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Final Fantasy PSN Sale - 50% off


Sony have announced sale for all Final Fantasy titles available on PSN starting tomorrow. All titles except Final Fantasy VI are 50% off.

Titles available for PS3, PSV and PSP.

Games only need to be purchased once and you can play on multiple devices (I have tested this with FFIX on PS3 and PSV). I have read that saved games can be transferred between devices but I have never tried this.

Final Fantasy VII
Was AU$14.45; now AU$7.35

Final Fantasy VIII
Was AU$14.45; now AU$7.35

Final Fantasy IX
Was AU$14.45; now AU$7.35

Final Fantasy (PSP)
Was AU$14.45; now AU$7.35

Final Fantasy II (PSP)
Was AU$14.45; now AU$7.35

Final Fantasy V
Was AU$14.45; now AU$7.35

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection (PSP)
Was AU$29.95; now AU$14.45

Final Fantasy VI
Was AU$14.45; now AU$9.75

Final Fantasy Dissidia duodecim 012 (PSP)
Was AU$29.95; now AU$14.45

Final Fantasy Dissidia duodecim prologus (PSP and PS Vita)
Was AU$2.15; now AU$1.05

Final Fantasy Dissidia (PSP and PS Vita)
Was €26.45; now AU$13.25

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of Lions (PSP and PS Vita)
Was AU$14.45; now AU$7.35

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  • +1

    I wonder why FF6 is not 50% off?

    It's by far my favourite of the series. :P

    • Terra fap fap fap

      • Kefka Mwahahahahaha…

    • That means they are aware that is the best title from the bunch.

    • +2

      Where is this FFX remaster/remake they have been promising?

      Some might say say it was not the best (Laughter scene flashback) but it was my favourite and I'd really like to see it rereleased!

      Otherwise good sale :)

    • +2

      Hang on… where is crisis core?!?

      That game was a superb PSP action rpg. Shame its not on sale but Dissidia is :P

      • For some reason beyond belief CC was never released digitally. It drove many PSP Go owners (myself included) to piracy on the PSP Go.

        • aww really? thats a shame… :(

  • thanks

  • Sweet! Thanks. Going to re-play FF VII once more.

    • Tempted but didn't even have the patience to play it when I was a kid and had nothing to do so I suspect I will buy it and not play it again…

    • +1

      I would pay an extra few dollars and get the PC version.

      Then you can mod it with this and make the game better:

      • What do the mods do?

        • improve graphics, so everything doesn't look like lego

        • awesome!

          looks like so much work though =(

  • thanks beauty

  • Damn it I don't have access to my PS3 until midway through February… :(

  • Been waiting for this!

    Stuff paying best part of $100 for a physical copy for 7-9 each haha

  • Nice. Got a ps3 for xmas, haven't bought anything on psn yet though.

  • Awww no FFX? Possibly has the wimpiest lead character of any game ever, but I like it.

    • sony holdin that one back for the hd release later this year :P

      • Why would you want the older version anyway at that rate.

        • Because I like the game.

  • If you buy for the psp can you play it on the vita?

    • Yes. PSP games work on the vita, as do PsOne games.

      • not all PS one games work on the vita, i got RE2 and it wont install on the vita because Sony have issues with the disc 2 loading…. just make sure its available through the PSN store on the vita otherwise it may not work.

  • It's only the oldies but I can live with that. I already paid full price on PSN for FF8 and will buy FF7/9 tomorrow when it goes on sale. it's great. No risk of disk scratching either! If I could be bothered I would also transfer save files back and forth with PSP but nowadays I don't play on portable.

    • +1

      1-9 > post 9

      • +1

        yeah defo.

  • Can you buy it on the us store for cheaper since apparently that's an option for us now?


    • From link:

      "Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ" so don't think that is an option

    • Not at the moment. I just checked the prices on my vita and all FF games are $9.99us at the moment.

      They will likely have a similar sale in the coming weeks though, so if they end up 50% off this will make them around $5us each.

      Hopefully they also put some other Squeenix games on sale too, I've been eyeing off Chrono Cross for a long time :)

      • The US already had this sale a couple of months ago.

  • Pretty bummed this doesn't include Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon

    • Is mysterious dungeon even on the psn store?

      What about ergheiz? I remember playing the crap out of that on the old PS1.

  • +1

    Its a shame VI and XII aren't on the list. Easily the best two from the series

    • VI is on the list, its just not 50% off. more like 30% off.

      XII isn't available digitally yet :(

      I'm tipping they are holding off for a "HD remaster".

  • I might pick up FFVII and see if I can finally finish it. I tried to play through the PC version back in the day, but it was a total abortion of a port.

    • It was the version I played first. I had no problems with it. Occasionally some of the mini games were difficult due to the controls, but I got by just fine.

      You're missing out.

      If you have a PSP, I'd recommend playing it on that.

  • This sale was on the US store a while back. It was only $5 US ($3 if you have PSN+).

    Aussies are stooges.

    • Can't help but to think every time Aussies get ripped off. Even our dollar is worth more than US it doesn't do anything at all

    • The US NTSC versions are better aswell. They run faster and don't have the black bars on top/bottom.

  • Are these remake versions or original roms? Should I play on ds?

    • It sounds like they are 're-polished' versions, in widescreen and 1080p, so they should be more enjoyable than ROMs on a DS.

      • Some of the games were remade on ds though, not roms.

    • They're originals. Haven't been retouched. The older titles are PS1 games.

      • Thanks. I might get the psx ones only then, and play the others on ds.

      • My bad. I saw a vid after web searching which mislead me to thinking FFVII would be 1080p and widescreen.

        • The original assets were never rendered in that resolution. They could blow it up to that but it will look ugly as hell.

  • Thx for sharing. Been waiting for ages for this to go on sale. Bought Tactics on iPad but at that price, I'd get that again for Vita.

  • When does the update happen on the AU store? The prices have not been reduced yet.

  • Yeah, I ain't seen no sale yet

  • Does the sale start 23 January in EU? So that means 24th January in OZ

    • +1

      Sale is already active for EU…

      Note that you need to be logged out to go to the GB side of the site.

  • dayuumn. buying some games

  • so is there any way to buy them now? or do we have to wait until the store updates? I am on a road trip tomorrow for a holiday and as a gamer who hasn't touched on the Final Fantasy series since 1 on SNES, i'm really keen to play VII on my Vita.

  • Shame Final Fantasy IX (9) is available for PSP only. That was such an amazing game. I'd love to play it again.

    • I have downloaded it previously and it works on both my Vita and PS3.

  • +4

    EU store updates every Wednesday. The Australian store updates on Thursday. One day till this deal becomes active guys.

    • Midnight :D ?

    • thanks for the heads up :)

  • Thx for that, I want to play the older FF games..

    I just wish Legend of Legaia was on the market, I'll have to get it through the US PSN…

  • +2

    Its active now… just bought FF V/VI/VII/VIII & IX. Oh and FFVI was $7.35 not $9.75 (as it says in the blog post)

  • http://gamerdungeon.com.au/index.php?/topic/2079-rsgs-magnif...

    Is there a way to buy this via the american store??

    • +2

      create a US PSN account with a dummy US address then ebay PSN cards

      • +1

        Better to buy US PSN/PS+ credit from Amazon, they email you the code instantly and don't overcharge. Only caveat is you need a US billing address, I just use a random US hotel address.

  • in case anyone cares, this same deal is up on US PSN this week. The PS1 games are $5US. No further discounts for PS+. The others are cheaper too.

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