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[Back Order] TCL 85" C855 Premium QD-Mini LED $2768 Delivered @ Appliances Online


It seems like there's a 2-3 week wait for delivery but this is a cracking deal, only $60 more than the 75”!

Stock status
We have ordered more stock of this item. Please note that the current ETA for delivery is the 3rd August 2024. You will be able to select this delivery date on the checkout.

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  • +7

    Darn, I'd just used the 15% off voucher to buy this set from JB yesterday for $3290, feeling a bit of buyers remorse now.

    • Contact them and ask for a store credit. No gurantee, but doesn’t hurt to try.

      • I'm going to give that a go. Being an online store they might push back a bit but no harm in trying.

        • +7

          I've had nothing, but extremely positive experience purchasing stuff from Appliances Online, from a washer to TV wall mounts. Everytime they've delivered on time, and their customer service is amazing.

      • This only works if the retailer drops their price after the sale has taken place (within 2 weeks). You can't price match after a sale. Having said that, the store might still do it to stop the customer from returning the item (assuming it hasn't been opened).

        • +3

          Yep it's unopened but if yorue experience is anything to go by then the chances might not be great. I'll post an update tomorrow with the outcome.

        • +1

          @1r4n14n - I’m not here to argue with you, and some how make you feel that I’m undermining you, my goal is to just help and inform people… JB’s 2 week price drop policy does include a competitor offering a lower price. It’s something I’ve been doing at JB for many years, and sometimes they are even happy to still do it after the 14 days have expired, for example I bought a Panasonic UB820 4K Blu-ray player from JB HiFi for $550 5 weeks, about a week ago I took my receipt in and discussed with the staff there that they had dropped their price from what I had paid since I had bought it, and that other retailers were selling it for even cheaper, so they matched the cheapest deal at the time which was $522 from Alliance Central, and refunded me the difference. There was a cheaper deal running for $485 for the player if you ordered it from JB’s other owned company The Good Guys through their EBay store with the use of an EBay promo code, however JB won’t price match EBay prices when a promo code is used.

          • +1

            @Cevolution: I think we got off on the wrong foot. Thanks for sharing your experience as that is what we're all here for :)

            • @1r4n14n: Update for all. I went into my local JB when they opened this morning to ask if they could match the price given it was only bought on Sunday and still unopened (photo taken with me so I didn't have to drag the set in).
              After chatting with the staff who then had to get a manager to review, they knocked back the difference for 3 reasons.
              1) stating the store doesn't have a 'bricks and mortar' location to buy from they won't match, as they can't beat online only.
              2) the price that Appliance Online is selling for is well below the cost to JB, and they can't let it go for that
              3) the item is not in stock and you're pre-ordering. JB won't match pre-order pricing siting it has to be in stock.

              Due to this, I'm going to lug the set back in tomorrow and get a refund which is a PITA but worth is for $600 difference. Pays to not immediately open something when you buy it I guess.

      • +1

        nah that's the C755

        • damn is too, will remove comment

    • @Hepklep As long its still in the box untouched, JB will price match it if its its been two weeks only.

    • I believe that JB does price match against Appliances Online. So it's worth trying to see if you can get a store credit rebate or some thing.

    • JB just dropped the price to $2741.


      So you'll definitely (it you did a click & collect) be getting a store credit refund of the difference you paid through JB as it's what their price drop policy states. It states for Click & Collect orders.


  • Omg 😦 that’s cheap as

  • +2

    This 2nd half year will be a feast for TVs?

  • Cheap for mini LED 85"

  • +2

    Dang! I was set on getting the 75” when it goes on sale but this seems like a deal too good to refuse

  • was going to get the new Samsung QN90D but got this instead. Seems like the best bang for buck out there by a mile.

    • +2

      I mean next to OLED’s this is the best around so not sure what else you would get instead

      • High end Sony's and Samsungs are better eg X95 and QN90

        • +1

          They also cost as much as an OLED

          • -4

            @Ryballs: You don’t know the market

            • +1

              @nikoris: What are you talking about? I sold TVs for a decade I think I understand the market..

              • -1

                @Ryballs: How are high end led tvs cost as much as oleds? In what universe?

                • -1

                  @nikoris: Sony Bravia 9 XR90 and Samsung QN90D are more expensive than some OLED models.

                  • @Ryballs: Two tvs are the whole market? You’re trying too much to justify an invalid point.

                    • -1

                      @nikoris: My comment was in response to Xwahash who only mentioned the same two models.

                      Are you okay mate? Seem so angry for no reason. Want a hug?

                      • @Ryballs: Yes I’d love a hug. Let’s meet.

                        • @nikoris: Nah not into meeting random psychos for hugs sorry mate. Hope you find someone who is though. Also maybe talk to a psych about your anger management issues. Good luck!

                          • @Ryballs: Damn. Missed my chance.
                            Thanks for calling me psycho. About TVs. Do you get the irony? Probably not.

                            • -1

                              @nikoris: The real irony is how you speak to people over TVs then you try calling me out about it.

      • -4

        Is this a joke?

        • No, it’s not, why would it be?

        • +2

          you are a joke

          I've had 6 TVs in the past decade, plasma, FALD and now MicroLED - so I know a thing or two about TVs.

          I've been researching my next 85" TV for the past 3 months, reviews, youtube videos and last week in store comparing models

          This TCL C855 is only beaten by the Sony Bravia 9, a TV that costs 8 thousand dollars currently

          This TCL855 beats, hands down, the Sony Bravia 7, a TV that's going for 4300 currently

          the black levels of this 2304 MiniLED TV are comparable to OLED, and in every other department this is a flagship TV

          so, again, you are a joke

  • If you want the feeling of being in a cinema at home, grab it with both hands and don't let go. Oh, also a very good sound system is a must.

    • better hit the gym to grab with both hands given it's 1.8m in length and 46kg

  • -2

    Yes but this seems to double the price of the 75'

    • +2

      Did you read? $60 more than 75" same model.

      • My bad thought it was C845.

        • Do let me know where you're getting your c845 75" for under $1400…

          • @Paul2141: This when they were clearing the C845 stock. I'm assuming the new model will come down in price too.

  • Would its picture quality is as good as say 90% of an OLED TV like LG C4? I’m waiting for the 83” C4 to hit $4K mark, but may consider this one if the quality is close enough to the C4.

    • +1

      Get the OLED if you want better black. OLED has way better blacks. The only thing going for the Mini LED is the colours other than black are pretty good. Black in any thing other than an OLED is more of a dark grey colour because it has to light up the LED to make the colour.

    • +2

      i'd stick oled in a light controlled media room or bedroom and this in the living room. this has much better value you're looking at twice the money for similar sized oled

      • OLED would be a great if you have it in a darker room. I saw an LG OLED TV on display at JB today and the black was amazing. It's actual black.

    • Thanks guys for the comments. I’ve read about the Sony Bravia 9 being Sony new flagship TV despite being MiniLed instead of OLED and thought MiniLed had now caught up with OLED when it comes to contrast and stuff while being significantly brighter and at a more reasonable cost, but I guess it’s not there yet.

      • My two cents is that the gap is not that big for the average person

  • Anyone seen this in store? I remember someone saying the c845 had a matte coating on the 85"

    • Yeah in store I saw the 75c845 next to the 75c855. The 845 is a matte coating where as the 855 is glossy and feels a little more vibrant in colour.

      • Would the gloss finish be too reflective for a light filled lounge room?

        • 3500nits peak brightness baby. You're probably wearing sunnies anyway watching this on full brightness

          • @krisspy: 1500nits in real usage scenarios. Still good

      • What's this matte coating? I mean there has to be a purpose right?

  • Yes, its good.

  • Never had a TCL product before. Can someone who has owned one share their experience? Reading up on Productreview.com.au I noticed a few comments about TV issues within first 2 years. This looks like a great deal but I don't want nearly $3k going to waste if it dies within the first few years.

  • -2

    this becomes $2595 with binglee 10% discount code

    • You’ve confused this with the 75” model mate.

    • +7

      So what do you think the TV will do? It doesnt have a camera to watch you j**k off if thats what you're worried about.

      • Probably worried that it's going to steal your Google password and perhaps other account passwords such as Netflix etc.

        • +2

          Yeah CCP really wants phoebus' Netflix password

    • -7

      The Chinese still can't build a TV that compares with Japanese giants Sony or Panasonic, or even Samsung.

      • +1

        Are you still living in 1999? Samsung OS is full of ads and their UI is crap compared to TCL, Sony (Android) or LG's.

        • So, remove Samsung from my comment and it still applies.

      • Well price wise your comments are irrelevant.
        And how does your comment relate to the CCP?

      • I used to think like you and didn't want to accept that Chinese-made products are catching up with the competition, but they are. Why? Price. Take the Motorola G84 for example, it's by no means perfect but it's outstanding value for money. Have a look at this: https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/12-new-chinese…
        People are warming up to Chinese-made products and the days of CCC (Cheap Chinese Crap) are over. They have one strategy and it's to make a similarly performing product for a fraction of the price. It's sure as shit working in our market, particularly given the cost of living. If you need an insanely bright panel for a bright living room, it's seriously hard to look past Hisense & TCL. As a brand snob, even I'm considering one for the living room given how much people seem to rave on about them.

  • Extremely tempted, if my missus didn't want me to spend money on "more important things" in the new house build this would be a buy for my theater room.

    • what are the more important things? so I can mentally prepare myself I'm also in the process of furnishing a new house

      • Depends on what you included in your build really! We're doing the driveway post hand over then you have blinds, landscaping, furniture etc. The list goes on!

        • +1

          Prioritise. Do the theatre at BF or Xmas.

          • @ilikeit: Yea will be doing it once a fair bit of the house stuff is done.

        • +2

          ah we arent building so less to worry about. i'm a fan of the 'better to ask for forgiveness than permission' maxim

          • @May4th: Sounds like you aren't in a relationship and if so it's not a normal one my friend 🤣

  • Ordered. Thanks op!

  • +2

    Last year I got the 85" C845 for only a $100 less than this … This is a ripper deal…

  • +1

    Just bought one from last deal of appliance central,$ 2400 , the TV itself is crazy good

  • Can someone tell me if this is a good TV for a bright room? TIA!

    • +1

      perfect choice for a bright room..one of the few scenarios where it trumps oled

      • Thank you!

  • bought one.

  • +3

    Down to $2741 this morning!

  • +1

    thanks OP, was going to wait till BlackFriday but this is too good to pass

    with referral, ended up paying $2711, awesome deal for this flagship TV

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