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Pussy ($0.50) Energy Drink Parramatta NSW


Pussy Energy drinks are 50cent each in the bargain store (GBO) near the bottom food courts in Parramatta Westpoint shopping center near Dicksmith and a short walk through the tunnels from Parramatta train station. Expiratory Date at bottom of can says 04/2013

Comes in 250ml cans contains white grapes but does not appear to be alcoholic but seems to be marketed for bars.

RRP is $3UK ~ 4.50 AUD. Shaving 88% off the price of a pussy.

There was maybe about 100 cans on display. (Possibly more in the back) Buying 24 Pussys gets you a discount.

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    OMG I can expect many kind of comments on this post.

    ps. There must be many creative ways to drink this.

    • Yep going to bring one to work tommorow.. Going to have great laugh

    • +3

      I hear it goes great with clams.

      • +13

        gonna get me some pussy tonight

  • nice name

  • +37

    Now that's some cheap pussy.

    • +1


    • here we gooo

    • +1

      this is parra we're talking about lol

  • +5

    Pussy in a can…. what WILL they think of next….

    • +13

      Well, there's dick in a box already…

  • +1

    Pussy in a can..nice

    • +10

      Missed it by that much lol

  • -5

    I love Pussy!!

    Never seen this drink before though.

  • -2

    Lets the lame jokes begin!

    • -1

      Someone must of drunk from the wrong end of the can.

  • <snip>

  • what does it taste like?

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    • read the hyperlink

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    • -3


    • +1

      Not sure about taste. But if it's the old stock, it could smell fishy.

  • +3

    Not into discount pussy.

  • I wonder how it tastes like.

  • +5
    • They can be a perfect marriage!

      • +2

        A marriage as perfect as that of Peter and Inge Slipper.

    • Does it mean you prefer the later? :)

  • +1
  • I hope there's no hair in it.

    • Hopefully it's made in Brazil

  • +31

    Looks like the only pussy I'll be getting this year.

    • +5

      pity upvote
      edit: and a hug

    • +1

      treat yourself grab 24

    • There there brother, drink two at a time - have a threesome.

  • Terrible name on so many levels… who would want to drink furballs? :/

  • Don't buy in to the Pussy, stay true to yourself!

  • The best part : "Buying 24 Pussys gets you a discount" cracked me up!!

  • …this must have a fresher & younger taste compared to Cougar Boost(one for the American Dad fans!)

    • "may lead to extreme cases of extremeness"

  • Theres also Big Cock Energy Drink apparently.

    Dont get too excited ladies

  • -1

    Is it pink?

  • Great and now we have drinking Pussy…….

  • +1

    Someone needs to tell that guy in "From Dusk Till Dawn" - he needs to add a new item to his list…

  • -1

    I thought pussy was free

  • +1

    If you hold an empty can to your ear you can hear the sound of the ocean….smell it too.

  • Going to pickup some pussy on my way to the gym tomorrow :p

  • dat thirst.

  • lmao , seriously its actually called that…its the first time i have heard of it.

  • +4

    Check the use-by date, pussy could have gone bad.

  • +4

    Step 1. Insert finger into hole
    Step 2. Shake
    Step 3. lift finger up
    Step 4. Pussy will squirt
    Warning: may cause you to be covered in pussy..

  • Is this Juice?

    • +1


      Nothing artificial in this Pussy as it claims to be all natural using a juice blend for flavour and 6 herbs; Milk Thistle, Guarana, Siberian Ginseng, Sarsaparilla, Schizandra, Ginko Biloba. With 90mg of Caffeine.

      So you see its a juice…. Pussy juice.

  • Sparkling water, sugar, 10.7% white grape juice, Lime Juice 4.2%.

    Just opened one has a wine like taste.

  • I've had this before..blegh :|

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