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[VIC] Lenovo Tab M11 Bundle - $119 @ ALDI, Chadstone Village


Grand Opening Special at Aldi Chadstone Village. Opens at 8:30am 17th July 2024

699 Warrigal Rd, Chadstone VIC 3148

M11 tablet with pen and case - $119
8kg clothes dryer - $249 - Dimensions: 845H x 595W x 598D
8kg front load washing machine - $249 - Dimensions: 845H x 598W x 535D

Lenovo Tablet Specs:
11" WUXGA (1920 x 1200) IPS display
MediaTek Helio G88 Octa Core Processor (1.8- 2.0GHz)
128GB storage / 4GB RAM
Mali-G52 GPU
USB-C 2.0
Micro SD card reader
Bluetooth v5.1
Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
Up to 10 hrs battery life
Android 13 OS

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  • +7

    Cheers, fried my galaxy tab so will be happy to read comics @ $120 again

    • Any cool, standalone comics or graphic novels you would recommend for someone that doesn't read comics?

      • +8

        Dilbert is good.

        • -1

          The author is a known terrible person

          • +16

            @eddyah: Even if, there's a concept called Death of the Author. I'll happily read or watch years worth of Ender's Game, Harry Potter, or Dilbert and do so because of their own merits… except for somewhat overcooked sequels like Fantastic Beasts for example, but that's besides the point.

            My point is that "The author is a known terrible person" isn't a counter-argument to "Dilbert is good.". The two can be true at the same time and in fact in my opinion, even at the point of creation, are pretty much independent of each other. And there's a good chance, from the sounds of it, that they're not even paying for said content.

            • +4


              Even if, there's a concept called Death of the Author.

              I think what you meant was "separating the art from the artist", e.g. the Rurouni Kenshin manga series is still great, even if we now know that the author is woodchipper material.

              "Death of the author" is more that the meaning of a piece of work is determined by the audience interpretation, rather than the author's intent.

              A good example of that was how the Starship Trooper film was intended by the director to be a satire on fascism (more like "murder of the author" against the original book, that he didn't even bother to read), but executed in such a way that for most people, the satire is completely lost and it ends up circling back closer to the original book.

          • +1

            @eddyah: I don't think he is a terrible person, more like a knob head who creates some funny cartoons.

          • @eddyah: I’m sure he’s in good company

          • @eddyah: Did Twitter tell you that?

          • +1

            @eddyah: We have another virtue signaler here. Aww such a good and righteous citizen.

          • @eddyah: Must be true if Trump said it

      • +4

        The Walking Dead comic was a lot better than the show IMO, they are currently releasing fortnightly colour remaster issues called The Walking Dead Deluxe. Colour versions is about halfway thru the 193 total series.

      • +3

        Check out The Boondocks

      • I think one of the best value for money propositions is the Shonen Jump app on ios and google play. You can try a variety of manga and see what is best for you.

    • -5

      Grab an old galaxy tab 10.1 from marketplace for $20 bucks.

      I have 2 and they are still very responsive for reading, browsing etc

      • +10

        I had the galaxy tab 2 10.1 and it was kinda terrible. Screen resolution sucked (especially for reading) and the TI OMAP processor was slow even at launch.

        I would only recommend from the Tab S2 series onwards if going used. That model in 8" or 9.7" has the wonderful 4:3 ratio, perfect for reading. Check for AMOLED burn in before purchase though!

    • +1

      Check out tachiyomi if you like reading manga, webtoons and comics.


      • +1

        why not publish on play store? I am wary of downloading an apk from internet

        • +2

          Because the app allowed you to download extensions, that then allowed you to directly download images from various comic/manga reader websites on the high seas.

          It's the equivalent to if any emulators on the Google Play Store allowed you to directly download roms from emulator sites.

      • +2

        Note: the app has been abandoned by its developers due to threats from a publishing company.

      • Tachiyomi has been discontinued but it lives on as Mihon - https://mihon.app/

        • did not know this. Does Mihon work in the same manner with extensions?

          • @a l an: oh its the same app but someone else took over development.

            Just did a backup on Tachiyomi and restored in Mihon.


  • -2

    8kg front load washing machine - $249

    Not bad. I owned an aldi one years back and it was very reliable for the 5 years i owned it. Bought second hand for $100 and sold it for $200

    • Their topload washing machines are pure junk.

    • +6

      Outstanding technique. Getting paid to wash your own clothes

    • +3

      Dont know what to say to this. But good work. Didnt even think its possible to make money back let alone make money on top with second hand appliances.

      • I bought an Xbox 360 second hand in 2021 and recently sold it for more

      • +7

        the lines get blurry with used goods. I have done it once by accident, actually sold my already refurbished DJI Mini 2 based on brand new prices because I forgot it was a refurb unit and found out I sold it for more than I paid for it. I disclosed it was refurbished to the buyer a week later and they were cool about it, I just refunded a hundred bucks to make it even.

      • +1

        bought a 2nd hand fridge for $20, used it for a year, sold it for $40, was moving to an apartment with fridge incl.

    • +3

      Bizarre how Ozb has a large base that negs anyone that says they sold something of x dollars.

      Yet go into an Apple or Toyota post and people brag about resell value

      Literally cannot make this shit up.

  • +36

    lol, i would love to see the queue and the mad scramble to grab the only tablet, the only clothes dryer and the only washing machine in the store

    • +2

      This is for the Grand Opening, how else do new customers get to experience the spirit of Aldi specials?

  • This isn't the Lte version is it.

    I feeeeel like i need a simvard slot

    Maybe i shud use that portable hospot Vodafone pocket instead but still.

  • +10


    Basically, an Aliexpress tablet with a local warranty. Maybe it is good enough for a kid's tablet, but who knows how long Lenovo will support the tablet with regular software update.

    • Ignoring the poor performance of the G88 when it comes to updates it has received it's two major updates (Android 13 & 14) and will receive security updates until 2024.

      It's the higher end Lenovo tablets where you get better OS update support.

      • +2

        will receive security updates until 2024

        Yeah, and we are already in the second half of 2024. That's not very reassuring, but I guess it doesn't matter to the people who think this is a bargain. You basically get what you pay for.

        • +7

          No I'm a dumb arse and typed the wrong number. 2028.

          • @Clear: Soupe Opéra! I've shown the kids the series and they love it, all the episodes are on YouTube now. {Please don't report as off topic}

          • -1



            Press X to 'doubt' it. Knowing Lenovo's habit of failing to deliver their promise with software update, I honestly don't think it will happen, but who knows. I won't gamble with my money, though.

            • @kovojk: There you go. 1/30/2028 for TB330FU and 3/30/2028 for TB330XU.

              As I said Lenovo care more about their higher end tablets and have a good track record of releasing updates for them now. I.e. my XiaoXin Pad 2022 (P11 Pro 2nd gen) has received 3 major OS updates. I will probably get more if I switched to ZUI.

              • @Clear:

                my XiaoXin Pad

                That's Lenovo's relatively high end tablet. Lenovo M11 is a low-end tablet. Eg) Lenovo M9 which comes with a Mediatek G80 (which is another trash CPU) just like M11 was released 2 years ago only got one Android update and that was it. I mean their track rocords speak themselves.

                • @kovojk: I refer to my original comment

                  It's the higher end Lenovo tablets where you get better OS update support.

                  • -1

                    @Clear: And M11 that is sold by Aldi is Lenovo's (relatively) low-end tablet, isn't it? Hence, my concern is completely valid.

                    Jeez, it seems like there are so many shills for Lenovo on Ozbargain. What's so good about trashy Chinese tablets anyway lol.

                    • +2

                      @kovojk: I agreed with you that the M11 is a budget tablet and doesn't get major OS updates. Only years of security updates. That's not shilling.

                      • @Clear: I'm on the xiaoxin pad pro 2020..

                        It's kind a shit since it's not ZUI apparel chinese rom better.

                        I have issues w a few things with the tablet. the performance def feels slow at times .

                        in other ways. I cannot be (profanity) doing zui conversion ss likely rew format one day i may thio.

                        I belive it's running andorid 11 (P11pro2020/xiaoxinpadpro2020+sd-730Gcpu)
                        6gb/128gb sku broufht off aliexp for $439ish no simcard only sdcadd slot.
                        Bit eeeeh purchase now but it was a few yrs back to be fair.

                        not to mention the keyboard is expensive as heck! $100AU ish.

                        first one i got has japanese keys but it doesn't properly fit for some reaskb SO IT'S A PAPER WEIGHT and i only got $60 refund or 60% refund not 100% like wrf.

                        then i broufht again No JPN lettering but it works so thats good atleast.

    • +3

      Have Lenovo tablets and they have been updated for at least two years. No issues. M10 gen 3 is not a kids tablet, it's got a 2k screen with four speakers and decent CPU. This deal on M11 is great price.
      AliExpress tablets you won't get Widevine for Netflix, no warranty, not the same thing at all

      • This isn't M10 and G88 that comes with M11 is not a good CPU. In fact, 'two years' of Android update is really subpar when major Android manufacturers commit to support their products for at least 3 years and Lenovo often fails to support own products even for 1.5 years. Who knows when they stop providing security updates for M11.

        Cheap? Yes, but I don't think it is a bargain for what's offered with the tablet. It IS practically an Aliexpress tablet with a local warranty. If you think it is a bargain, then good for you, though.

        • Who knows when they stop providing security updates for M11.

          You could always check the website. Security updates to 2028.


          Of course if they change the plan you'll have limited meaningful recourse.

          For an included pen, LTE and a case, what better deal is there with (or without) Au warranty?

          • @Hermsh:

            Of course if they change the plan you'll have limited meaningful recourse.

            And you sound like a Lenovo rep who is already making excuses if Lenovo fails to deliever their promise. At least point, I have no reason to trust Lenovo with their promise over software updates with a tablet that comes with a mediocre CPU. Their track-records speak themselves.

            • @kovojk: Have Lenovo failed to meet published dates in the past? I actually don't know, but you seem to, so what are the examples?

              • @Hermsh: What do you mean published dates when they don't even give their customers any timeline

                or even can't deliever on time even when any timeline was given

                Everyone knows Lenovo is terrible with software update.

              • +1

                @Hermsh: It sounds like he has been burnt by Lenovo before or something. I want to see one example of a new tablet with au warranty with Widevine L1 + the pen and case for remotely close to this price. Ones opinion of a brand doesn't make it a non bargain for everyone else.

                • +1

                  @Madkant: It's also not like late OS updates, or no OS updates, or late security updates or even no security updates makes the device stop working suddenly. I have an old Huawei that is stuck on A9 and hasn't had a security update in years and it still serves its purpose perfectly well (my daughter uses it to watch cartoons).

                  It's $119. Even two years of security updates and it costs you $60 a year.

    • G88 is about 25-30 percent slower than the CPU in the A9 which is a SD 695

      I mean it's fine for netflix,or chrome and the like,it's not gonna be playing games on it tho.

      it's pretty much an enteratinment tablet

    • What are you expecting at this price point?

      Not everyone is a “power” user and thus not everyone cares about software updates.

      G88 is slow but still works well for the use case. It’s faster than the Tab A 10.1 and has upgraded software.

      The user is happy with the upgrade, they really only use it for browsing and watching videos.

      • +1

        Personally i am just not a fan that companies are using resources on creating these devices that have an expiry date before they even end up on the shelf, let alone in aldis hands, thats the bit that gets me. They are not made to be reused or sold on, they are made as throw away devices and I think thats the wrong way to be thinking about electronics.

        • I look at it the other way… if they build for longevity by using chips and providing software support for at least five years. The price would increase dramatically or the company takes the hit. We know that companies will not take a hit to their bottom line so they limit the updates and reduce the BOM for the tablet.

          By keeping it to a low price point it allows swathes of people who could not afford a more expensive tablet, to now be able to buy a tablet to use for whatever purpose.

          We need to remember that there are demographics that cannot afford a Tab S or and iPad.

          • @jlogic: I am sure they can cover their bottom line with mouses and keyboards.. Its time to understand that not everyone can afford certain things and the market trying to appease that lowest budget sector is enabling them in producing ewaste.

            It comes down to matter of opinion but mine is that sometimes people shouldn't be able to afford a product, especially if that means the product is compromised so heavily that longevity is simply thrown out the window, it looks to the age old saying - the poor man pays twice. I don't think we should be encouraging swathes of people to buy products that have a life span of 6-12 months.

            • +1

              @doobey1231: Who said they had a lifespan of 6-12 months? I can understand the masses of plastic and cheap crap that gets sold in our shops, but a device like this doesn’t just stop working after 6-12 months. For me the device does just fine after setting it up, sure it’s a bit slow processing things but once it’s up and running it’s working fine. Sure its not going to light the performance charts, but it works.

              Agree with the saying but not in this instance.

              Just because it doesn’t get updates, doesn’t mean it stops working. We got to stop thinking and linking software updates with obsolescence. The last tablet that my user was using lasted 4.5 years. It long stopped getting updates before its eventual replacement. I expect this one to last the same.

              • @jlogic: You are mistaken, I am not saying this device has a short lifespan because of software updates(contrary to that, I think an actual android update beyond security would probably bring this device to its knees, so lack of updates works in its favour, again I am very confident this device wont see any updates beyond security anyway)

                The thing that gives this device an expiry of 6-12 months is the processor and ram combination. That CPU is known to be laggy even on a good day running a couple apps right out of the box, that experience is only going to get worse and worse as time goes on, more apps get installed and the device gets used more. Any device that has lag and stuttering right out of the box is destined to last a year or so before becoming so bogged down its basically useless. Sure it might turn on, it might still do what you need it to do, but it will be so slow and bogged down anyone but the most patient of people will want to buy a new device shortly after.

                • @doobey1231: Again it depends on the use case.

                  The Samsung device this M11 replaced never had any extra apps loaded to it besides the ones that were loaded originally. There is a market for tablets that only do a few things, and this tablet excels in that.

                  1). Simple browsing
                  2). Watching videos
                  3). Emails
                  4). Whatsapp (linked to phone device)
                  5). Recipes

                  I agree if you are looking to do anymore, it will be better to get a better device to do it on.

                  The Exynos on the Tab A was already a laggard when it was chosen to be used in the Tab A, but it worked amazingly well for the 5 things listed above. The G88 will work even better since it is at least 1.5x better than the Exynos and too boot the M11 screen is definitely a lot brighter than the Tab A screen and the four speakers definitely help with the clarity.

                  • @jlogic: I wouldn't call stuttering out of the box "excels". If you are patient and don't mind sure, but like I said its manufactured ewaste, designed to be thrown out in a couple years and I am just not here for it..

    • Given my experience with Lenovos smaller name devices in the past, I would be surprised if this ever gets a software update again.

  • +1

    wow good price, going to be busy that day.

  • Be warned - the M11 has 4GB of ram

    • +13

      4 more and it's a macbook

      • +1

        Underrated comment

      • +3

        4 more soldered and its todays gaming laptop

  • +2


    M11 is due to get security updates to 2028. It probably won't get android 15 but so what, you won't notice that with the tasks this thing is fit to perform.

    • Android 15 update will probably kill it lol

  • +2

    How is this vs the Tab A8. Sounds like a okay replacement given the A8 screen sucks

  • +2

    Was excited until I see it’s only available in one store

  • how's the Lenovo Tab M11 Bundle compare to the M10 gen 3 plus that Aldi was doing before?

    • No idea about the M11, but I got the kids the M10 gen 3 plus a year ago and it's definitely fine for their needs. Roblox/Youtube/video calls/dropping and stepping on etc. (I put case/screen protector before they got them and have changed screen protectors a few times).

      • +1

        Yup no respect for property lol

  • Would ow price match?

    • There's one right next door. You might have some luck

  • +2

    Is the tab M11 e-waste?

    • It will be within a few weeks

      • +2

        Man, ppl are hard to please. I love my M10 plus (gen 3). Great audio and beautiful screen. Not as quick as a half decent phone, but I wouldn't call it laggy. I think this is a great price for the M11, even if it were identical to the M10. Great value for money, for what it is. Would hate to spend $900 on a tablet and then lose it or smash it. This is a very sensible purchase in my books. But my books often tend to be full of my own personal opinions too :)

  • +4

    Can we not bother with direct-to-landfill electronics like this? You know it's going to be garbage.

  • +1

    Good luck with that fighting to get one.

  • +1

    Gonna try and grab the tablet but dont like my chances, there were people lined up 30mins before the store opened the last time a tablet was on sale

    • Should be there 1 hour early now can’t beat them join them

      • Take a chair and a book/ebook reader and get there a couple of hours early and chill out and enjoy your book.

  • +1

    Link to the deal or a picture of the promo? Would like to try OW price match

  • +2

    Electric waste

  • +1 for photos of published deal please

    • I've put in a photo of the catalogue. Best I can do with the quality. There's no direct web link.

      • +1

        Good enough for me. Thanks mate!

  • What brand is that 70" TV for 449?

  • Thoughts on the TV?

    • It's built to a price. I bought another smaller Bauhn TV and ended up returning it. It's good value for money, I just couldn't stand the low quality matrix and speakers. Bought a Hisense for a 50% higher price instead.

  • +1

    Anyone planning to go from western suburbs?

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