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TCL C855 85" QD Mini-LED TV $2741 + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Slightly less than the previous deal and don’t have to wait till stocks. Not a lot of additional stuff to say about this TV as this is one of our OZB favorites and discussed plenty of times before. Cheers!

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    Wait for Gerry's price beat.

  • Is this a good all-rounder? like rather than spending silly money on OLED?

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      OLED is objectively better, but doesn't do well in bright rooms. I've had a 65C855 for about a week now. Really bright, vibrant, HDR looks great, TV speaker is actually not shit. The frame interpolation "Motion" stuff looks alright in some cases, but too many artifacts in other cases. I'll probably turn it off completely.

      I plugged my Xbox Series X in; the 4K TV Details check has green ticks for everything. Games look and play great.

      But the OS starts to lag after a few days of use. A full power cycle speeds it up. Forum posts suggest switching to "App only mode" which seems to disable a lot of the curated recommendations from the home page. I haven't tried yet.

      I had issues with my existing JBL Bar 5.1 sound bar. Super frustrating. It was using ARC. Could not get it to work, despite it working fine on my old Samsung. I found a different eARC LG Soundbar on FB Marketplace which works fine.

      There are certainly some caveats with the TCL products, but my room is too bright for an OLED and the price to performance of the TCL C855 series is excellent.

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        OLED is objectively better

        better at what? all technologies have pros and cons, and OLED has def a lot of cons compared to this TV
        - it will have burn in with time
        - doesn't get nearly as bright
        - gets dimmer through the years
        - you can't get a great OLED >77", 83 and 98 OLEDs have subpar quality and major DSE
        - stutter in low framerate gaming due to its immediate response

        and, of course, price

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          Better at blacks.

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              @CrazyTachikoma: Current model OLEDs have much better blacks where it matters. We have the 75" TCL and an LG and Panasonic OLED.

              Any scene with blacks and bright objects, the OLED looks much better, the colour reproduction looks better and measures better with the Klein meter.

              Sure when the whole screen is black, you don't notice a difference, but when you are in a star field in space, or a bright object on a dark background, or a dark movie like Master and Commander, the difference is very noticeable with the OLED looking far better and with much better detail in the dark areas.

              The image processing on the TCL is markedly worse than either the LG or Panasonic, however you generally want to turn it all off anyway unless you are watching sports.

              For gaming, I get better results on the LG OLED with VRR turned on than on the TCL.

              For HDR in a dark room, the TCL has some odd issues with quite a few titles, resulting in the viewing experience not being as good.

              As for the interface, I don't use any of the inbuilt apps, I use an Oppo and an AppleTV so don't really use the TV OS for anything other than turning features on and off, so I can't comment on it.

              Having said all that, the TCL does give a very good picture that is far superior to almost any standard LCS TV, the HDR is very bright and works well for most titles, I don't watch sports really or FTA TV, so can't comment on how it compares, but if you don't currently own a high quality OLED TV, you will love the TCL, it looks great and performs will in a brightly lit room or with a windowed room during daylight.

              I am a colourist by trade and used to using grading monitors all day so am probably more picky than a lot of people, but once you calibrate it, the TCL is well worth the money being asked. If you have endless cash then an OLED is better in basically every way, not quite as bright but if image quality is important to you, you probably are not watching movies or gaming with the lights on.

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                @Scrobo: yep I know all that, been in the space for years, I have a simple question for you: have you checked 2024 MiniLEDs?

                Bravia 9, this TCL, latest top end Hisense?

                the jump we had in dimming zones, and consequently black levels / blooming control is unique, a ton of professional Youtubers are commenting on that. We are at the stage where, apart from measurement instruments, one cannot easily spot the OLED.

                And that's on black levels alone. For HDR, brightness, shadow (not crushing them), color volume, etc these MiniLEDs are surpassing OLED in many cases.

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                  @CrazyTachikoma: 2000 zones is still not enough to stop halo effect. The flagship MiniLED with 50k zones or MicroLED might be "OLED-like", but they are still super expensive. This is still a good buy but I don't think I could go from OLED to this for dark room.

                  • @Ryballs: maybe from a measurement perspective when you're glued to the screen

                    from the sofa in a normal viewing distance, there's no blooming, that's what reviewers say and that's what I saw when checking the TV with LG OLED demos playing on it

                    • @CrazyTachikoma: That's weird coz I have read still haloing/blooming when white text on black background.

              • @Scrobo: how should an ordinary person should calibrate the colour to get the maximum colour accuracy?

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                  @No ONE: I'll write up a full post on it after I get through financial year crap at work. If you have an Apple TV and a recent-ish iPhone you can actually use the calibration on it to do a really good job. Otherwise there are some free test patterns you can download and do a pretty good job by eye and calibrate it to a level that suits you.

                  • @Scrobo: Cheers I would appreciate that as well since I've got a 75" C855 too.

            • @CrazyTachikoma:

              so apart from a measuring instrument, you can't tell the difference between the black in an OLED and the black in this glossy TV

              Which is subjective, right?

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            @tonyamazing: Better response time
            Better hdr

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            @tonyamazing: That was my nickname in high school

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          • stutter in low framerate gaming due to its immediate response

          Same brands are worse than others, but this can be annoying on 24fps movie content too.

      • @tonyamazing What LG sound bar did you grab?

        • LG SN9YG for $75. No remote and broken subwoofer. Ordered a remote off AliExpress for ~$20, and a replacement board for the subwoofer for ~$90. Hopefully that'll fix it.

      • This TCL TV + Apple TV would be excellent then!

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      Absolutely. Whilst it won't perform like an OLED in a dark environment, the saving alone is great enough to forgive its shortcomings.

    • this is an excellent TV, been researching for months and even tho I have prejudice against Chinese brands… I couldn't justify another 1600 dollars for the inferio Sony Bravia 7

      the major con of this TV is the average color/white balance calibration out of the box, I recommend getting professional calibration

      • -1

        I'm not sure about the word inferior. You would have to be dilerious delusional to think TCL make better products than Sony. Whilst there absolutely is prejudice against Chinese-made products, I think we need to accept where they sit against more reputable brands.

        • Product range is a big factor, both brands have low-end and high-end models.

        • -1

          The Bravia 7 is inferior and I can point multiple reasons why, I also compared both in store.

          Yes Sony has another, superior model, called Bravia 9 that costs 8k in 85"

          Even if the Bravia 7 cost the same as this TCL, Id still get the TCL as it's superior.

          • @CrazyTachikoma: Your money, your choice. There is absolutely no scenario where I would ever choose this over the B7 if they were my options.

            • @1r4n14n: Ok so your choice isn't based on overall picture quality, but instead on brand preference. Fair enough.

              But objectively the B7 is still an inferior product (that uses a TCL panel btw).

              • @CrazyTachikoma: Oh no, it's definitely the better product because a TV isn't just about the panel (or who manufactures it).

                • @1r4n14n: Yes it's better at motion (slightly) and out of the box colour and white balance accuracy

                  Absolutely everything else, the B7 lacks behind

                  But keep repeating it's better in your head if you need to.

                  • @CrazyTachikoma: I'm not the one convincing myself into thinking a C855 is better than a Bravia 7 because it costs significantly less. You do you boo.

                    • @1r4n14n: I don't think the TCL is better, I know it's better - other than Youtube / website reviewers' measurements, I actually checked both TVs on Harvey Norman, side by side, with their remotes in hand and applying the basic calibration first.

                      And again, if going for the same price (which will happen during Black Friday if history reapeats), the B7 is inferior.

                      • @CrazyTachikoma: But that's just an opinion though, isn't it? Unless you can provide side by side evidence from an actual professional who does it for a living, these are just opinions of ours that are heavily based on the price.

                        • @1r4n14n: AVPasion and FOMO Youtube channels have measurements and professional analysis before/after calibration

                          an actual visit to a store will show you they are right

                • +1

                  @1r4n14n: Who says the Bravia 7 is the better product?

                  480 backlight zones vs 1300+ on the TCL isn’t even comparable, the amount of blooming on the Bravia would be shocking

                  • +1
                    • @1r4n14n: Not too useful in isolation, will have to wait until they’ve done this to compare but 480 zones is even less than the C845 from last year. No amount of processing magic can make up that deficit

                  • +1

                    @cille745: says the guy in denial that can't accept a mid tier Sony product is inferior to a top tier TCL product

                    • -5

                      @CrazyTachikoma: I guess it's because I don't shop at Kmart and tell everyone that the quality of my clothing is just as good as any European designer brand. You TCL fanboys need a reality check.

                      • @1r4n14n: boo hoo you're so rich… oh now I'm so impressed…

                        I have had (and still have) Sony TVs my whole life, boy. Go buy a Bravia 9 for 8k so at least when you say it's superior to this TCL you won't be lying.

                        • -1

                          @CrazyTachikoma: It's not about that though, just be humble with your purchase and accept it for what it is, "boy".

                          • @1r4n14n: this is like saying an iphone 4 is better than the current flagship motorola because.. you know, apple rocks

        • +1

          For the same budget and screen size you always get better features and picture quality on TCL or Hisense compare to Sony, LG, or Samsung. However, the reliability of TCL and Hisense are definitely lower compare to Sony, LG, and Samsung. You could be lucky to own a TCL that will last for 10 years or you could also be unlucky to own Sony that only lasts for 2 years. Its all about personal preference, but I could see both sides on why people wanting some chinese brands and why some people prefer more reputable brands.

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      I know I will cop a lot of flack for this. But, I will bite.
      On paper, it is a better bang for buck. I read a lot of reviews, spoke to friends who have a fairly new TCL TV, they all have one theme going on. You all can read up comments on OzB as well.
      Like the comment from TonyAmazing below, every one of the feedback had caveats. Some had slowness, lag, motion blur and most had connectivity issues.
      Also, most of the reviews and comments mentioned it with reference to the price saying its okay for the price. Not to mention the appalling customer service.
      No point having a sharpy priced TV with issues that you have to live with

      • +1

        I have a c845, which isn't as good and am happy with it, haven't run into issues. I have compared to OLEDs, and found it compared satisfactorily for my purposes

        I have yet to see c855 in store, but think the number of dimming zones and contrast ratio is approaching a point where it is hard for the everyday user to perceive more

      • That's because people are only concerned about how the TV appears on paper, until they get home, set it up, and actually start using it. Telling customers to unplug the TV from the power point whenever it soils itself isn't my idea of a quality product. These are the same fanboys who think their Motorola G84 is the best Android to ever exist. It's the same argument in every single TCL deal. "My TCL is the best TV ever made and you can't change my mind". Would I take a punt on one? Sure, but I wouldn't go around telling everyone it's the best thing since sliced bread.

        • +1

          yep which is why i pro Sony
          they have the best motion processing bar none
          the OS has really improved since they updated the mediatek chips and so its almost as smooth as an apple tv ( though not to that level yet)

          • +1

            @ledzep: I don't know why I bother commenting in TCL deals TBH. It's amazing how easily triggered everyone gets. Blasphemy! How dare you insult my TV like that?

      • These issues aren’t guaranteed though. The specs that you get for the price are though

        • I used to work at Hisense and my old boss now works at TCL. The failure rate of these 2 brands is nowhere near what Sony, Samsung and LG are. But hey, what do I know?

      • mate, go to AVForums or AVSForums and check how "trouble free" Sony, LG and Samsung TVs are….

        spoiler alert: all TVs have a ton a bugs

        for instance, people get Sony AVRs with Sony TVs and Sony Blu-Ray players that don't speak properly with each other…

        • 100% agree with you. I infact even took a gamble myself when I got a box damaged Sony OLED couple of years ago. Hopefully, my doubts are unfounded and all purchasers are happy. I am not sold on it based on 5 out of 6 negative feedback from friends who own (not this exact model) TCL 6 series and above.

          • +1

            @raj koothrappali: yeah personally, my anecdotal experience with my last 2 Sonys weren't great

            both promised 4k 120hz, none could deliver, you could only get 120 at 1080p. It did 4k/120 by upscaling from 1080, really shitty advertisement. They also had issues with my Yamaha AVR for eARC.

            the current TCL C745 has been solid on those accounts, even working at 144hz in 4k, but its brightness automatic control is complete garbage, same for out of the box accuracy

      • +2

        I've had a TCL 75c835 for about 3 years now, it's been perfect. Bought a Sony XR85X90K for our other room that arrived yesterday, it's already bricked itself

  • +5

    At this rate, it will be under $2K by boxing day :)

  • +1

    @Hepklep seems like you went to a lot of hassle to get messed around a bit there

    • +1

      @destroyer661 yes I did indeed. I wish I (or the staff in store) had of seen this before going in this morning.

      • +1

        Not to worry, all's well that ends well!

  • +4

    Waiting for $1800-$1900 (like last year) with TCL Cashback promotions in Oct-Nov and combine with Black Friday offers and upsized cashback deals..HODL

    • +1

      When was the TCL 85" $1,800 last year? Can't seem to find the deal…

      • +2

        I think he might be confused with the 75''. I also can't find the c845 85'' (previous model) in previous deals at that price.

      • best I found was around 2650 last Black Friday for the C845

        • In conjunction with TCN Home15% off Gift Card at Coles, TCL Cashback and some store credit offer from Good Guys

          • +6

            @regenade: Plus the $334 I found under a mattress

  • +1

    can someone recommend a couple good wall brackets to pair with this TV? at least one of them allowing us to tilt the tv a little bit to the sides (to improve viewing experience depending on where family members are seated)

    • +1

      +1 to this as well. All I'm finding are Vesa 600 x 400 max, and this need a vesa 600 x 500

    • FYI my existing wall mount was too flush for the TV. Some people will like that, but it made it too to mount and difficult to get to the inputs. I ended up putting a couple of 45mm bits of timber between the wall and the mount.

    • Anyone know if this will work as a fixed wall mount? It says up to 100kg and a max VESA of 900 x 600.


  • Think there is a wait until august for these

    • What makes you think that?

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just bought it, getting delivered tmr :)

    • Did your local store/s have stock? None at all in Tas.

      I wonder how long it would take for delivery in Tas?

      • +1

        No stock at my local JB in Mel
        TV arriving today even though the order said delivery after 7 or 8th August.

  • out of interest - has anyone had much luck selling their existing 85" or higher TV when upgrading? I can only imagine most people would need to hire a moving van or company to transport it.

    • I used a pinball/arcade delivery company to sell our old 85" screens when we replaced them at work. We did however keep the boxes and packaging, which most people are not going to do.

      Probably easier to mount it vertically in the house as an interactive piece of art or as an information screen showing the weather and news feeds etc :)

      • +1

        They chew through a fair bit of juice though

    • I just sold my 85inch TV, its definitely harder to sell but as long as you to set your price expectation right you'd be able to sell it(I sold my 2yo TV for half of what I paid for). My buyer hire an airtasker with a van to pick up the TV, that's gonna cost them additional $100-$200.

      Tbh, I wouldn't sell my TV unless I have to, in this case I'm moving so I have no choice. Maybe just keep your old TV until its broken, then upgrade to a new one. TV technology doesn't move as fast anyway, you are not missing out on a lot.

  • +1

    Any recommendations on a sound bar?

  • any TV type recommendation for FTA and streaming sport? I'm coming from a plasma.

    • +1

      According to my daughter, not the TCL for FTA or sports, she watches a bit on it and said its pretty poor no matter what the settings. We have an old Sony that she says does a much, much better job, which has been the answer from my mates who like the footy, they all ended up with Sony TVs even though on paper the specs looked worse, apparently FTA TV and sports looks much better.

      • How comes then all reviewers saying the best things for this tv,on shops looks brilliant but some people like your daughter for example says that doesn't do good ?

        • Because they aren't using them for FTA and sports

        • Because if you like movies and gaming, it's great. Plenty of people don't watch sports or FTA TV, those that do aren't as impressed with this TV.

      • That's because Sony is the best at motion handling and also has very good upscaling FTA 1080p to 4k.

        Which model TCL does your daughter own?

        • The C855

  • This vs Hisense U8K (2023 model)?

    • Both are great value for money. Go and have a look in store to see which you like best. There's no clear winner.

  • This deal has finally convinced me to get this tv. I've been eyeing off the C845 all last year. I really hope that I don't have any issues with this tv. My 2017 Lg B6 is still going strong but it's just too small.

    • +1

      Me too. Hopefully this is better. This article thinks it is.🤞🏽

      • That article just compared the specs they didnt actually review it in any shape or form.

        But it did arrive today and my initial impression is very good. Great display easy to use and everything is fairly snappy. Only downside is the reflections are very noticeable when dark scenes are there.

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