[Hack] 2 Whopper Junior with 2 Medium Chips $7.60, $1.60 Medium Coffee Pickup Only @ Hungry Jacks via App


Another round of the 20% off deal hacks at HJ's!

Works on all "Jack's Deal" items.

These steps are still working to get an additional 20% off the Jack's App deals.

  1. Add SAVE20 coupon to cart
  2. Add a regular menu item over $15 to the cart (e.g. Double Burbon St Whopper)
  3. Click 'Check out" at the cart to view the discount
  4. Go back to cart and remove the menu item
  5. Attempt to add the Jack's Deals item, it will force you to remove the coupon.
  6. Remove the coupon and re-add the Jack's Deals item
  7. Check out and 20% should be deduced off the price.

Screenshot proof


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    We are fast food hackers.

    • +40

      The hackers are better at OzBargain.

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  • Thank you Hamboi69! Great Job! Sadly there's hardly any Hungry Jacks nearby that actually accept online orders :(

  • Dang, bloody well done Hamboi69. Good find. Breakfast and lunch sorted!

  • +1

    nice, im normally a 2 whopper for 10.90 typa operator but this deal looks pretty good!

  • +4

    Good price for their coffee, which I think is one of the better drive-through available coffees.
    Thanks OP

    • +1

      That's in computing context.

      It can also mean clever changes to make something work in different ways.

      People can call it a hack and post it online when they bring a broom to a hockey match. :D

    • +5

      Yeah if it doesn't contain floating green numbers and multiple screens, it's definitely not hacking.

      • +2

        Don't forget a big fat internet pipe for all the hacking packets

      • +3

        Also you got to wear a dark hoodie, hunch over the screen and announce to everyone "I'm in."

      • It's even better with two people on the same keyboard, double hack speed!

    • +3

      How many friends do you have?

    • +3

      Hate to break it to you, but "Life hacks" also don't involve resequencing of DNA.

    • edit autoexec.bat
      edit config.sys


  • +1

    I still get my whoppers for free.

    • +1

      How many accounts do you have? Yesterday I got $10 standard size Ippudo ramen + free coffee from Gloria Jean's nearby with new Amaysim sim card (100% cashback). Failed to get free burrito from Guzman Y Gomez lol.

      • free coffee from Gloria Jean's nearby

        When ever i try this, i fail lol.

      • +5

        Maybe 100 now. I just make a new one whenever I feel like having a whopper and I use a naming system so the account email is allocated to a certain calendar day.

        • I have one legit account, and didn't get a birthday whopper this year ?? Do you have to open the app on the day? I looked 2 days later (which was July 1). So maybe I missed it as the next month rolled in?

          • @tunzafun001: If I recall for me and my wife, we didn't get any email notification. We opened the app and it said the free whopper was there with a limited claim period.

            • @Porker: Yeah, nothing for me this year. But…got a feeling… you need to open the app in your birthday month…

              Unfortunately mine is a the very end of the month… so even though I checked within 2 days..I might have missed it.

              If so, make your Bday, the 1st of the month

          • @tunzafun001: No idea. Just recently I was able to make a new account at 2am and actually receive the birthday whopper voucher shortly after setting the birth date onto the app. Birthday whoppers are actually valid for a week after your birthday.

          • @tunzafun001: I received an email on the day.

            To help celebrate your Birthday, a FREE mouth-watering Whopper® has been locked and loaded in your Hungry Jack's App*.

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      • Why'd the GYG effort fail?

        • When you got this previously, then you try again with the same or maybe different device but different number and email. I read about this in some people's posts previously, need to check again how to circumvent GYG from knowing that you are not new customer …

  • +3

    HJ coffee has become my new go to, dethroning Coles express and even McDonald's (unless there's a good deal in the app).

    • There was a time maybe 2 years ago that I get coffee free easy, about 1 in 5 chance of free coffee with shake n win😁

      • You can still get free coffee but it's only a small. Your chance is greater after 10:30 as the breakfast items are removed.

        • Ah yea, whatever size it's still good tasting coffee and defo greater than Maccas

    • they all bout the same to me. some teenager mixing hot milk into flavoured syrup/coffee

      McDonald's (unless there's a good deal in the app).

      5k pts for free medium

  • What an awesome Hack!
    I love Hungry Jacks but after experiencing wait times that have surpassed 30 mins several times, I don't have the patience for that delicious reheated flame grilled fast food anymore & the HJ app intermittently logs me out along with the other bugs it has.
    Maybe that's just my experience though 🤷

    • Are you waiting that long in drive thru or in store?
      I go in store most mornings and it's rare to wait longer than a few minutes, maybe 5-10 mins if they are busy.

      • It's been both instore & drive-thru for me.

    • +1

      Most weekday lunchtimes at Perth CBD are like that now there is only one tiny store.

  • Doesn't seem to work for me.

    When I add a Jack's deal item into the cart and then try to add the promo code, it says I can only add one discounted item into the cart.

    NVM - I figured it out. I had to add the promo code first before adding the item. I wasn't sure how to get to the check-out basket page without ordering

    • How do you get to the cart without ordering to add the code?

      • +1

        I switched steps 1 and 2 around and it worked for me.

        • +1

          Worked thanks :)

  • +2

    It amuses me that this hack continues to be possible everytime they wheel out the 20% off code and hasn't been fixed still.

    • Put it this way: the house always wins

    • +2

      They probably still make enough of a profit off the food that its worth the slight hit to keep people coming back.

      • I wish KFC thought the same way but they choose to close their loopholes!

  • Worked well for me, thank you OP

  • Ends 15/07/2024

  • Thanks OP

  • Going to pair this with my current rewards deal of
    -Two whopper juniors, $5

    Small chips is $2.60
    Medium chips is cheaper than the small at $2.50
    Large chips are $4.15

    • Did it work for you on the 2 whopper juniors for $5, bringing it down to $4? When I tried it, following the steps listed above, it still showed at $5 after checkout.

      • I meant I'm going to get 4 burgers…. ooops

      • Same, I couldn't get it to work.

      • Doesn't seem to work for rewards deal. I managed to get Jack's deal to work last time, but it didn't seem to work when I tried today 😑

        • Only works with Jack’s deals.

  • Thanks OP :)

  • how many times can we do this for?

  • +1

    I scored yesterday…
    Ordered the 2 x Whopper Jr for $5, got home, and there's 2 chips in there too.

  • Thanks legend, breakfast and lunch sorted.

  • So this worked for me, but hilariously even though payment went through and everything worked when I tried to pick up the order it wouldn't generate a code in the app for the drive through, but when I told the person working the drive through I made an order but didn't have a code she looked up my name, saw my order, and I was charged the discounted price [i.e deal minus 20%].

  • +1

    Thanks OP that worked.

    For anyone else struggling to see an option to add the coupon code to cart as the very first step, I couldn’t figure it out either so I added any meal over $15 which will then show the red View Cart banner at the bottom.

    Click on the red banner to open your cart, then click on the red “Have a promo code?” link that’s above the payment options, then enter in the SAVE20 code and follow the rest of OP’s instructions.

    • +3

      struggling to see an option to add the coupon code to cart as the very first step

      Gets added after clicking the "20% Off App Order" promo box in the home tab. Then add >$15 item and you'll see the code already applied.

      • +1

        Thanks, that works much better. No need to type in the code. This is the missing instruction in OP’s post.

  • Works on all "Jack's Deal" items.

    All except the $2.50 fairy floss storm @HamBoi69

  • Didn't work for me with 2 x whopper juniour for $5. Comes out at $5.

    • I think it only works with the items that are in the Jack’s deal menu.

      • +1

        Ahh.. I can't test that as all those items are 'currently unavailable at my restaurant' lol.

  • Sorry OP doesn't work for me here, tried doing the method twice, shows the full price for jacks deal.

    • Were you attempting to buy the $2.50 storm? Doesn't work for that item.

  • Worked for me.

  • Love this hack. I threw 3 jack's app deals in the cart and could check out with the discount.

    • how did you stack 3 jacks deals disocunted? discount only deducted 20% one item on my checkout

      • I did 3x breaky burger with 2 hash browns and the double whopper jr deal… technically 4 deals.

      • It discounted my entire cart. Maybe you had items that were not jacks deals?

        • +1

          yea i wanted regular items in the mix

  • how to stack 20% on jacks deal with regular items ?

    i wanna do jacks medium $2 coffee + parmi chicken burger

  • Awesome!! A bit fiddly but worked like a charm. Thanks HamchoiBoi.

  • Used it today, thanks Op!

  • Tried it today, worked. Thank you from the boys and I

  • was able to used 2nd time on 2 deluxe hot choccies

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