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B&H Photo Video Black Friday Sales - Canon PowerShot G12 USD$338 Delivered


Well. If you insist on "Buying Australian" or "Support Australian Retailer" — you might be a bit disappointed over the next couple of days as we'll be discussing a lot of US Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales here. B&H Photo Video sent me their Black Friday sales list this morning and warned me NOT to post it until Thursday 6AM New York time. Well, too bad I don't want to wait another hour… So here you go. They did warn that the pricing might be adjusted when it hits 6AM there, but you can still find some good deals now.

Main link of this deal is their Black Fridays "Holiday Specials". For Cyber Monday,

I had just a quick browse, and spotted Canon PowerShot G12 has been discounted to USD $299 + $38.86 shipping to Australia = USD$337.86 = ~AUD$325.52 DELIVERED. Yeah it's a 2 year old camera and has just been superseded by G15 but still a great P&S.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 is also $299 but with higher postage cost.

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    Wish i was in US to pick up one of these for 80 bucks…

    Lowepro Pro Roller Attache X50 Case


    … but dimensions mean that shipping is $100 even if I used a forwarding service.

    Anyone visiting from Melbourne want to pick one up for me?

    :( :( :(

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    The Panasonic DMC-G3 is by far the better camera than the Canon G12.
    it's Micro 4/3 (mirrorless SLR) vs Compact (point & shoot).
    Definitely worth the extra shipping cost when the two are at the same price.


    Well. If you insist on "Buying Australian" or "Support Australian Retailer" — you might be a bit disappointed

    Well, I certainly won't. After all, most local retailers try their utmost to fleece Aussie consumers.
    How else could we explain the huge 40%+ mark-up prices? Other countries have GST too.


      Retailer margins can be a problem but in many cases the horribly inflated margins arise from local distributors who try and extort a captive market!


      Really depends what you want. The Canon G12's a bulky-but-pocketable model with integrated 5X zoom lens; the Panny G3 with its bigarse 2X lens is a hang-it-from-your-neck deal. But that aside, yeah, the latter will whip the former.


      @EarlyBird — "disappointed" because we'll be doing quite a big of US bargains for the next few days. Tongue in cheek :)

      And I agree with Jabba The Hutt that G12 is a bit different from DMC-G3. At micro 4/3 it is still bulky comparing to G12.


        How long does it take for delivery to Melbourne? I want to buy a good point and shoot camera (small one with quality pictures) for a reasonable price.


    64gb class 10 microsd card going cheap at $40 US. Add it your order and it doesn't add postage either :)


      It gets added at checkout. Options are $31.66, $60.60 or $90.60. To ship a tiny memory card… LOL.

      Just get it from memorycity.


        Not if you have an existing order….


    If you insist on "Buying Australian"

    Australians don't make any cameras at all, and Ozzie retailers are a bunch of whingers.

    Good find!


    I can't even begin to explain how difficult it is for me to resist purchasing that bloody Panasonic DMC-G3. Such a good price…slightly too expensive shipping (~$45) is all that's holding me back at the moment.


      Many online camera retailers here charge $20-$25 for delivering a camera.
      So $45 is not unreasonable for shipping it that great distance.

      In fact, I'd be a little suspicious if the cost was lower, for all you know it could arrive in just a bubble envelope instead of a nicely padded box.


    I would like to buy Panasonic DMC-G3. But really love to have red colour.
    Can someone tell me if there is good?



      Without the telescopic lens it's $409 + $49.95 delivery = $458.95.

      B&H Photo Video = USD$344.81 delivered =~ $332

      So it seems "RED" is a $127 option here.


    This look like a good buy if I was to buy the 45-200mm lense too?



    I noted that they bumped up the original prices to offer higher instant savings.


    I wish I live in the US!