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Borderlands 2 PC [4 PACK] $10.69


Pricing error no doubt… grab it fast if you dont already have a copy!

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  • they took my keys as well,

  • The monsters! They took my Borderlands and Modern Warfighter. Not happy.

  • Same and no notification as well.
    No indication of refund too!

    • check you paypal, they refund me secretly without send a email to me.

      • Nope, no refund so far.
        They've taken my money and give me nothing!

        Oh wait, I purchased a Season pass too!
        just without borderland 2 now ಠ▃ಠ

  • And the same for me.. what's the legalities of things like this? I know in the UK once they have taken your money then 'their offer to buy' forms a contract, and they are now legally required to deliver the goods.. Does it not work the same here?

    • -1

      When you buy software, you are buying the right to use the software as you do not actually own the software (unlike paying and buying a keyboard/monitor/cpu etc - you are buying the right to use the software software being non physical entity may therefore not be considered 'goods' but rather a service)

      What gamersgate has done is revoked your license to use the software (in this instance due to a pricing error) and as you did not break the law and obtained the license illegally the assumption would be that you would be eligible for a refund.

      This would be dependent on the EULA (End-user license agreement) you would have accepted at some stage (during account creation, purchasing etc) which would stipulate what your entitlements and recourse available to you if the license agreement is terminated by the licensee or its authorised resellers (GamersEdge)..

      Of course I could be totally wrong so if I am I welcome corrections and feedback

  • Games were missing from my 'shelf' when I woke up this morning.

  • No more sign of the games in my shelf. :(

  • Me too, they disappeared. I have just send a paypal complain and we should all send a complain and see what they will do with it.

    Since we have received order confirmation and paypal confirmation they have to honor it.

  • -3

    We should all send Paypal complain and let paypal ban them from trading.

  • I'm not sure of the legalities of this one, could be interesting. Nothing in their T&Cs really cover it so it would come under the law of the country form the parent company (UK?).

    People who never got a key would rightly be refunded and not receive one.
    People who had keys and had them taken off may have something to work with.

    If you completed and payed for the transaction and never got keys, I'd hazard a guess that you have no right to them. At least this situation might have some merit to it for a few compared to the Harvey Norman price error thread.

    • I thought GG was based in Sweden?

      • Probably, I hadn't looked into it, I was just guessing.

        Edit: You're 100% correct, just had a look at wiki.

  • This has happened twice now in as many weeks, it seems they are marketing themselves through bait and switch, I've signed the petition

  • Bait and switch? Marketing themselves as unprofessional and have probably lost money. It's not a good advertisement. They haven't even had product to sell after the fact, so I don't know how they're switching…

  • +1

    I don't think it's bait and switch, as yep they have nothing to switch to.

    Kind reminds me of going into a store, buying a big TV, it's sitting in your living room (digital shelf) and the next morning you wake up to find someone from the store has come into your house and taken the TV back. And in my case, not given me my money back :(

    I'm hoping I get an email soon about a refund. Haven't seen the money returned automatically yet. I'm not going to kick up a stink because it was pretty obviously a pricing error - we all took the risk hopefully they'd follow through with the deal. They obviously didn't, but they DO need to refund us all.

  • +1

    lol at people signing petitions and crying foul play for what is obviously an honest mistake.

    • What would have been honest was refund it the first day, not keep the money for a week and say they will distribute the keys later. Or distribute some of your order, then take back the keys. I'm annoyed that they waited until none of the games were still on special on steam until cancelling

  • The 'switch' is that they still offer the same or similar games on their site, maybe they hoped disappointed people would buy some of them at a higher price

  • So… did anyone successfully get 4 copies?

  • Anyone who successfully purchases get any notification? Still haven't received any refund or notice of what's happening at this stage :S

    • +1

      No refund no message whatsoever.

      • Same here sent them an email haven't heard back.

        • I got this e-mail yesterday regarding the Borderlands 4-pack:

          "We´re very sorry but due to technical difficulties we are not able to deliver the product you purchased and have provided a full refund of your purchase. We are currently looking into the possibility of additional compensation for this inconvenience."

          There's no refund issued at all but they've taken away 3 of the 4 keys (I had already gifted one to my account). Why would they send an email saying they've provided a full refund and yet don't do it?

        • How did you manage to gift one to your own account, I had no options when I got the game on my shelf (where you normally can select reveal serial, gift etc?)

  • Finally received refund today.

  • Received my refund today and no other communication.

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