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Nestlé Block Varieties Any 3 for $6 (Was $7.20 Each) @ Woolworths Metro


Nestlé block varieties great multi-buy offer at Woolworths Metro this week.

This deal appears to be available at all Woolworths Metro stores across Australia, because:

  • This multi-buy price is visible on the Woolworths app for multiple Woolworths Metro stores across Australia (including NSW, QLD and ACT).
  • The shelf price and the price at the checkout at a Woolworths Metro outside VIC was 3 for $6.

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    Since when did non-fancy blocks of choc cost $7.20?? Geez louise.

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      Cocoa bean prices have been going through the roof in recent years, and the companies making the product want to retain their exorbitant profit margins

      I can buy couverture chocolate for around $18/kg, meanwhile Nestle compound chocolate blocks are nearly $44/kg

    • Yes

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    Most likely in-store only or a price-error.

    Checking the tag "Offer 18302033" online leads to "Sorry there aren’t any NESTLE BLOCK OFFER available.

    The actual page is "Offer 18157182" which is $6 each; 3 for $15

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      It actually appears to be a special (and most likely a pricing error) only at Woolworths Metro stores (i.e. not at Woolworths supermarkets).

      If you set the store on Woolworths app to a Woolworths Metro store and enter the six-digit PLU code from one of the special tickets (or search for “Kit Kat block”), it will show the multi-buy price as 3 for $6. If you then change the store on the app to a Woolworths supermarket and view the same Kit Kat product, the multi-buy price changes to 3 for $15. I just checked a Woolworths Metro store (not in VIC), and the in-store shelf prices were listed as $6 and 3 for $6. Having checked multiple Woolworths Metro stores across NSW, VIC, ACT and QLD on the app (and seeing 3 for $6 each time), it is probably safe to say it is only a Woolworths Metro offer.

      The links you provided are not as helpful in this situation, as the Woolworths website pretty much does not reflect the prices at Woolworths Metro stores.

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        Yeah I'd recommend people take advantage before it gets noticed and fixed.

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          My local WW Metro seems to have just corrected it.

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    What are they down to now? 200g ?

    • The ones in the top row of the image are 160g

      • +6


        At this rate, they will disappear by 2029 !!!

        • +2

          Have you seen a Snickers bar lately? Comically smaller than a Milky Way used to be.

    • 200 grams? LOL you stuck in the oast
      Most of them haven't been that big for years!

  • used to have chocolate everyday as a kid… when has it become a luxury food…
    damn inflation.

  • That RRP is before the proposed sugar tax…

  • +3

    Nestlé reckon this chocolate is better than baby food for a baby's growth

  • Diabetes has entered the chat…

    • Dont come near me diabetes.
      I have stopped buying chocolate.

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    If this is not a pricing error, maybe they are repackaging for a size reduction.

    • Woolies Cherry Ripes dropped in size to 44g vs 52g at Coles (currently, they will also change I guess)

      • +1

        Yes. I have stopped buying cadbury chocs.. only buy whittakers when they go special from time to time.

        Cadbury are $2.40 for 44g. What a joke.

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    Outstanding deal, thanks OP. Confirmed working at Woolworths Metro Prahran, and it seemed like any amount >= 3 would scan as $2 each.

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    Excellent deal. Just bought 53 at North Sydney for a corporate event. Still many left.

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      Damn AFL'ers taking all our bargain chocolate.

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    Bought a few this morning and noticed that any amount over 3 was scanning $2 each (didn't need multiples of 3). But just went back past and it now shows 3 for $15. Not sure if just that store, or all have corrected.

  • Too late for me 😞
    Near Sydney Central station also 3 for $15 …
    But I got the last bulgogi korean ramen $4 for 4 pcs that I wanna try. Don't know if they still have more stock.

  • Offer was not working anymore in Woolies green square but all the tags were still on so got 3. Staffs were a bit clueless but I still got the offer they were nice

    • Still 3 for $6? In my local wollies metro, they are 3 for $15 in store, same with Wollies app for the store.

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        No, it sounds like the previous commenter went to a Woolworths Metro store where the shelf still displayed the Any 3 for $6 offer, but the checkout charged them 3 for $15.

        As per the Woolworths Price Scan Policy, the commenter was entitled to the first item free and the remaining items at $2 each:

        Under our Price Scan Policy:

        • If an item scans at a price higher than the shelf price you are entitled to receive that item free of charge.

        • If multiple identical items scan at a price higher than the shelf price, you are entitled to receive the first item free and the remaining items at the lower price.

        • For any multi-buy promotions that scan at a price higher than the shelf price, you are entitled to the first item free and the remaining items at the lower price.

        The Price Scan Policy covers all scannable merchandise within the supermarket, including items carrying a barcode, items with a Price Look Up number (PLU) and items that have been marked down for sale.

        Some exclusions do apply however.

        The Price Scan Policy does not cover:

        • Liquor and tobacco products.

        • Items with a shelf price higher than $30.

        • Where the pricing discrepancy is the result of an error made by a team member. For example, where the wrong PLU number has been keyed in or the wrong product is identified by the checkout operator.

        • Product prices that are not displayed in-store. For example, prices displayed in catalogues, online, or in promotional emails.

        • Where a customer removes, alters or interferes with a shelf price or barcode.

        • Where an error in unit pricing that’s displayed on a shelf ticket or label occurs.

        • Epay recharge, Mobile Phone sim-cards, Gift Cards and Prepaid Mobile Phones.

        • +1

          HA didnt know about that scan policy, so did pay the $6 for 3 blocks. Was happy enough anyway , but need to remember that one !

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