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Mothercare $100 Gift Voucher for $62 Delivered AmexConnect (for Bank Issued AmEx Cardholders)


UPDATE: Mothercare has gone into administration. Please see this discussion thread. Also this page on AmExConnect will be updated with information regarding the validity of those gift cards.

105 available apparently. Cards valid until 30 March 2013.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Gift card must be purchased on amexconnect.com.au during the promotional offer period and whilst stocks are available. The offer must be purchased using a bank issued American Express® Card.
  • There is a limit of one purchase, per registrant, per card for the offer.
  • The Mothercare gift card can be redeemed at any Mothercare, Kids Central, or Early learning Centre within Australia only.
  • The gift card is only guaranteed for purchase once a confirmation message of the purchase has come up after the payment page, and/or an email confirmation of purchase has been received.
  • The offer includes a Mothercare $100 gift card for the promotional price of AUD$60 (RRP - AUD$100). A postage fee of $2 will be charged for each offer purchased.
  • There will be 105 individual Mothercare gift cards ($100 value) sold.
  • The gift card is valid until 30 March 2013.
  • Gift cards are sold with the understanding that their validity will not be extended.
  • The gift card is not valid with any other coupons or promotions.
  • Mothercare gift cards are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash or credit. Gift cards must be redeemed in full.
  • No loyalty points can be applied for any purchase using this Mothercare gift card.
  • For a list of stores or for more details on the supplier, visit www.mothercare.com.au.
  • Once received, any lost or stolen Mothercare gift cards cannot be replaced.
  • Postage of this offer is only available to a registered Australian address.

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  • thanks. picked one up last time as well when it was for $70. Note that it works for non-bank issued cards as well.

  • Thank you for the post. Just got one.

    • no worries.

  • well that sucks.

    I got mine direct off amex but would really like this.


    • Just go ahead and select any random bank….it would still work.

      • that didn't work on some of the recent promos though. like the $10 cashback on $20 itunes credit promo:

        so it seems that they are now checking your credit card number to see where you actually got it from.

        • well….it worked for me, atleast for this promo…

        • How do you know they won't just check your card and not fulfill?

        • My BMW Amex worked for the last movie ticket promo, should be OK

  • Thanks, picked one up. Got a few baby showers coming up.

  • +2

    Wife was literally at Mothercare when i called her to see if she wanted this :)

  • +2

    Im happy to get for someone if they want one.. i dont shop at mothercare..

  • unfortunately no babies in my life but i do have a babe. it is a good deal though +1 from me anyways.

  • I imagine all will sell out to ozbargainers in no time.

  • Expired :(

  • Offer expired

  • I'm not happy with this deal… Understand that it expires March 2013, but got an email saying I will receive the card in 28 days..?! So, I have just 3 weeks to send it.. ? No good.

    • it's 'within' 28 days. most stuff I purchased from these guys have arrived in a week.

      besides, if you are really not happy about the deal, I'm sure there are plenty of people here who would like to buy it of you.

  • Hi just wondering has anyone received their gift card yet?

    • Nope, still waiting…..and just a little bit nervous now after reading that they have gone into administration….

      • Who? Amex?

        • ahhhh mothercare, I see.

      • me too. they already stopped accepting gift cards until further notice.

  • Nooooo :(

  • I am wondering if maybe since Amexconnect sold these and they are invalid then Amex would have to provide refunds. The law does state that if you buy something and it doesn't do as it was advertised then you are entitled to a refund.