This was posted 9 years 5 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Philips In-Ear Headphones $4 @ Harvey Norman [Sold out] $15 @ BigW [Available]


Looks like HN has pulled it off their website. Those who missed out on the $4 HN deal can still grab a pair of SHE8500 from BigW for $15; which IMO is still a good deal given the RRP and sound quality. I’ve been using them for couple of hours now, and I’d say they are almost on par with my Sennheiser CX300

$15 @ BigW Instore

Original Post

Came across these when I was looking for a cheap pair of in-ear type earphones. RRP is 39.95 so they are not super expensive to begin with. Bought one from my local HN, they sound alright. Bass is clear and punchy, but trebles are not very sharp. Overall, I'm very satisfied with them for the price.

SHE8500 : Harveynorman product page, Manufacturer product page
Frequency Hz~kHz 6 – 23 500 Hz
Magnet Neodymium
Diaphragm Mylar dome
Impedance 16 ohm
Sensitivity 102 dB
Maximum power input 50 mW
Speaker diameter 10 mm

SHE3570 : Harveynorman product page, Manufacturer product page
Frequency response: 12 - 23 500 Hz
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Maximum power input: 50 mW
Sensitivity: 102 dB
Type: Dynamic

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  • At this price, i got 2 :D

    • +27

      One for each ear? Nice.

      • -22

        You'll need an aux spilt cable.

        • +1

          That was a joke, I presume. 17 negs? What the…..?

        • +1

          I think his pre-adolescent mullet garnered most of those negs.

        • I'll never understand it, myself. Sometimes a comment like this just touches everyone's bastard streak.

  • +6

    Damn professionals

  • can anyone with decent hearing please provide some good feedback on the quality? thx :)

  • Cheers, bought a few as there weren't any in store in Brisbane CBD, but worked out to $6 each, so pretty good!

  • Thanks. Needed a few pairs of decent earphones to replace my broken logitech ue200s from a year or so ago.

  • Ordered one of each from my local store. On back-order though, wonder how long it would take for the order to be ready to be picked up.

  • Is there any option to pay by HN gift card online?

  • +1

    Isn't this the normal price? I usually see these in the bargain bin as I walk into the store (in the Electrical side).

    • I am pretty sure those are'nt in-ear phones. I see them as well, they are normal ear buds.

      • Fair enough - bargain then!

      • They are in-ear ones, I have one with me right now.

        • Are they these same Philips in-ear buds? If they are routinely in your bargain bin at Harvey Norman, then obviously, your Harveys is better than my Harveys.

          At the Harveys in Brisbane CBD they have $4 Philips ear buds but they are just the stock standard ear phones, like you would get with a cheapy mp3 player.

        • Read my other comment

    • +1

      Nope, normal price is $39.95. And it wasn't in one of those bargain bins. Here is a shot of the package and earphones :
      There were no other price labels on the box. But it scanned in as $4 at the register.

      • Is there a volume control on it?

        • Not on the SHE8500, not sure about the other one though.

  • +1
  • Which one is better?

    • IMO SHE8500, because it has a better low frequency response = deeper bass.

  • +1

    Ordered, thank you OP

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Sweet! Good timing and at that price just had to pick up a spare set too :)

  • Thanks OP.

  • So sad my local HN is pretty far away and shipping is $6, good deal though shame for me

  • I came, I saw, I bought, and I recced.
    Thanks OP.

  • +3

    Niiice, I just bought 3 pairs. I go through headphones quicker than my underwear.

    • You are either really hard on your headphones, or real easy on your underwear. Possibly both?

      • haha, a little from column A, a little from column B.

        But seriously, I would gladly pay $200 for a pair of good in-ear headphones with either a lifetime warranty, or guaranteed to be indestructible to everyday use. I have shelled out over $100 on a pair before and they lasted no longer than the cheaper $15 pairs (usually about 3 months).

  • bought one for my sis. Thanks!

  • Thanks OP seems like a great deal.
    Ordered 2 with PayPal. Now waiting for confirmation to go pick them up.

  • +3

    We might see a lot of cheap Philips stuff soon … they sold their consumer electronics business:

  • Thanks OP, just picked up a pair from my local HN

  • +10

    why the hell did i just buy 5

    • It's called OB Disorder. That said I'm about to go order 1 or 2 myself :)

    • Did you just spend all your loose changes? :)

  • +1

    In Victoria, there were only a handful of stores that had them (Dandenong, Narre Warren etc).
    Melb CBD store did not.

    Sucks, as I go through earphones FAST (I use them in the sauna/steam room).

    • +1

      Go on back order like I did. It says they're getting more in soon. Unless yours are saying something else. I'm in NSW so maybe it's different here. For $4 I'm happy to wait.

      • Awesome. I did not know this was possible. I just ordered two!

  • Anyone know how these might compare to the Samsung Galaxy Note ones? I'm not audiophile so I don't need to spend $200 on a pair but I love the sound quality of these ones. Will these Philips be in the same ballpark?

    • +1

      SHE8500 has better bass response than the ones bundled with Galaxy S2 (I'm guessing Note 1 comes with the same earphones as S2??).

      • Only just noticed your reply. That's awesome thanks. Well I ordered a pair moments after that post so I'm looking forward to trying them out. $4… wow

  • no stock in 2000 :(

    • +2

      Back order them. Do it!

  • Thanks for the post, OP! Picking up a pair after work! :)

  • +5

    4 DOLLARS!!!!! But man…..I am so comfortable right now, don't wanna get up, get into car, drive 5 mins up the road, get out, walk to the electronic section, buy the product, walk back to car, drive 5 mins back home, walk to computer and sit down looking at more Ozbargains…….b………….ok what the hell, my wife can go pick it up tomm. Bought! Thanks OP.

  • +1


    EDIT: Professionaled!

  • yep - RIPPED OFF again by HN!! mungrels

    been ozbargained…

  • Not working for me, the SHE 8500 link goes to a "Page not found".
    When I click "add to cart" in the SHE3750 link, it says "You currently have no items in your shopping cart."

  • +3

    Sorry, we couldn’t find the page you’re looking for. It may have been removed or no longer exists.

    Damn you HN! Hating you more with every passing day~!

  • Bought the last 2 x SHE8500 at Belrose. Original price $39.95 this one is a better bargain.

    They still have a lot the other one and original price $19.95.

  • Went past my local HN, they had no idea and they pulled it off their websites so I couldn't show them. Shoulda ordered online.

  • Ordered several a few hours ago, got a call about 6 from HN QV, telling me they didn't have any, and wouldn't be getting any more. Said they had some Sony substitutes that I should stop by and have a look at. Sounds like they're either going to a) palm off some el cheapo Sonys for the same 4 bucks, or b) try make me pay the difference?

    • +3

      If you go in there with JohnHowardsEyebrows, there's no telling what could happen!

  • Not sure if its the same packaged product but Amazon lists the Philips SHE8500 for US$13.48 (+4.99 shipping)

    eBay has the SHE3570 in pink for AU$7 (free shipping).

    • Look like the same one from Amazon.

      Just realized that it is the type that with one side short and one side long type of cable.

  • I'm sure Gerry gave someone the sack over this kerfuffle! $4 earphones? What were they thinking :P

  • got 2 pairs

    thanks OPS..

  • I have a feeling this is a price error again………ordered 2 pairs, wait and see

    • +1

      no pricing error, I ran up the store and they said the price is legit

  • Apparently no stock and they offered sony something… hm.

  • Yes definitely developing a pattern here… Is Gerry's response to the media going to be that this was a mistake too and he was taken advantage of by "professionals"?

    Won't be buying Sony again. Its taken 6 months and a problem with a product is still not resolved and Sony wants to palm a manufacturing issue off onto a retailer. Sad experience with Sony means I'll avoid them in future purchases.

  • Can Garry also make DJ dr beats also $4?

  • May be it is a price error both got removed today.

  • I just got this email from HN- "We're experiencing a delay with your order. We estimate that your item(s) listed below will be ready in approximately 10 days, at which point we'll contact you."

  • has anyone been able to get Big W do a Price Match??

  • Got a call from HN, told me they were out of stock and offered me some more expensive ones or a refund.

    • Likewise, i accepted the upgrade, lets hope they are actually an upgrade and not some "cheap" alternative.

      • at the same price??

    • yeah spewing go same call this morning, offered substitute non in-ear replacements I cancelled

  • Which models did they offer? I got offered she3500

  • I hate HN!!!! Bought them yesterday from the store that shows IN STOCK. Still got the call this morning telling me that they dont have it anymore and offered SHE3570 instead which i dont like…. not happy!

  • +1

    For those OZbargainers that want to print out the page for a price match at BigW or similar.

  • I purchased mine yesterday (around 4pm) from a store that did not have them instock (purchase still went through). I've received an E-mail with transaction number (not no confirmation of stock). I am yet to receive an E-mail saying they are out of stock. I hope they offer a refund.

    Pretty sure being able to purchase something that is not in stock (nor will ever be in stock) is against the Fair Trade Practice Act.

    I fond it pretty strange/unfair that they offer this, buy had no stock in Melb Central store. Infact, I highly doubt they had any stock there to begin with!!!

    • *** Pretty sure being able to purchase something that is not in stock (nor will ever be in stock) is against the Fair Trade Practice Act. **

      I have similar experience with Paul Warehouse which when I ordered Van Shoes online they clearly said in stock but received email no stock. I asked them why your system is not first click first served?

      That's why I went strange to a store and bought it instead as soon as I saw that.

    • I purchased mine at 5pm yesterday and all my 3 local HN stores had stock.
      Just the power of OZbargain can "clean out" the supplier within minutes.

      The HN store at Bathurst NSW called me re fullfilling my order and i am in Narre Warren Vic, letting me know they sold over 800 pairs and it just happened so quick.

      Just remember that within the few minutes it takes to process your order/payment the stock holding can be bought up by others.

      • Quite true.
        It'd be a bit of a shame if I miss out, but I've already got a cheap pair of earphones I use in the Gym/Sauna/Steam room so no big loss. I just better get a chance to get a refund!

      • A few minutes? I don't think the HN system is that real time.

        Last time I ordered something from them online. They told me they have to go and check his email before they go to pick up my stock in store.

        For a situation like the earphone most should have already cleaned up by people bought in store before they checked their email.

  • Just got a call from HN, they mentioned they are out of stock and offered this headphone instead

    • That is the one original also said here for $4.

  • I got offered these for the same price:

    Good deal or not?

    • This one for $4?

      • Yes, they said I can get those at the same price.

        • $4 no need to think mate.

          But I cannot understand why they offer you a more expensive one instead of the $19.95 one.

        • Who ? HN ??
          Any branded set of headphones for $4 is a good deal. Most of the amazon customer reviews for that are good. Besides, HN is listing it for 79.95!!!! So go for it !!

          BTW did they specifically say $4 ?? If they didn't then maybe they meant $39.95 (marked price of SHE8500).

        • The person i spoke to said that its a replacement for their mistake.

          They said we've upgraded your offer to this instead so im sure that we don't pay extra.

          Four bucks for the above headphones… im stoked!!!!

        • +4

          Shame on all of you for getting the black headphones and leaving me with a purple pair. Still $4 can't complain.

          Geez, the girl at Harveys was cursing Ozbargain when I went down there. She has processed something like a hundred orders, gave refunds and then head office told her to offer these instead. She said the things had been at that price on the website since October, nothing really happened till someone posted them here. Ah well.

  • Mine order is apparently now waiting for collection.

  • I had a call from Harvey Norman as well - had ordered 2 of the SHE8500 earphones.
    They said they were out of stock of those ones and couldnt get any more in so were going to substitute these ones for the same price as original ones

    Seems like a good deal to me!

    • Yes, very strange they offer a more expensive model.

      • So un'professional' of Harvey Norman ;)

        • I'm not complaining! :D

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