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Wei Lih Ichiban Noodles 150g Roast Beef or Pork $2.75 @ Woolworths


This week Woolworths has this for half price also available at Amazon

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    • good find! this flavour beats the regular shin red for me, not quite up there with black tho

      • Yeah I'll be grabbing stuff. Agree it's a lot smoother (bit sweeter) not just hot.

        Got a few pks left of the nongshim 'soon' veggie ones l, also good.

  • Ichiban.. that reminds of this episode from Friends

  • Never tried these…. Which do you think is better the pork or beef?

    • pork

    • You'll get bored with pork soon. Beef FTW!

    • +1

      Just get both and decide for yourself, no risk.

  • Are they really Ichiban?

  • +4

    Note that both flavours have peanuts, in case anybody is allergic and doesn’t see in the ingredients.

  • Amazon is OOS

  • Did there used to be a second beef flavour or am I imagining things?

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