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Shaun White, Wii Music, Disaster:DOD, Rayman TV Party, Animal Crossing $29.90!!!


You can get:

Shaun White: Snowboarding ($64.00)
Animal Crossing ($79.00)
Wii Music ($79.00)
Disaster: Day of Crisis ($79.00)
Sonic: Unleashed ($64.00)
Rayman Ravin Rabbids Tv Party ($59.00)

For FREE at JB Hi Fi.

When you trade in My Sims + Boom Blox $14.95 each at Target

Ill set it out for you guys

MySims $14.95
Boom Blox $14.95

= Free Wii Game from the above list from JB : )

Exclusion List:

Related Stores

Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • Ultimately the price which you will be paying will be $14.95 + $14.95 + $29 = $58.90.

    Not really a bargain considering you have to go through the Christmas crowd/queues and you have to make sure that those items are in stock. IMHO the effort outweighs the benefits.

    • Sorry, I didnt make it clear. Ive updated it.

      $14.95 + $14.95 = free $60+ game from JB HI FI

  • No, he means you only pay for the MySims and BoomBlox and get the game at JB for 'free'.

    So you're basically paying $30 + petrol/metlink fare ;)
    Good deal really, but I don't want the games on offer :P

    Wish I could find somewhere that would trade 2 (or 3) Wii games for a PS3 game or something, then I'd be all over this!

  • yeh, its $14.95 + $14.95 for a $70+ game.

  • Ah right, thanks for clearing that up. Though the original post wasn't clear before!

  • It is now.

  • pretty clever jpower, thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks, but if your going to do it, act fast coz JB hi fi sometimes changes there exclusion list when a certain game goes cheap.

  • Games not available at Hurstville Target :(

  • the target prices aren't available till monday..

  • yeh, act fast on monday morning.

  • Yeah, these games probably will go in the first 5 minutes with people waiting outside the store.
    But I'm working at my Target monday morning so I'll hide some for myself ;) Hehe

    • I didnt mean they would sell fast, i meant that JB would put the games on the exclusion list.

      • I think nkbswe5 meant they will sell fast at Target.

  • How often do they update their exclusions list?

  • ill see you all a target then :-)

  • Target in Geelong and Bourke Street Melb sold fast! Bourke street sold in 15minutes but plenty of Narnia copies left.

    Picked up Bloom Box in the Geelong target though so trying this afternoon.


  • Target at Pagewood had no copies of bloom box at all, I was there at 8am when they opened, they had about 5 copies on Prince Caspian, 1 customer brought them all! and they had a box of my sims. Really wanted to get a few copies of Bloom box, 1 to trade and 1 to keep…heading over to Bondi Junction soon, but doubt they'll have anything by the time I get there.

    • why don't you just go to EB-Games, I'm sure they are more than happy to match target price, unless of course you are enjoying this rush for bloom box at Target. :)

  • My husband picked up all three of the $14.95 Wii games at Target Greensborough about an hour ago.

  • Anyone managed to trade in any of these games at JB yet?

    • Traded 2x Narnia Prince Caspian + 2x MySims for Animal Crossing & Wii Music
      How much Boom Blox other stores sell?

      • I wanted to try and price match at BigW but when I said that the local Target was out of stock, they refused to price match. =(
        They were selling Boom Blox for $50.

    • Success!

      Purchased 2x Narnias for $14.95 each and traded one for another Wii game not on JB's exclusion list at a pawn shop and strolled down to JB and traded for Wii Music, Too easy!

  • All gone at the stores my wife went to :( The sales person said there was like 30 odd people lining up at the store at around 8am and as soon as the store opened, they were all gone.

    • Sefton Park has plenty of stocks!!! Ring them to double check before you come.

      • Thanks, but I live in NSW :(

  • Just got back from Bondi Junction, walked in there at 12 and they'd just had a delivery of the games, grabbed 2 of boom blox, and went straight to jb with it and my sims and got the sonic game for the little one. The guy said there was heaps of people all morning asking for the games, i saw at least 20 copies of boom blox there when i was in there.

  • was it really worth it lol?

    -went to target in the morning = no stock, might be some later in the day
    -went to target later in the day = only narnia and my sims, no boom blox
    -go to jb hifi = dont accept my sims or boom blox anymore
    -go to another jb hifi = finally trade in my sims and narnia for animal crossing!!

  • i did a second trade last night(8pm) for ShaunWhite with copies of narnia still left and a copy of boom blox that was purchased in the morning.

    Make sure you check the exclusion list on jb site before going so if they knock you back you can argue it.

    edit: Shaunwhite just sold on ebay for $55 after listing an hour ago. Hint to anyone looking to sell

  • traded in 2 copies of Narnia today for animal crossing. thanks Jpower!

  • doesnt it say you cant trade in two copies of the same game for one free?

    and as for arguing…the list does say subject to change at any time…so they're free to say they just updated the list

  • bought 4games in Target with $10 off coupon from, then trade 2 in JB. Ooooop! $50 for 3 good games. but don't know why JB need my driver license when trading?