Anker Soundcore Motion X600 Portable Bluetooth Speaker $129.99 (RRP $299.99) Delivered @ Soundcore


Historical lowest price. $18.51 cheaper than last time

  • Immersive Spatial Audio: Inspired by theater acoustics, Motion X600 has 5 drivers and 5 amplifiers that are positioned to deliver sound
  • 50W Room-Filling Sound: Whether you're having a party or just enjoying your favorite tunes, the 50W sound will fill any space with rich, high-quality sound that brings music to life.
  • Take lmmersive Music Anywhere: Portable and lightweight, Motion X600 is easy to carry between rooms to transform any part of your home into an immersive listening space.
  • 12-Hour Playtime: Keep listening to music and podcasts for days at a time- with zero battery anxiety.
    Fully Waterproof: Features IPX7 waterproof protection so you can simply relax and listen without worrving about the speaker getting wet.

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  • +9

    Didn't need one. Purchased one. :). Anyone got one and can enlighten me weather I made a good or bad purchase. :p

    • +25

      weather whether

      The weather is cold at my house. Not sure whether to go outside or not to get some fresh air.

      • +2

        You defiantly should.

    • -1

      I bought the Green one for under $199.

      4.7 reviews out of 3000+ purchases.

      However, my Bose Revolve Plus sounds way better.

      And then I got the Marshall Tufton, which also sounds better.

      Also, I struggle to connect the Soundcore x600 to 2 devices simultaneously, even though it should be possible?

      • +10

        Those 2 are way more expensive though than the Anker though?

        • -1


          I unfortunately sold my Bose Revolve Plus for a price only a bit more than the X600.

          The green colour and aesthetic looks nice. But I'd rather get a good condition Revolve again off marketplace or ebay or gumtree if I could reset things.

          I got bored of Bose. My mistake.

      • Did you play with the EQ! For $117 this is probably the best sounding speaker.

      • way better is a big call. Subjective I think….

    • better than setting your money on fire i suppose

  • +13

    Use code EOFYGENO2F..brings it down to $116.99 AUD

    • This discount has reached its usage limit

      • +2

        You just need to put your email in on that coupon pop up for unique code %10 off

        • Got it for $116.99

          • @Bertus: I am still getting same error despite logging in. Maybe it is for new subscribers. Might have to create a new account

            • @jamba: I've never created an account or used my email address with anker so I'm guessing so

              • +1

                @Bertus: Thanks. Got you. It is a unique coupon. I was using Mitr's coupon above.

    • +9

      Just to clear this up for people.

      • Chuck this thing in your cart
      • Go to the homepage (
      • There will be a little EOFY sticker thing around the bottom right.
      • Pop in an email, Accept the Ts and Cs and hit the "equals" lookin' button to get your unique code

      Fun fact, the email doesn't have to be valid.
      Here's a code I generated for [email protected]

      • +1

        @ArgentLynx Thanks for this, I found the floating emoji on the homepage that looks like a wrapped present and got the code.
        I also got a further $6.50 off for registering with Soundcore bringing the total down to $111.15.
        Also DXOMark rated the X600 the No1 speaker under $200.

  • Very worthy!

  • +12

    Thanks, bought the blue one for $111.15 - signed up for new account and the blue one came with $6.50 off for members price and then i used the 10% code i received from the onscreen pop-up new subscribers code when i put my email address in

    • Dammit I paid $37 more I thought it was already a great price. $115.15 is crazy. Nice find

      • No not $115.15
        But $111.15

        • My bad typo fat thumb

    • Damn I missed that and I missed that there are colour options!

    • Nice thanks it worked. Can also get 111 for grey one

    • Thanks mate - I also purchased for $111.15

  • This probably isn't an upgrade from the charge 5?

    • +1

      I don't rate Jbl much, this sounds alot better then charge 5. Look at reviews.

      • I did look at the reviews past page 1, seemed divided. I'm super open to opinions of people who've owned both.

  • A worthy update to the Bose Soundlink Mini ii that spent the night in the rain this week? Bose is $150 for new model..

  • Got 1 for my brother in laws bday present. Cheers.

  • Didn't need one, got one. Gonna replace an old Anker Soundcore

    • +2

      My old soundcore is still going strong

  • god damn, paid $170 couple of months ago, bargain at this price!

    • +1

      Taken her for a test drive yet?

  • I have a BOSE Soundflex, any suggests should I buy this?

    • +2

      Despite all the fantastic YouTube reviews, I prefer the sound of the Bose. I have the older Bose Soundlink Mini II and after hearing such great things about the x600, I wanted to play with it myself.

      It certainly is much louder than the Bose and it does sound great. Plenty of low end bass that I was pretty impressed with. But to me, if I play them side by side, the Bose is much better tuned, it's much easier to listen to for long periods of time. It's easier on the ears. The x600 seems to have very overextended mids.

      I do like the x600, but I still personally like the sound from the Bose more.

  • Thanks OP got one for $111.15

  • Thank you OP! Can't wait to give it a go.

  • +9

    life hack: it won't sound bad/worse than anything else if you don't compare it to anything else.

    • Good point. And be content with what you have, there’s always better, and worse.

  • +6

    Bought this at $150, an absolute unit, the sound, and the bass are great at a price, connect quickly, and the built quality is insane for the price it looks like an apple product if you just replace the branding.

    Go for it, you will not regret it.

    • +1

      Thanks… This is the review that pushed me over the line. You are a good ozbargain friend

  • Amazing deal was on a hunt for speaker after mine broke for long! Don't even have to go to a store

  • +1

    Thank you got one

  • Thanks OP. Got one for $111.15.

    Previously bought a "W-King" x10 for approx $100 but got a refund due to bluetooth issues. Hope this one is better!!

  • Check out Oluv's Pareon for EQ settings to make them sound neutral. Costs about $10. I used them for my Motion 300.

  • Of course I browse OB not needing a new speaker but buying one anyway cause it would've been rude not to buy.

  • Can’t generate a code… and wont pay 130 when I know others are getting it $15 cheaper, lol

    • I just generated a code and it works FYI

      • Doesn't work for me currently. No code is generated. Tried on multiple browsers too.

        • I figured it out. Had to turn content blockers off. Ended up doing this on my macbook and it worked. Assume its the same problem I was having on iPhone.

          • @seerious: For me it eventually worked on another computer. But the exact same setup that didn't work on the original computer.

            Extra unused code for anyone who has run into issues generating them - NEWZDPXGF

    • Use any made up email address, also if you make an account you get further $6 off

  • +2

    Each room in my house has at least 2 stereo speakers capable of playing wireless audio from my phone in high quality .. and i have 2 i can take to the pool .. and yet i want this .. so want to buy unneeded item.

  • Get the motion boom plus. It's superior in almost every way :)

    • Only $40 more

      • I paid 144, and it's a lot of speaker for the price.

    • Only if you want extra distorted bass

      • Only if you want extra distorted bass

        what? shouldn't the larger speaker from the same brand have LESS distortion? 🤔🤔

    • +1

      Yep the motion boom plus is an amazing machine

  • Awesome, nothing like waking up to a deal i can’t resist! This should make a nice upgrade to my old jbl charge 2.

  • Looks like a great buy at $111.15 so grabbed one

  • Thanks grabbed the green one - looks like a great buy.

    Cheers OP! 🔊

  • Also got a grey one for $111.15 (150 left apparently)

  • What would people recommend as a portable speaker for outdoor entertaining use?

  • Thanks OP
    Waited a while and finally got my 10% extra off
    Great present for my Son in Law to use by the poo
    Great price!

    • Will he be allowed to use it away from the poo?

      • Or he needs to stay close for full spatial sensory experience (audio+visual+olfactory)?

    • +1

      lol! Pool!!

  • I was contemplating investing a Sonos Era 300 or Move 2 for use in my kitchen and large family room (music streaming and podcasts). I'm an Apple Iphone user and pretty tech clueless. Should I save my money and buy this speaker instead? Would the sound quality be noticeably worse? The voice controls (hands free) with Sonos are appealing.

    • You might want to wait until the dust settles in the Sonos ecosystem before you jump in with an Era 300 or Move 2 - the latest app update debacle has left people's systems almost entirely not working (though not everyone), with people leaving Sonos for other Wifi speaker solution.

      Personally I think they'll come back to being ok, but also here you're comparing a $120 portable speaker to a $750 (Era 300) or $800 (Move 2 @ JB) so… I dunno, maybe buy both?

      • Thanks for the heads up re the app update "debacle". Interesting.

        • Some context - they rewrote the app from scratch and released it in time for the Sonos Ace headphones.

          Unfortunately, it broke a lot of existing functionality - alarms, sleep timer, local media playback - and currently it's quite buggy.

          It'll get better, but it burned a lot of trust the normally dedicated Sonos fans have in the company, and it's a good indicator of the potential issues involved in putting all your eggs in one basket.

          Jump on the Sonos subreddit if you feel like reading a lot of complaints!

          The Bluetooth speaker in this deal will be pretty good, very portable, waterproof, and usable with any phone with Bluetooth. The Sonos speakers you won't be able to take with you anywhere, really… Maybe the Move only around the house :)

          • @Droz: Thank you! Good suggestion re Sonos subreddit too.

  • +1

    Thanks 🙏 bring down to 111.15 for the gray one as well.

  • Thanks OP got one for $111.15. Cheers Bro

  • Anyone got shipping notice yet of theirs? :)

    • Yeah i brought mine Wednesday night Thursday morning I got a notification saying it's been processed and gave me my tracking info

      • Sweet. I just checked my order and had a tracking number also. :)

        • Wooo, mine was delivered today. Speedy!

          • @Prong: Damn that's fast! Would love to hear your thoughts.

            • @krammis76: I bought it as a gift for a friend so won't actually be using it. Though I suppose it would be kind of me to update the firmware and check what EQ settings are best…

              I have 2x Motion+ so resisted the urge to buy the X600 for myself.

  • Thanks, got 1 for $111.15

  • Got it thanks to this deal. Its is good if you compare to 10 dollar speaker. Otherwise its meh. Fck those techtubers that said its good (obviously paid).

    • Agree! Just received mine and not impressed. Lots of high and mid but not much bass. Good soundstage though

    • Are you going to return it?

  • Got mine, does the job for the price seeing how we didn't have any speakers before bigger than a Logitech X50 and the iPad speaker.

    But wasn't blown away like reviewers were by spatial audio. The bass is enough for us but no really big oomf, you could adjust on EQ though it does get pretty loud and putting it back facing the wall helps.

  • I'm in the same boat as others.

    Curiously, mine sounded ok out of the box. Then I updated the firmware via the app, and it sounds worse with some noticeable distortion on some tracks.

    Think I'll be returning it.

    • +1

      You need to Adjust the EQ!

        • Have you tried loading older firmware? Is that even doable?

          • +1

            @Droz: Haven't tried that yet. But from the box, it was firmware 3.x.x (can't remember).

            I updated it to 3.3.6 and I'm certain that distortion was pretty obvious.

            Then just fifteen mins ago I found the LDAC update option to 4.3.6. Via a seperate menu option.

            I "think" it sounds better, but it's really hard to say.

        • That's really disappointing to hear. Mine is arriving later this week. I think i'll just send it back and not even open it. Man i don't think i've seen a product that has had so many totally opposite experiences from different people. Obviously many of the youtube reviews are paid. But even still, seems all over the shop! Hopefully soundcore's return policy isn't too hard to deal with!

          • +1

            @krammis76: Hang on a second, don't send it back just yet!

            I updated the firmware earlier to 3.3.6.

            But I've just found an option to update to 4.3.6 (LDAC). Everything I've been streaming via Bluetooth is FLAC.

            Not that this should make any difference, but it does sound a little better than earlier. I need to listen to it a bit more tomorrow.

            Earlier on I noticed some very clear distortion at low sound levels listening to "vampire". But now with 4.3.6 it might be slightly better… Hard to say as I'm listening at pretty low levels, late at night.

          • +2

            @krammis76: Honestly, I've had over 20 different speakers.
            This speaker, for $117 is unbeatable. It sounds good, you won't be disappointed. Like alll anker speakers you need to adjust the EQ. It has rich, clean sound and bass is decent. Give it a shot. Anker has a 30 day return guarantee.

            • @Atomik17: Yeah cool i guess i'll check it out. As long as the 30 day return is easy enough to do there's no sense in not actually trying it. Will see how it goes.

  • +2

    Mine arrived yesterday and after updating the firmware and enabling LDAC, it sounds brilliant!
    Been running through Spotify speaker test playlists and loving it.
    Tweaking the Equalizer helps.
    Especially for the price.

    Also, remember to turn off Spotify's inbuilt Equalizer - I had mine set for headphones.

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