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Coles $15 off $100 Spend, $5 off $50 - SW Sydney


On phone, sorry for sp in advance.

Not sure how widespread this is but Coles has promo at Fairfield, Fairfield West and Smithfield NSW for $15 off $100 or $5 off $50 spend. Coupled with ING paywave 5% off and buying instore specials I think I did ok to stock up the pantry. 8c off fuel onn too.

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  • oh no was at coles world square yesterday! spent $63, didnt see this ad anywhere :(

    nice deal though :)

  • This is only for the mentioned stores. Because a new woolworths opened up in the area at Fairfield Heights.

  • It's a good deal. I used it last night at the Smithfield store (only found out about it when the checkout girl said I'd get it if I spent another six dollars). I also used the week 8 coupon FlyBuys sent me to get triple FlyBuys.

  • +1

    Does this also include gift card purchase? Will be nice to get some gift cards off at good price. Thanks

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    great deal. just came back from coles at fairfield and was about to post the deal.
    got $15 off the bill and 18c off fuel voucher x 70litres = another $12. not bad at all

  • Does the $15 automatically apply or do you need a vouchure?

    • As previously mentioned it's only at the three stores shown. It's deducted automatically at the register.

  • it part on till that let them do it. my old store manger now coles manger. he always give 5 and 25 off my order.

  • Went to fairfield today - fails.. They said requires a voucher in the post.. Customer service girl didnt want to help or know about it.
    Though she did mention they put it through yesterday without the voucher due to complaints- not sure what the difference between yesterday n today is.. =="

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