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SanDisk Sansa Clip+ or Zip 4GB MP3 Player (Black) Shipped for US $33.47


Good for a cheap Xmas present. Black one only at this price. Other colours are $5 extra.

Expandable with Micro SD card.

Edit: Even lower price now. Dropped $5. Now US$33.47 shipped.

Please use my affiliate link if you can. Thanks.

Or $5 more for the Sansa Zip with colour screen and any color you want.

Can add $42 for a pair of Klipsch IMAGE S4 if you need some good earphones

and $49 for a SanDisk Ultra 64 GB microSDXC Class 10

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    This or iPod Shuffle ($55)?

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    I've had a clip for a while. Great for running. Much better SQ than the ipod and more features (IMHO - I also have a shuffle. Or rather had, before it packed up. Had both working together for a while though, and hence chance for side by side comparison).


    Apart from having some problem with the headphone jack connection; I am happy with my Clip+, after rockboxed.
    *Have to push a bit hard till heard a click of the jack to make it works.

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    Price isn't that great IMO.
    Bought a clip zip(superior to clip+) off eBay (refurbished but who cares) for $32 including shipping.

    Edit: This one on eBay is $33 and includes an 8GB MicroSD.


    Is there an android equivalent of the iPod touch?


      Samsung Galaxy players? A few Archos devices? Used smartphone without a sim card?

      No direct equivalent really


      Samsung Galaxy players.

      I have one (4.0), you can install apps like on an android phone.

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    Just so everyone knows, you can buy these from the UK via eBay for around $10 cheaper. Not 100% with the rules here, so I'll leave that up to you to find.

    Bought one at the start of this year as a small present for my partner. Once loaded with Rockbox we could play pretty much anything on it and it was far more customisable and had better sound quality than my few year old ~$320 iPod classic (not to mention a hell of a lot lighter and smaller, which is great for jogging). Highly recommended device as it's so cheap and expandable.
    You can even play a (very broken, graphically) port of DOOM on it ;)


    and comparisons with the zip and clip+

    thanks op and poltak, will pick up a clip+ now since i broke the clip on my clip


    I went the ZIP over the clip. So happy I did. It's way better


    The 8GB one was $34 just a few weeks ago

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    These were all the same price of $24.99 about a week ago, sorry for not posting lol. A day or so later amazon amended prices based on colour. I contacted their support and was able to haggle the original price, can provide proof if required.


    I owned two of these, the first one broke after I put it through the wash, though it worked a few months longer. I now have the colour screen one and it has also gone through the wash but survived. I don't have a smartphone and even when I did I found these handy for gym and outdoor exercise (but being so small, they are easy to forget about and put through the wash!). I now sleep with mine on every night to block out noise.

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    I bought one of these off ebay for $33 2 weeks ago.


    I ordered a clip from mp3 outlet store for about 40 he must have ran out of stock so I ended up with a zip for the same price 8gb too even thou I ordered the 4 but now its gone Walkabout with my amp and ue700's so I'm a sad man.

    PS if someone nicked them let me know :-P. But now I can try some new things

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    Here's a manly review of the Clip+ from an engineer's perspective.


    Ordered the clip zip + = eargasm!

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      you will find the HD598's not very protable/ practical witht he clip because of the need for an adaptor making the overall size of the jack 10cm from the tip of the jack to the relief at the end.


    Native FLAC support too. Nice.


    you can find cheaper on ebay!

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    +1 to this, I am very happy with the clip zip i bought initially only for gym /sports purposes and general use.

    1. The biggest thing is physical buttons, you dont have to look at it to change the volume, skip, go back etc.
    2. All the MASSIVE features of rockbox which just is amazing.
    3. No propriety music, play whatever you download or have already.
    4. MicroSD means you can get base memory any size, whack in a 32gb or 64gb(might need to format 64gb to fat32)

    Downside is
    1. You should migrate to rockbox if you want to have an efficient system that works fast with the microsd, is easy to make playlists etc etc. This is not hard, very easy to download and install.
    2. Rockbox is not meant to be fully stable with clip zip, but its never crashed on me after 4 months of use.
    3. People keep asking you what this player is.

    I bought from this guy on ebay:

    I have it combined with: for sports(these dont fall out of your ear with the special big plugs- heap of sizes)

    Sensheiser HD202 for regular listening. I need a better regular headset now actually.


    This is an AMAZING device, the audio quality is amazing, and the amplification is very substantial.

    When comparing it to a smartphone or similar, the audio quality is much better (depending on the smart phone of course, but on average) but the navigation isn't quite as simple.

    To be honest I never had an issue using Rockbox, the device is awesome, and I paid twice what's listed here.

    I wouldn't recommend the Zip or any other model, purely because of the guarantee of great hardware in this particular device.

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    This even support a 64GB card?

    Colour me impressed for .flac support though.


      Woops, sorry, didn't mean to Neg you, but I bought this deal and the headphones and the 64gb micro sd card, but I found myself very disappointed when I plugged in the sd card and the unit did not detect it. I checked the instructions that came with the player and it clearly states that the unit will only take cards up to 16 gb. I should have followed my gut and checked before buying 64gb card (which is not much) good to me as nothing seems to recognize a 64gb card.

      If anyone knows how to make 64gb in the clip, I'm all ears.


    Just ordered one because it supports flac. For the price can't go wrong. Thanks op. I used your affiliate link. Merry Xmas.


    The Sansa Zip is also the same price now


    Anyone know how does this compare with iphone4 in terms of sound quality?


    Not sure if I'm missing something. This is great deal and i trie to purchase, but i kept getting an error "there is a slight problem with your order (see below) but thre is nothing below to indicate what the problem is. I tried to buy a clip 1 year ago but at the time shipping to Australia wasn't available at the time. Does anyone know if this is still the case and if not what the problem might be??


      What were you trying to buy?


        Thanks Bockers. I eventually got it sorted. It was down to some items on in my shopping cart not available for postage to Australia. Fairly painful as it is not at all clear when going through the AMAZON purchase process which items are available and which are not. I also found that some items are 'shipped by AMAZON' and some are only 'fulfilled by AAMZON' not quite sure of the difference, but once again it isn't very clear. At the end of the day, I bought the SanDisk Sansa Clip, the Klipsch IMAGE S4 earphone and the SanDisk Ultra 64 GB microSDXC Class 10. Thanks for the bargain, hope you get your affiliate bonus. Cheers Dr Phods.

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