This was posted 8 years 1 month 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Breadtop All Items 15% off! (Conditions Applied, Ask in Store for Details)


Breadtop hardly ever goes on sale, and is one of the more popular Asian bakeries around. The have a 10th anniversary sale - All Items 15% off! (Conditions applied, ask in store for details.) This weekend only. Sat and Sunday (I'm posting it on Friday, but it only starts tomorrow - so don't go and demand it today).

I'm not sure what they mean by conditions applied - best to ask in-store. Maybe they have different conditions at each store. If you're really keen to find out, ask them on Facebook.

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    • Hehe me too. Used to go to the 85。C cafe in Kingsford all the time… Until Breadtop opened a new shop 2 blocks down the road.

      • I reckon 85.C is better and they always bring new stuff. Anyway, if you like Asian style bakery, you will enjoy your Japan/Taiwan/Hong Kong trip! There are so many!

  • Mmmmm pork floss bun mmmmmmmmmm

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    Strange. On their facebook page, in English, it says 15% off. In Chinese, it (effectively) says 25% off.
    My Chinese is a bit dodgey can anyone else confirm this?

    "包店十週年慶☆ 十二月一日、二日,全品項75折! (本活動適用條件請洽詢各店)"

  • I prefer local asian bakeries for better value, cheaper and better tasting every day. So not a deal to me. :p If you frequent Breadtop then good deal.

    eg. Pineapple buns are usually $1.10 at local bakeries. From memory Breadtop has NOTHING in the dollar range.

    • Same here. I used to think Breadtop was the king of bakeries, until a competing bakery opened up that sold japanese style bread. Pineapple buns for 90 cents, Portuguese tarts for $1.20, and ham/egg pizza breadrolls for $1.40.

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      You usually find Breadtop in high-rent places, where you won't find a cheap local bakery. Pity!

    • breadtop is meh. it's like the oporto of fastfoods. i find lots of their buns too sweet. the local asian bakeries sometimes does the same style better.

      its hit and miss… depending on who is doing the recipe i suppose.

  • I've suddenly got a hankering for egg tarts…flaky pastry, sweet glossy egg filling….mmmmmm drools

  • 15 to 25% off all buns. Wonder how long that took the staff to bite off every roll.

  • I love their mini hamburgers!

  • Breadtop is so overpriced. I prefer the one on Forest Rd Hurstville, pineapple buns $1 each, egg tarts with flaky pastry taste the best.

    • If only they could open stores in city shopping centers and maintain the same pricing!