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Borderlands 2 PC [4 PACK] $10.69


Pricing error no doubt… grab it fast if you dont already have a copy!

optional shortcut since site is being hammered
open http://www.gamersgate.com/shop/addtocart?sku=DDB-BL24P to add it to your cart

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  • Do we get four keys? Anyone know how these 4-packs work?

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      I just took a look and it seems we get 4 keys.

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      You get ONE Steam key plus THREE giftable copies (to gamersgate buddy or via email).

  • were are the keys I only have download and gift

    • Normally you have to wait a few minutes for the keys to show up. Itll say under the download button, right above the gift button how long left in red writing.

    • http://www.gamersgate.com/account/games

      Click on 'Borderlands 2 Four Pack' and you should be able to access your 4 keys.

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    anyone able to register an account?

    • Took me about 3 hours but yes eventually I did.

    • -1

      Nope, been trying for a few hours now

      EDIT: finally! Account created, now trying to buy the game

    • Nope

  • for those that still have it in cart but have not generate a purchase order, when you click confirm order, are you getting a loop back?

    anyone manage to generate a order confirmation at all after maintenance?

    • scroll down enter postal code and city.

      I have the same problem until I found that I have to enter them.

      • How? I don't see that option.

        • they took it out and has disabled it from auto generating a confirmation number :|

          for those that managed to get the confirmation email and order details page but was unable to pay before maintenance, you may do so now and you will get the games

      • +1

        can't see that option. keep getting looped back too

    • I'm having the same issue, I can't get to the paypal payment screen.

      • You have to be 'logged in automatically '. Log into the site using the form on the left column and tick 'log in automatically '. That's what I had to do.

        • Will I lose the contents of my basket if I log out and then log in again?

        • Probably :(

    • I'm looping also, have both games in my cart but if you look on the left side it says your cart empty. Anyone else in the same boat? I have put in City + Postcode.

      • exact same thing happening with me…logged in, games in cart. keeps looping back

      • +1

        Same thing happening for me with Ghost Recon… I'm hanging on to these tabs like my life depends on it.

      • I think our carts being empty on the left is a fair indication it's all over.

        • I'll hold out for a little bit longer….

          EDIT: It says I have 2 items in cart on the left now!

        • +1

          I will too… I've already wasted 3 hours of my life on this, so what the hell.

  • It's still there for $11.25 but it says coming soon.

    • they disabled the add to cart button for obvious reasons

  • Anyone who was successful willing to share a key?

  • Looking for 1 key if possible. Missed this deal :( Did get the Bethesda pack but unfortunately got to wait for January for keys. Happy to give a Skyrim key in return when I get it. I know that means trusting me but honest am trustworthy. My Steam Id is same as here and not going to risk that number of games with a bad trade.

    • ok when i get my keys will do

  • no keys showing for me look http://i47.tinypic.com/dg5f74.jpg

    • Same for me; if you click details it talks about requiring a 3rd party download in the DRM section.. imagine we can gift it to anyone with a Gamersgate account..

      • You could try gifting it to yourself or another account you created. Then it reveals a Steam key which anyone can use.

      • What happens when you click 'gift this'? Does it give you a key?

        Edit : or what Yuri said would probably work too.

        • Site's too slow for me to try; will have a look tomorrow if someone else hasn't had a go

        • I'm waiting for tomorrow as well. Hopefully things have settled down by then.

    • could you try gifting yourself?

  • +2

    Don't even know why I'm here. I have all the other GRAW games and never played them and I already have BL2 with season pass. But like a stupid OzBargainer I'm still here trying to snatch a good deal. Go figure…

    • +1

      these are co op games, the more the merrier,

      there's no "I" in "We"

    • +1

      The whole time I was trying to purchase this, I could hear a little voice saying "This is why you don't have a girlfriend". Then again, this deal is probably cheaper and more affordable then having a girlfriend..

  • noo its so frustrating. I have the game in cart. Registered and logged in. But can't get to paypal screen!

    • Same problem :/



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    for those who have the 'order pending' keep trying, I just finalised my last order and it all worked fine :)

    • +1

      just as I say that the site goes down again…. ruh-roh

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    Has anyone who had not received an order confirmation prior to maintenance got one since?

    Step 1- cart
    Step 2- receive confirmation
    Step 3- pay

    I believe anyone who was at step 1 is screwed and anyone who was at step 2 is fine.

    • You're right there.

    • anyone on Step 4- game in account, is not safe either

      no one has reported receiving a serial key in either of the games.

  • -1

    Have had multiple tabs open for hours spamming F5 etc. I had a few tabs with 2 items added to checkout that eventually resolved to an empty cart, and I went through paypal once with no result. But I got an email confirming my order for 2 x 4 packs and 1x the Ghost Recon deal and I just used the link then to pay successfully. The page to load the keys isn't loading as yet though :P

    • +2

      No wonder the site keeps going down.

      • +1

        Hell yeah. Props to Expendables 2 as my entertainment in the meantime :)

  • I am looping like no tomorrow :(

    • +3

      503 Service Unavailable

      This happening for anyone else now ? =/

  • '503 service unavailable'. Good grief this is annoying.

    • yeah that happens every now and again. soldiering on.

  • Has anybody actually managed to get steam keys? and if so how?.

    • no one has been able to get an activation key for both games.
      this is my hitch, GG had silently disabled cd key distribution when the pricing error started and now collecting all these funds to slowly refund them back HN style.

      all of us ozbargainers tonight just experienced the biggest troll before 2012 ends.

  • +2

    I gotta say though, this is more fun than the Steam Sale, this years is so unimaginative…

  • +2

    Either the plug was pulled at the GamersGate HQ or we DDOS'd the place. Wouldn't want to be at GamersGate HQ regardless …

    • System maintenance sign, must be rebooting.


  • FFS - system maintenance AGAIN

  • Could be a good thing, could open up the back door.

    • +1

      I think they have done that enough over the last fortnight…

  • +3

    whaaaaat….they think they can outwait gamers? ha.

    • " I'm a very patient man. I once waited an hour and a half for a haircut. "

    • 30 minutes? Plenty of time to start playing Fallout 3 I bought of GamersGate not long ago :)

  • +6

    even the logo on the System Maintenance (which is spelled incorrectly) is hosted on dropbox. they must be getting punished.

  • did anyone manage to get the season pass for $7.50, it's $15 now and I wouldn't mind it if anyone has spares ?

    • wrong place reply sorry

  • -3

    Anyone want to trade a borderlands 2 key for Sims Medieval on Steam?

  • PC SHIFT code for key to open the golden chest in Sanctuary (good until 2013) W3CTT-96CHC-WFBB3-B3BBT-XS66W
    Redeem in game under the extras menu option.

    PS. feeling generous so here are the rest :P
    X360: WT53J-RJBXZ-6Z636-56J3B-RJ39R

    • is that a single use code or good for everyone to enjoy ?

      • Everyone,, its stolen off Gearbox's Twitter page :P

  • Seems to be back up, lets see how it goes now.

  • Everyone's carts have been emptied!

    • Seems to be that way, I clicked confirm order and it brought me to the homepage…..
      EDIT: Yep, empty :[

      • damn I thought they did this the first time the site went down, I could not confirm the ghost recon and could not fully process the BL2 purchase order.

  • yeah looks like that..and now its back down again..but i did notice it logged me out. I'll try logging back in later thats all that can be done now

    EDIT: Didn't work. Ah well, you win some you lose some.

  • +1

    "YOUR SHOPPING CART IS EMPTY", bargain is well and truly dusted now… well done for those that managed to grab it

    • I got half of it lol, got BL2 but no ghost reacon. Anyone know if the game is any good anyway, I was getting it for the price lol.

  • Looking to buy a copy of BL2. Please PM me a price if interested. Pay via Paypal.

  • -3

    Farcical - hours wasted, no deal.

    • +3

      Thanks, Captain Obvious

    • +3

      What's with the negs? For a lot of people we simply couldn't get this deal due to a crappy web site.

  • Anyone managed to get their keys? I've redeemed them but the keys aren't showing up in my library.

    • yea I got the same issue, I finally got through the paypal, it shows up in my library but there is no (unused serial keys) option or anything, it just says the game name and a picture of it on the side =/

      • Why do I get the feeling it's going to be a long time before we see our keys…

    • +1

      on reddit looks like we are waiting weeks lol

  • The season pass is $14.72, is that cheap and worth it for what you get?

  • +3


    This message is regarding issues with the Bethesda New Year Collection and the Borderlands 2 Four Pack deal.

    We┬┤re very sorry but due to technical difficulties we are not able to deliver the product you purchased and have provided a full refund of your purchase. We are currently looking into the possibility of additional compensation for this inconvenience.

    GamersGate team
    [email protected]"

    More like the GamersGrinch team

    • Yeah. I didn't even buy borderlands and got that message. I'm just grumpy that they confirmed my Bethesda order, even told me there would be delays till January then cancelled almost a week later. I'd never heard of them before these deals, I don't think I'll use them again after

      • -1

        Hi i was wondering if anyone did get through and got the 4pack cd keys for borderlands willing to pay $8-$11 for a copy of a key thanks in advance peoples

    • -1

      I end up buying the bethesda new year collection and got skyrim to work through steam but the other games still awaiting new serial keys and didnt receive that email… fingers crossed still get them

      • you will keep your bethesda key, but not other keys if you havent redeem, and get a refund, that's my understanding after reading their facebook comments.

  • +1

    I managed to purchase the 4 pack of BL2… it was appearing in my "shelf", and Paypal had taken the money out of my account and I had the email receipt.

    This morning my shelf is empty, the games are gone - no emails from GG saying anything, nothing about refunds…. :(

    • You'll probably get a refund.

      I successfully paid via paypal this morning, I had the order generated last night but unable to pay. Just now i received another email saying they can't deliver due to technical error.

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