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Snapfish - 60% off Canvas, 9c Prints


Snapfish is offering 60% off canvas off all Canvas Prints. Use code HAPPYNY at checkout.

Photo prints are 9c each (originally 15c). Use code 9NYPRINTS at checkout*.

Offer ends 7 January 2013.

*Excludes Express Pickup service. 10x15cm, single-image prints.

Sample prices (pre-discount):

  • Square 30cm x 30cm - $49.96
  • Square 40cm x 40cm - $74.95
  • Rectangular 30cm x 45cm - $59.90
  • Rectangular 40cm x 50cm - $94.95
  • Rectangular 50cm x 75cm - $159.95

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  • Could somebody who already has an account please post some of their canvas prices? The Snapfish website won't display any prices until I register a new account, and I'm not wasting my time registering and giving away my details to a website if they're not nice enough to show me their prices first.

    I wonder if the prices are comparable to the previous ArtsCow specials. I bought five large canvases last month for less than $40. Most Aussie based sites charge more than that for ONE canvas.

    • +1

      Post updated with a few sample prices, there are too many to list everything.