +4

      Cameras not crap but not great.

      Imagine fitting a tablet in your pocket…

      I've been using the fold3 for over 2 years now and it's a good phone for what it is.
      I use the fold function countless times a day.

      For $719 it's excellent value for a once flagship phone and for a foldable.

      • -3

        Checked a few YouTube reviews, Fold3 has way too many hardware snd software issues.

        The camera doesn't even match S21, that's totally not ok.

  • +4

    I used this for two years but samsung intentionally introduced a bug and front screen touch stopped working. This is a common issue for many other users search the samsung community.
    Do not recommend this crap.

  • +9

    i expect fold 5 to be this price within a month with tradein and stacking coupons (fold 6 getting announced soon)

    • It'll happen within 2024.

  • The fold and flip phones lose their value so fast. Considering their release prices these are just terrible purchases.

  • This "price" gives me hope for trade in to fold 6

  • +1

    My Fold3 had issues with "no speaker sound" after I open and close the phone too often.
    It is outside the warranty period and Samsung charges $700 to fix it.

    • +1

      Just tradein for fold 6. Since they only ask about screen but not speaker during check

      • Nah, trade in value is not great? How much is trade in?
        It still works fine, just need to use Bluetooth earphones instead of speaker.

  • My fold 3 was fantastic, until the main screen started bleeding. It was fantastic enough to get a fold 5, and that's fantastic enough for me to get a fold *x whenever this one dies. Love them.

  • I have the fold 4. The recent software updates have recently meant that my battery effectiveness is down 25%. Which when you normally go to bed with 30% charge to now be 5% is a bit worrying. For the 3, im assuming it would be similar

  • +1

    And some people got the Z FOLD 5 last year for $618!
    Time flies and inflation goes up.

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