This was posted 8 years 9 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DOTA 2 Beta Code Giveaway for STEAM (Activates as DOTA 2 Retail) - 10000 Keys This Time


Another Dota 2 Key Giveaway

Activates as DOTA 2 RTEAIL - Confirmed

Use firefox to translate webpage


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    Here is the key I generated but just found out that I already have on steam..
    GLYG9-949QV-XXXXX Mod: Code used

    • ty

    • (taken, for those that keep trying, yep i get an email each time)

  • Can someone confirm it activates as DOTA 2 Retail as the price on steam seems to be ~ $23

    • No it isnt, it's just for the game, not the items

      • ah ok , thanks

      • what isnt and what items?

        • If you buy the early access pack off steam you get cosmetic items. Apart from that, it's identical to using a key from this deal.

  • I got one DOTA2 key for free few days ago via

    There is also a subreddit for free DOTA2 giveaway

  • Got it this time, don't know why, add it to the list of free OzBargain things I guess. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP

  • Cheers!

  • Thanks OP, just activated a copy now.

  • What's the community like for this game? If it's as bad as LOL, I'll pass.

    • it's very competitive and very little room for errors, this mod has been around since WC 3 days and I enjoyed it very much,

      I did regret screaming and yelling at my team back then, but that's what this game does to your head unfortunately, too much pressure.

    • If you're new to this game, I suggest you to play with bots first or find some friends you know to teach and play with you. If you know nothing and straightaway play the pub games, you'll be flame hard, believe me. However if you know what you're doing there'll be no problem, although there are some kids who like to flame others without any reason.

  • Hey mods, my daughter was playing with my mouse and tried to expire this offer, please take no notice, sorry.

  • I forgot I had this game and activated a code.. here - XWWM7-VP5LV-EE8ZC

  • You's are all getting keys for a game that's going to be free to play any how. But i got a key for myself it allows you to test the game before the official release. That's why there's Dota 2 Test in the steam game library.

    • but they selling it for 22$?

      • Right now it is invite only Beta so getting keys is awesome. The version for sale is if you want to not have to wait for an invite. It also has in-game items included (which would assumably cost more than $22-23 in game)

        • so when will it be free to play?

        • +2

          its already free to play, the $22 price tag is there to bait retard who will pay for a free game

  • already got it


  • Didn't know I had it either, lol


    if anyone misses out (please use the link first so it runs out, and when it does an ozbargainer can use this code :) )

    • Sweet worked for me, appreciated

  • I had it in my library automatically as well. I don't get it. Why need a key for something already in our libraries and free on release…

    • Did you try to actually play? if you haven't activated it with a key you can still install the game and watch matches, but not actually play the game.

      • how do i know if i got the retail or what you have just described? In my library it says Dota 2 and Dota 2 test

        • after i activated, the reciept had RETAIL.

    • Are you sure you didn't previously register a DOTA 2 beta key?

  • Already had the game, here's the key i got; 5GDFN-3J7WD-4EF9L

  • .

  • works perfectly! thanks :D

  • expired?

    • Nope, working fine for me, just tested.

  • Works Great thanks
    if you haven't figured it out already just click on the button at the bottom of the page it says gener…. something, it'll give you a free code

  • Good thing I know Romanian, no need for a translator. :P

  • Avoid this game. It's like taking meth.

  • I keep collecting these codes for no reason. Oh Ozbargain.

    • +1

      can i have it if u dont want it?

  • Ah damn, gone already.

    If anyone has a spare code, shoot me a PM please?

  • same here guys, if anyone has a spare, pm me pls

  • gone! pm please if anyone has the code

  • Nice one got a key this morning and activated

  • Damn! Was working and missed out :( Anyone got a spare key? pm me please if you are willing to part with it :)

  • +1

    I got one I wont be using, pm me

    • Can I have it plz?

  • Argg.. missed it!. Please anyone that has a spare, PM me please. Btw Happy New Year Australia!.

    • jump on the reddit page. keys come up often.

  • Why do people keep getting keys if you know you aren't even going to use it! Leave them for us other ozbargainers!!

  • can anyone send me a code?

  • I have been trying to get a key for months now. I am tempted to buy it on steam but buying something thats free is the antithesis of a bargain. So I will keep the Oz bargain faith and wait for a free key!

  • I have a few keys - pm me your email

  • please give me key please
    Mail:[email protected]