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Borderlands 2 PC [4 PACK] $10.69


Pricing error no doubt… grab it fast if you dont already have a copy!

optional shortcut since site is being hammered
open http://www.gamersgate.com/shop/addtocart?sku=DDB-BL24P to add it to your cart

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  • That's crazy.

  • this is all fun and games, can't even login to my account

    • Can't even open the site!

  • $10.69 with IAMANELDERGEEK coupon code!

    • thanks, i just updated the title with this

    • +4

      SCREW THAT! That requires a page reload…. no thank you

  • +2

    now I officially have Borderlands 2 coming out my ears…

    and ghost recon future soldier.

    whoever failed maths @ gamersgate, I love you.

    • Care to share some with your fellow ozbargainers?

      • +2

        Would happily be an ozbargain seagull too.

      • A spare code would be appreciated!

  • site is being smashed just like when the bethesda pack was posted, hopefully some people can manage to grab a copy

  • nooooooooooo, i not even gonna get 1 game!

  • $11.25
    or 11 250 Blue Coins
    (List price: $179.85)


    I am trying lol

  • Can't even load the site. Wanted to buy the game ==

  • +3

    I reckon they must have a disgruntled employee stuffing around with all the prices.. It's ridiculous

  • Must… load… page….

  • I don't think the site will load now :p

  • While the loading icon spinneth, there yet be hope…

    • We hath managed to load thy page title, captain, but thy life seems to be fading from doth icon that spinneth.

      • Gah, 10 min spinning then back to checkout page, but at least now I'm logged in… Make a hole, people! There can be only one!!

  • dam I cant miss this let me in lol

    • Look on the bright side: if we can't get in then I expect the admins can't get in remotely to fix the pricing error. But if they're onsite…

  • why do i always get to these a few minutes too late!

  • Anon, thank you for shopping with us.

    This is a receipt to confirm your order with GamersGate. The order will be processed as soon as your payment is confirmed.
    If you placed this order by mistake and have cancelled your payment, or if you did not complete your payment for other reasons you will not be billed and the order will not be processed.

    Order-id: 12794000
    Borderlands 2 - Four Pack 11.25
    Total $11.25

    Confirmed, right?? :)

    • +1

      you just made 377 enemies and counting :p

    • I just got the same email… even though it never forwarded me to Paypal… Awww and now I'm logged out of Gamergate… so it's completely broken.

      • OK, somehow I got through to paypal, but now, of course, it's timing out at the gamersgate site when paypal tries to complete the payment…

        • +1

          You sent a payment of $11.25 USD to Gamersgate AB ([email protected])

          It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list in your Account Overview.

          Description Unit price Qty Amount
          Order item(s): 1 x Borderlands 2 - Four Pack
          $11.25 USD 1 $11.25 USD
          Subtotal $11.25 USD
          Total $11.25 USD
          Payment $11.25 USD

          Yeah, I didn't bother with the discount code cos I figured one extra refresh might make the difference between success and failure.

          Live the dream, brothers!!

        • can you confirm, 4 keys per 4-pack?

        • Will do, once I can actually get into my gamersgate account and get the key.

        • Possibly will have one left over. All bets are off until I can get back into the darn site and confirm the key is there.

        • -3

          if you have 1 left over just add me on steam ill pay anything that is reasonable my steam id is same as username here or message me on here ill pay via paypal

        • Will do. First in first served (EDIT, I mean you were first in so you get first dibs). Fingers crossed for both of us.

        • -1

          thanks mate much appreciated

        • Site still dead. Will swing back in a couple hours to check for key.

    • yep

  • +1

    Can you imagine the traffic they get day after day now. Everyone checking for the daily pricing error deal.

  • how did you pay paypal

    • not technically paid yet… but yeah, will be thru paypal

      • Got the paypal email…. BOOYA!!!!!!

        • same, lets see if the site loads anytime in the day to get the keys :)

        • I believe should only be one key, to redeem on steam, then u should see 3x copies to gift in inventory.

        • amazon 4 packs are 4 keys, I have not bought a multipack from GG before but I was under the impression steam is only one to have the 1key = 4 passes.

  • I'm not even gonna bother anymore. The site is slower than my great grandmother.

    • nice one lol

  • $29.97 now.

    • +6

      even your slow great grandmother knows this is a digital game purchase.

        • +4

          These deals are only for the pros bro

  • +1

    Darn it! It was in my cart… and then it wasn't!

    • site is slowly coming back… I have kept one last try in the cart for some mates, lets see how it goes (I bet it is all gone…)

      • expired bro

      • Wait! I just checked my FireFox!
        2x Borderlands 2 4-packs = $22.50! I might still have a chance! Not risking removing one of the packs!

  • haha site just crashes on me now!

  • +1

    They are not having a good month.

    • +1

      some very expensive viral advertising (or cheap depending on how many sales finalised).

  • +1

    Oh well, easy come easy go.

    • I don't get it? I just got one in my cart like 10 seconds ago for 11.25, why easy come easy go?

  • -3

    if anyone got one of these 4 packs is anyone willing to sell me on cheap id love to have borderlands 2

  • Finally managed to get through to checkout and both Borderlands 2 4-pack and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier are there in the cart still. Now trying to pay…

  • +3

    Deal is still active

    use http://www.gamersgate.com/shop/addtocart?sku=DDB-BL24P to add it to your cart

    • That's what I did! ;) Still can't get through to payment from the checkout, though.

      http://www.gamersgate.com/shop/addtocart?sku=DD-TCGRFSDE is the link for Ghost Recon.

      • +1

        Log into the site making sure "remember me" is ticked. That worked for me, apparently.

  • If you get the purchase order confirmation, can you pay later? Paypal timed out on me.

    • It's gamersgate site timing out, not paypal. Hit refresh. Your browser address bar should be showing something like…


  • If this is a non RU version… hell yes

  • +1

    finally get my paypal confirmation through gamersgate.co.uk, at the price around $20 for 4 pack, (13.11 pounds 84% off), not cheap as $10, but for $5 a key, still very good.

    • +1

      Can i buy a key of you for $10?.

      • At fear of getting downvoted, can I also? ):

      • +3

        of course, I am happy to share my happiness, after the fail to buy $112 asus tablet and $29 Bethesda bundle.

        • Any left? I'll buy one for $5 gladly Lol

    • are you sure you didnt buy 2 copies? :) its still showing 11.25 for me (different browsers / cleared cookies)

      • When I finally got through to checkout I had 2 copies at $11.25 each and 1 copy at $29.97 (the updated price) in my cart. But yeah, if couger paid ~$20 that might suggest they had two four packs. :)

        • do you really need 8 keys? care to share one this way, I cant get the site to load :(?

  • +1

    Heck yes!
    Still in my cart…

    Paid… With the 5% discount

    I was logged-in from before.
    Maybe that is a factor.

    • Same here! Logging in automatily is the key!

      Order-id: xxxxxxxx
      Borderlands 2 - Four Pack 11.25
      Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldierâ„¢ Deluxe Edition 2.84
      Discount 0.70
      Total $13.39

  • Got Ghost Recon into the cart, cant get borderlands.

  • Even $29.97 is a great price if it is for a 4 pack. Trying to get the Season Pass for $14.97 instead.

  • turn off load images in firefox helps so much got 2 items so I have 8 pack
    {just have to pay now}

  • Finally got through check out both BL2 and ghost recon total $13.40 and received PayPal confirmation.

    Nice hope GG will give me the codes and didn't mess up.

  • Damn it, why didn't I register on their website before :(

  • +5

    Site is completely broken - refresh lasts about 2 seconds and then stops.

    • +3


      • +1


  • praying we can buy it before they fixed it! trying to pay from the cart now!!! got both games in there

  • I never got a Paypal receipt.. should I be worried?

    • +1

      depending on how they handle this, you should (if the site ever comes back…) be able to log into your account, check pending orders and finalise the payment from there with paypal etc. That is IF they choose to honour the purchases. As the sales have not finalised, they may just take any negative press on the chin and cancel the orders.

      • Thanks for the info! :) I just tried paying again but still, zilch!


  • +1

    I feel like I should find one of those free services that sends an email when a website is having problems and get it to alert me every time GamersGate starts to splutter.

  • nooo :(
    i dont have an account

    edit: wait yes i do!

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