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Extra 22% off All TVs 55" and above + Soundbar (Exp: LG OLED C4 + S40T: 55" $1999.20, 65" $2552.94) + Del ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Must add the same brand for both soundbar and TV (55" and above) to get the extra 20% off. You can always return the soundbar for change of mind at JB

Cheapest LG soundbar is the S40T

Once you have returned the soundbar, the LG OLED C4 is an all time low:

  • 55": $1727.70
  • 65": $2280.72

Edit: Amended per this comment
Edit #2: JB are matching the Harvey Norman’s offer by providing it at 22% off

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  • Extra 20% off All TVs

    I haven't checked, but the email specifies 55" and above TV.

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    'You can always return the soundbar for change of mind at JB' is it easy to return and get the full refund from JB ?

    • Interested to know

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        Returned Product Status
        Time Limit Exclusions and other Conditions
        Faulty Product with packaging in any condition or packaging discarded - Refer to Minimum Voluntary Warranty Policy Guide. (below)

        Unused & Unopened, packaging in good condition (product not faulty) - eg change of mind. - 100% Refund - 30 Days Exclude Commercial Sales
        Refund may be available after 30 days if breach of Consumer Guarantees

        It appears you have 30 days to return something if you change your mind.


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      I did exactly the same thing with last year's C3 65" + soundbar bundle. I just returned the soundbar to a local JB store and the refund was handled no fuss.

      Edited for clarity

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        I went to JB today and discussing the situation with the staff about refund of the sound bar and she said you will not be able to do it unless the TV is also returned.

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      I had purchased a Samsung TV and soundbar last night, got the deal and successfully returned the soundbar for a refund today! No issues at all.

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    Crazy how quickly these new models are dropping in price. I thought the HN price of about $4900 for the LG C4 83 inch would be the best price for some time but now with this deal it's $4555.20 and includes a soundbar

    • I wonder if we will see even lower prices by Black Friday/Boxing Day. Some cracker deals this year in comparison to last.

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    The same brand bit is lame. Was just about to buy mum a Hisense, but who wants a Hisense soundbar?

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      Buy it together and return the soundbar on same day

    • -2

      Who wants a Hisense TV?

      • Like I implied, my mum does. She’s had a good experience for the last ten years, but now the remote and the soundbar have died and I noticed some LED issues forming.

        Some people like simple and familiar.

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    55" B4 - $1709.60 if you keep the S40T and $1,360.60 if you return it.

    55" S90D - $1,756.80 if you keep the C450 and $1,557.80 if you return it.

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    83" G4 with the S40T is $6675. Rediculously cheap considering how new it is.

    • Get the C4 for 2.1k cheaper.

      • True but without the MLA tech, may as well have bought last years model IMO

  • G4 or C4 is better? And is the difference big in-between them ?

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      Friend and i went shopping the other day for these two. Walked out with the G4, apparently brighter and better processor. Paid $5999 for the G4 77, but looks like can get that and a soundbar for $5500 now. Damn.

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        If it's not too long, you can ask them for a refund difference. JB Hi-Fi honours afaik.

    • https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/lg-c4-oled-vs-lg-g4-…

      You're basically paying for peak brightness.

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      G4 is definitely better than the C4, just whether you think it's worthwhile paying the difference to get it.

    • +7

      G series has 5 years warranty on the panel vs 2 for the C, but keep in mind if you wave some consumer affairs around then LG will probably honor 5 on the C as well but little less drama with the G already having 5.
      G series also is designed to be flush wall mounted and comes with a wall mount to do the flush fit, C series does not go flush fit and comes with no bracket to wall mount either
      Then you have the superior picture on the G series too, comes with MLA tech which the C doesn't.

    • -5

      Almost no difference except status symbol.

      • -2

        A reality no G4 owner wants to read.

    • +1

      G4 - MLA v2 panel tech for extra brightness, and wall mounting sleekness

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    I really like the visual look of the Samsung The Frame, and at $1428 for a 65” it seems like a bargain. Any other recommendations or insights?

    • +11

      From my experience the Frame is excellent if you don’t plan on watching lots of TV. It’s very cool as an ambient feature and fine to casually watch.

      But if you’re a movie nut and want the best picture, OLED is the way.

      • +1

        Thanks! is there an OLED that’s somewhat comparable in price and the minimalist aesthetic of the Frame?

    • Same tv is now 2495.00, what changed?

  • TCL C755 75’ comes down to $1744, with a $199 TCL S643W soundbar.

    Anyone know if the C755 is comparable to the C845?

    • +1

      Recently got a 65" C755 for $1340, I'm happy with it so far, although from what I read before purchasing the C845 has more dimming zones and nits. The C755 processor is newer though I believe.

      • Hi @gusk12 - where did you get this price? Are you still happy with it, 9 more days later :)?

        • Hi, a few weeks ago Bing Lee had it for $1340 by using their extra 20% off sale. I price matched it at the good guys. I'm still very happy with the TV and would recommend it.

  • How long is this deal on for?

  • 65 inch - s90d or c4 - reviews seem to be pointing at the s90d as overall better

    • +1

      Yea , but it’s a Samsung …

      • Im def not in the knowhow of this lol

        • +4

          Reliability wise :-
          LG. = Good
          Samsung = Dogshit

        • -1

          Just so you know, LG aren't known for remarkable panels either. Plagued with bent panels, grey uniformity issues (banding), off-axis colour tint, dead pixels, burn-in, the list goes on. If it were my money, QD-OLED > WOLED.

          • @1r4n14n: S90d is WOLED in Aus

            • +2

              @rainbowunicorn: Depends on the size.

              • @1r4n14n: For the 65’ as per model number on JB Hi-Fi it seems like it’s the QD OLED model.

                What would you recommend in between the C4 or S90D as that’s the two options I’m weighing on.

                • +1

                  @Killzana: RTINGS put it best: https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/samsung-s90d-s90dd-o…

                  The Samsung S90D/S90DD OLED is mostly better than the LG C4 OLED. The Samsung gets brighter in HDR, so bright highlights stand out more on it, and it maintains its HDR brightness better while in 'Game Mode.' The Samsung TV also has a wider color gamut, better color volume, and better HDR gradient handling, so colors in HDR are more vibrant, lifelike, brighter, and have less banding. The Samsung has a wider viewing angle, and the image doesn't have a green tint that worsens as you move off-center, so it's the better choice for watching TV in a group setting. However, the LG supports Dolby Vision and DTS audio formats, so it's the better option for those looking to get the most out of their physical media.

                  • @1r4n14n: Well I’m hoping the C4 I bought doesn’t have the wide angle green tint rtings test model had. And Dolby Vision matters to me.

                    Looking at the 65s side by side the S90D definitely is a bit brighter and colours more saturated. Not so much the 77 inch models. I didn’t like that look as much as the C4 tbh and went the C4. YMMV. All personal taste.

                • @Killzana: That is very interesting. Only 42 was qdoled on release. Definitely Qdoled s90d over C4.

          • @1r4n14n: Well I wouldn’t say Korean made panels stand up to Japanese made ,
            but then LG is made in Indonesia ,
            and Sony in Malaysia ,
            I don’t know where Samsung are made now ,
            Vietnam maybe?

            • @beach bum: Sony and Samsung are using LG's OLED panels.

              • @sfac: Apple are using LG and Samsung screens in their iPads ,
                Whats your point?

              • +2

                @sfac: It depends on the model. If it’s a model with a QD-OLED panel then Samsung are the manufacturer of QD-OLED panels. If it’s a model with a WOLED panel then LG are the manufacturer. Sony have specific models that use WOLED panels, and specific models that use QD-OLED panels, as does Samsung.

                • +1

                  @Cevolution: Sony have discontinued A95L so no more QD-OLED for them. The Bravia 8 is W-OLED. It doesn't appear as though any other brands are going for QD-OLED & Samsung now have more models that are W-OLED than QD-OLED, across all 3 of their global series S85D, S90D & S95D. Not sure what that means for QD-OLED in the long-term future, even though it does have some strong points….

                  • +3

                    @Coolhandlucas: Sony have discontinued the a95L in Australia, not worldwide. For other markets such as the U.S. the Sony A95L QD-OLED has been carried over from 2023 to 2024 and is still available and being produced by Sony, and Sony themselves consider the A95L QD-OLED TV models as being their top flagship OLED model for 2024 above the Bravia 8 WOLED models. The Sony A95L QD-OLED is the superior performing TV over the Sony Bravia 8 WOLED. I was lucky enough to acquire an A95L during the 3 short months they were available for in Australia before Sony Australia decided to discontinue them here, I purchased a brand new Sony 77” A95L QD-OLED TV at the beginning of December last year for $6500 from Harvey Norman.

  • can we do price match on top of it?

    • +2

      T&C state the promotion applies to the current ticketed price so I think that's a vague way of saying no.

  • -4

    Anyone know if you’d have any luck trying to get them to apply the promotion to the 42” C4? $1350 would be yummy.

  • I got this on Saturday but I got less discount than that 20%. Is there any way to get the difference?

    • Speak to JB and see what they can do.

  • +1

    Don't forget to go into settings and opt out of the spyware on your LG TV

    • I've actually been curious how bad it is on the Australian version. I know the US is really bad but they don't have the consumer protections we do. We have a Samsung in the house and it contacts a lot of websites unrelated to the streaming services used. I've put it on its own isolated guest wifi.

  • Bought a 65 C4 and S95 soundbar from videopro yesterday, so seeing this gave me a heart attack.
    LG were offering $500 off the soundbar if bought together, so fortunately still works out similar.

    • +3

      except with this deal you can return the sound bar and buy a better one from another brand

      • +1

        YMMV per the below comment 👇

      • Well yes, but I wanted the soundbar. Works out about the same price.

  • +3

    Has anyone had issues returning the soundbar only?

    Spoke to a rep today and said if I were to purchase this bundle I would have to return the TV as well for a full refund.

    • +2

      Lol sucks to be anyone who doesn't need a soundbar. I guess you could sell it privately but dealing with marketplace shitkickers is not worth the hassle.

    • +1

      I’ve searched JB HI FI’s policy’s, no where from what I’ve found does it mention bundle deals must be returned collectively, in fact bundle deals are not mentioned anywhere. You might have better luck just turning up at a store.

  • +2

    I have been waiting for a LG 77" C4 for 3 weeks from my local harvey Norman, just called to cancel order because of this deal. He didn't want to see my money walk away so matched JB's deal and I'm now getting the G4 with cheapest LG soundbar. He did say If I wanted to get a refund back on the soundbar I would have to return the TV also. I will sell on Facebook then.

    • +1

      Yeah, I think the retailers are catching onto this.

  • Thoughts / reviews of Sony K85XR70 (Bravia 7 series)

  • +1

    Wow, so if you add a $250 soundbar you can get a 75" Bravia 7 for $3,400, that's crazily cheap.

  • has there been any major advancements in OLEDs in last 2-3yrs or very much same same?

    • Brightness is greatly improved (across the board) compared to 3 years ago.

    • The LG G4/3 use new micro lens array (mla) technology that have made them considerably brighter than classic woled panels. Also the qd oled panels have gotten very impressive aswell with brightness and colour.

      If you are in the market to upgrade i would definitely look at lg g4.

    • There have, but regular LED tech has also made some big leaps so a high end LED is not far off a mid-range OLED for most purposes.

    • @chadleyshe - There has been thanks to QD-OLED panels… If the introduction of QD-OLED tech creating competition hadn’t happened, then the advancements over the last 1-3 years would’ve been minimal, and the G4 as we know it wouldn’t exist, LG would have been happy plotting along slowly like they were offering less than 1000 nit WOLED displays year in and year out. Sony’s 2023 A95L QD-OLED TV is superior to LG’s 2023 G3 WOLED TV in the majority of aspects, LG’s 2024 G4 is an improvement over the G3 and reduces the gap between Sony’s A95L QD-OLED and the G3, however there are still some areas where Sony’s 2023 A95L outperforms LG’s 2024 G4. Sony aren’t intending to, but imagine if Sony did release a new flagship QD-OLED model in 2024, it most certainly would be superior in most aspects compared to the G4.

      • 100% agree with your comments.
        However 2 issues with QD-OLED atm.
        1; is poor manufacturing yields. Even Samsung themselves seem to have issues with production hence having to source WOLED from their arch rival LG for the S90D range. Bit of a joke that its a lottery which panel you get with the S90D at some screen sizes rather than being upfront with the customer

        2; is lack of large sizes like 83". For me personally having owned a 65" oled for the last 5 years, I want to make the jump in size to 83" or larger as 77" is not much difference.

        • And 3. QD-OLEDs might get burn-in, while WOLEDs don't. Something about cell temperature limits. It was Rtings investigation, can't find the link anymore.

  • I have a LG C8 that has burn in and it’s my second screen on it! Debating whether to pickup a Samsung S90D or switch to a Sony Mini-Led. Thoughts anyone?

    • My b6 still has no burn in but in saying thay ive just picked up a tlc c855 85 inch microled and am absolutely loving it.

    • +2

      I just moved from Sony OLED to Sony LED (X95L) because I'm sick of babying an OLED, and my old TV has gradually got dimmer with age. IMHO the latest LEDs are now very competitive - bigger, brighter, very minimal blooming, only real cons are theoretical contrast numbers and off axis viewing will never be as good as an OLED.

      • @caitsith01 - What were you watching on your OLED TV for you to have felt you needed to baby it? If you were watching a lot of FTA TV on it then fair enough I can understand that, their stupid pointless static network logos and info/advertisements banners can certainly burn in, nobody should be buying an OLED TV if they’re intending to watch a lot of free to air TV on it in the first place though in my opinion. I don’t watch free to air TV at all anymore and haven’t done so for more than a decade, and I don’t like the fact my tax dollars go towards keeping relic free to air networks alive, I’d be happy if SBS, ABC, 7, 9, 10 etc all disappeared. I own a collection of approximately 5000 1080p and 4K Blu-rays which is what I mostly view on my OLED TV’s for hours most nights, plus I watch some content on paid streaming services (for example I’m watching Mayor of Kingston season 3 on Paramount+ at the moment), and I game a little on numerous consoles spread over multiple generations, from the PS5 and Xbox Series X to a SNES, PS2 and Nintendo GameCube.

        • I watch a lot of movies but also a lot of sport and HDR gaming, both of which concern me with bright static elements. For just movies in a dark room you can't beat OLED, but once those scenarios in a brighter room are involved then IMHO the latest generation LEDs have some real advantages, and have closed the gap so much for movies that OLED is only marginally better.

          For example the X95L gets very close to OLED scores on review sites for HDR movies and has massively higher brightness with zero risk of burn in.

    • There's a C8? I thought C4 was the latest

      • +1

        They got to C9 then CX and then restarted again at C1. So C8 is 6 years old.

  • Anyone know if you can somehow get price protection if you didn’t purchase a sound bar?

    • Update: Managed to get the price guarantee for a 75QNED86 I purchased over a week ago, worked on over $100 refund plus free soundbar.

  • Is it possible to get price match and bundle promotion discount at same time?

  • +1

    I came in today and bought the g4, apparently the ticketed price will be gone in 2 days, The lg soundbar promo itself will remain till the 10th

  • Anyone have the TCL C655 that can comment on it?

    • Why not go for the C755 for the mini LED spec

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