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The Good Guys Online Game Sale E.g. Kid Icarus Uprising 3DS / Wii Sports Resort w/ Motion Plus Attachment $29 + $1 Delivery


Hey Guys,
Just came across a post on Ecogamer.com.au (thanks Bish0p) that has great games for low prices.

Skyward Sword Wii ($29)
Zelda OoT 3DS ($29)
Wii Sports Resort W/ Motion Plus attachment ($29)
Twisted Metal PS3 ($29)
Max Payne 3 Xbox 360/PS3 ($29)

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  • Some awesome prices there! thanks OP and OOP.

  • Resident Evil: Revelations for $30!


    thanks for the post, been looking for some new 3ds games like Zelda and Tekken.

  • Great post OP. Is Skyward Sword worthy of a purchase at that price?

    • Skyward Sword is worthy of a purchase at full price. or at least full price from ozgameshop.

    • I just grabbed it too, very good price for a VERY well reviewed game.

    • Hell no, got so much hate for Skyward Sword. Biggest letdown of 2011 for me

      • It was a letdown for you because it was hyped into oblivion, which is only partly Nintendo's fault. If you put down the hateorade, it is actually a very good game.

        • I was super excited for it when it was first announced at 4am during the E3 announcement. Prior to all the hype I even bought the limited edition copy on launch. I'm a huge Zelda fan and honestly, the gameplay was so dry for me it was extremely disappointing. I gave it so many chances but I just couldn't do it. I enjoyed Twilight Princess much more than this game.

          To each their own

    • Yeah it is, no other store sells it that cheap I reckon…not even Ozgameshop.

      I got myself a copy just now :)


    thanks for the post, great price just had to buy it. The top nintendo games rarely go on sale.
    EDIT: I am not a rep, clicked box by accident and now it wont go away even after editing it and unchecking box

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      gotta love how many people mindlessly tick "I am associated with…"

  • star war Xbox 360 is good price,

    But Wii sport one is not, the bonus is not a motion plus remoter, but just the device to be attached with old remoter. Just be careful.


    So getting Skyward Sword, good find OP.

  • Here's an idea / recommendation…

    Get Prototype 2 and Max Payne 3. Play them - both have around 8 to 10 hours gameplay. P2 is alot of fun - MP3 is slick but not ground breaking.

    Then, trade them in at JB Hifi for Far Cry 3 or Black Ops 2.

    The 2 for 1 trade in sheet isn't on their website at the moment but I was able to do the above last week. JB offer could be changed at any stage, may have done already, so bear that in mind. Worst that can happen is you can get your money back on ebay. Both worth buying for the price I'd say.

  • Thanks, have been waiting forever for a good deal on Skyward Sword!

  • Long time reader, first time poster!

    Just signed up to give my thanks to OP for sharing this deal, have been waiting for a good deal to come up (no pun intended) but Skyward Sword has been holding its price. Upscale time on the Wii U!

  • thanks op

  • Hi, I have never purchase anything from Good Guys website, so I would like to know if they are selling a brand new & sealed AUS PAL copies or UK PAL copies?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • It's most likely to be AUS PAL, since it's on clearance. Generally clearance sales are usually of local stock, even if they come with a price tag similar to imported stock. However, I can't guarantee that personally.

  • Ordered Kid Icarus, Zelda 3DS and Wii, thanks OP.

  • Just bought skyward sword

  • Oh btw, do they deliver it personally to my door, or to the nearest Australia Post?

    • Spoke to staff today. She advised me that they use a courier to ship products out. So to answer your question, yes, delivery to your door.

  • Anyone recommend Wii Sports Resort? I want to buy Skyward Sword, but I don't have the motion plus addon and Sports Resort comes with it.

    • Get both. Sports Resort is relatively cheap, it's more expensive preowned at EB and even as a new game at Ozgameshop.

      EDIT: Actually, now I've seen the post below me…that one's a better deal, and you get an actual controller with it.

    • I considered doing the same thing but wasn't sure if I was going to play Sports Resort so for an extra $5 I acted on this deal previously posted on OzBargain http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/85545 I have no intention on playing the game (reviews pan it) but I couldn't find an official wii remote plus (not just the adaptor) for anywhere near that price online.

      The weird thing is I got is for $35, the price on the site, but the post on OzBargain has it at $39.

    • I bought both.

      Hopefully, It'll motivate me to use the Wii again. Before I bought Twilight Princess, it sat there gathering dust and now that i've finished it, it's gathering dust again. My N64 gets more use.

  • Despite no support for it anymore, Unit 13 is definitely worth it at $29. The best shooter on the console, and will keep you busy for a while. Even has co op and is perfect for handheld short burst gameplay!

  • Thanks OP. bought 3 games totalled $88 delivered.

  • Thanks, got Kid Icarus. Been wanting to get a decent new 3DS game, but the top 3DS games rarely get this cheap.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed Skyward Sword and Mario & Sonic at the Olympics for $59 :)

  • I cant find zelda 3ds anymore?
    Can anyone link me to it if its still up?

  • great prices!!

  • I'm so upset I missed out on Zelda! I knew I should have purchased last night, but sat on it overnight and now it's gone! Doh!

  • Had a call from the Good Guys saying they cancelled my order as Skyward was out of stock :(

  • I had a call this morning just letting me know my order will be posted tomorrow.


    goodguys phoned me today to confirm my address for postage tomorrow and i asked if i can pick it up which i did.. freakin bargain, shoulda got some more titles lolz.

  • Got my copy of kid icarus today. Nice and quick.

    • Nice, I'm hoping I get mine today/tomorrow (Good Guys rep said it would come on one of the two days for me).

  • Good Guys Wetherill Park NSW called me and said there is no Kid Icarus in NSW, so they can't supply it, and will give me a refund. grr….was the only one I really wanted.


    I got a call yesterday saying there was a glitch in the system and they somehow sent the box for Zelda separate from the game. He said I will still receive both the box and the game within a few days.
    Just got the game today and they did a good job protecting it without the original box.

  • I was told that there was no stock for all the games that I bought from their website(Kid Icarus, Zelda SS, Wii Sport Resorts & Mario Kart DS) and I already paid for all of the items so they told me that they are going to refund my money back.

    Thank you good guys for wasting my time and now I have to wait for at least a few working days to get my money back.

  • I received a call (WA) letting me know that there aren't any copies of Zelda in the state, but that they'll be able to get one from interstate. Fingers crossed!

  • I paid by Paypal and they said they couldn't refund by Paypal and I had to give them my credit card number, which I didn't want to do…. ended up opening a dispute… they haven't replied… will have to escalate to a claim in 2 days… Dodgy Good Guys, last time I order anything from them!

  • Received my game today from Mackay! I live in WA so that might explain the big delay, very happy though.