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Google Pixel 8 Pro 128GB $998, Samsung Tab S9 128GB $778 + Del ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman (Expired: Price Beat @ Officeworks)


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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 link

As usual, skip shopping at Gerry and price beat at Officeworks for $948.10/$739.10 instead: Google Pixel 8 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Officeworks has adjusted their price recently

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • Should be able to get a price match from Google for $998 - useful for anyone considering the trade in. A good condition P7 Pro is worth $500, with cracks (but turns on) is $250…

    • Does it work for someone who bought a week ago from google and also used trade in?

      • Yes it does. You can claim a refund on the difference.

        • How does one do that? Is there a chat

          • @CptnObvious: Update, Google will only apply discount if your before tradein price is above the HN price. ie. if you have 10% discount applied already then they won't discount it further.

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  • does Google have stock though?

    • Not for the Pixel 8 Pro as it’s showing as waiting list

      • Mint 128GB and Bay 512GB are in stock

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    Is a P8P actually worth this amount?

    I've held off the JB Hi-Fi deal as I don't know if I can deal with the Tensor chips failings from other reports, but there isn't much else compelling at this price range.

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      Get a Samsung S24 or S24+ instead.

      A much better phone overall.

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        Aren't they also Exynos? Can't be much better than the Tensor (also Exynos, with Google NPU)

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          If Chip was the only thing that runs the phone, sure, they’re on par as they’re both Exynos.

          But the bugs and cellular reception in Pixel is the worst when compared to Samsung S24/+. The display of Samsung S24 series is the best in the market when compared to its rivals’ specs.

          But DYOR and find the device that suits you.

          • @nepalicurryinahurry: Honestly the Xiaomi 13U seems to be the best at around $1k on Aliexpress, but I don't know if I can hack no warranty and an unlocked bootloader at that price

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              @OZBMate8911: I would not buy anything that doesn’t come with a warranty or voids a warranty.

              Spending a grand and expecting to lose it is not my mojo tbh. Also, Samsung has physical stores which is a plus.

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              @OZBMate8911: I've had a POCO F6 pro for a couple of weeks. Snapdragon 8 gen 2 and ufs 4.0 memory. 120w charger, screen protector and case. Got it for $600. 256gb. Screen is great and the camera is surprisingly good. has ois but no telephoto and no wireless charging are the downsides.

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        Get a Samsung S24 or S24+ instead.

        Friends don't let friends use Samsung…

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          Hard to disagree with this comment. For me, Pixel is superior to Galaxy. OneUI is trash in comparison to stock Android but to each, their own.

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            @1r4n14n: Asus comes close….
            But are trash on ongoing support

            • @0806449: Agree. I once owned the ZenFone 8 and was very happy with it. I wanted the 9 but missed the sales JB had on it.

        • Friends don't want their friends to be better than themselves.

      • +3

        The S24 and S24+ are nowhere near as good as the P8 Pro. I would say the S24 Ultra is comparable, but I don’t believe you have used both. Pixel Photo has better portrait photos, and with video boost, the videos are crisper and of higher quality. The AI features and ease of access, such as automatically saving things to the calendar and uploading boarding passes, are so numerous. With calling, it does way more than the S24 or S24+ could dream of doing, and they somehow cost more. If you can use the AI features to their full extent and you are somewhat knowledgeable, Pixel easily wins.

        Thank you. I can keep going, but let me know if you disagree.

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            @sridhar: 5G doesn't work? Is your argument? Phone overheats in sun? Like I said clearly you haven't used them both, I couldn't care less what anyone uses. Just a fact s24 and 24+ are not as good as s23 ultra or even Pixel 8 Pro. Do as you wish

        • Agree. Galaxy S are the most overpriced Androids that exist on the market.

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      The CPU is decent but not as good as SD Gen 3 or even Gen 2. So if you are a gamer and heavy user, not the best.

      If you are a regular user, it's a great phone, awesome camera too, battery is average to below average at best.

      • yes, the main complaints about the Pixel 8 series seem to be battery, reception drop outs and build quality.

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          I haven't used the 8 Series but I did have a Pixel 7 Pro and although it was fine the actually phone sounded like it was hallow (Gently tapping on the screen). In comparison to my S23, the S23 is heaps better build quality wise.

          But the camera on the Pixel is years ahead. I will most likely get the Pixel 9 if they got the CPU and battery sorted.

    • for camera and software features, yes. there is noticeable lag when switching between apps but thats my only real complaint

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    Got my 256gb P8P for 1099 outright when it dropped in price at Telstra last month - love it as my daily driver. This is a great price as it's now available in retailers

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    Amazing phone for most people.

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    its 997 @ office work :)

    Office Works

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    Thanks OP, managed to price beat tab S9+ before Officeworks dropped the price.

  • Glad I got the GP8Pro for $929 a coupla weeks ago

  • more dog food for Gerry ?

  • Can this be used in conjunction with a phone tradein ?

  • Just bought a pixel 8 pro 512gb (the 128 doesn't cut it for me, and they're out of the 256) from JB.

    $1108.91 out of pocket, and I'll claim TRS next month on it too!

    • Hi @CMH
      How did you get it for $1108?, it's $1298 on HN.
      Was there anything in particular you did? Or was it existing store credit or trade-in?

      • +1

        $200 trade in voucher and 6.5% off JB gift cards.

  • For anyone interested in the 12gb ram 256gb storage variant of the S9 tablet Officeworks hasnt dropped the price of that, i was jsut able to pricebeat it

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    Thanks, I picked up the 256gb tab s9 today at officeworks as per @mushroomgod123 for $850. I wanted the extra storage and better future proofing of 12gb ram and seemed worth it for an extra $100.



  • God damn it! Just bought a Pixel 8 pro last week for $1099 @ JB Hifi

    • "The Google Pixel 9 series is confirmed to be launching in August, much earlier than the previous Pixel 8 series which was launched in October 2023.

      The Pixel 9 series is expected to include the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL, with leaked images showing a rounded rectangular camera module and prominent round edges. The Pixel 9 series is shown to come with a triple-camera setup, and early test models are powered by the Tensor G4 chipset."

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