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Philips In-Ear Headphones $4 @ Harvey Norman [Sold out] $15 @ BigW [Available]


Looks like HN has pulled it off their website. Those who missed out on the $4 HN deal can still grab a pair of SHE8500 from BigW for $15; which IMO is still a good deal given the RRP and sound quality. I’ve been using them for couple of hours now, and I’d say they are almost on par with my Sennheiser CX300

$15 @ BigW Instore

Original Post

Came across these when I was looking for a cheap pair of in-ear type earphones. RRP is 39.95 so they are not super expensive to begin with. Bought one from my local HN, they sound alright. Bass is clear and punchy, but trebles are not very sharp. Overall, I'm very satisfied with them for the price.

SHE8500 : Harveynorman product page, Manufacturer product page
Frequency Hz~kHz 6 – 23 500 Hz
Magnet Neodymium
Diaphragm Mylar dome
Impedance 16 ohm
Sensitivity 102 dB
Maximum power input 50 mW
Speaker diameter 10 mm

SHE3570 : Harveynorman product page, Manufacturer product page
Frequency response: 12 - 23 500 Hz
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Maximum power input: 50 mW
Sensitivity: 102 dB
Type: Dynamic

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • My order is cancelled.

  • they sent me an email to call them. Not calling me CBF

  • REVOKE! picks up pitchfork and torch

  • I got offered these ones as a substitute, so agreed :
    apparently $59.95 so can't complain for $4

    • Now I started to regret I have pick up the $4 one yesterday.

    • ethanol, which store did you arrange to pick up from?

      • Rothwell

    • I ordered mine to be delivered and haven't heard anything. Brisbane as well.

    • I got the same one at brisbane CBD!!! Haha~~ Better than the original deal.

    • I was offered the same as a replacement for an out of stock SHE8500. Moore Park NSW store.

    • Got offered them too! :) Will pick them up on the weekend.

  • Got a call as well, can't provide it and given two alternatives:

    SHE9755 or SHE5105bk

    Went with the first option as the SHE5105bk looks cheap and plastic. Was told these were the only two options the store was authorised to offer. Didn't ask what option 3 might be.

  • I emailed em and asked for the http://www.harveynorman.com.au/philips-citiscape-st-germain-...

    Looks like they are trying to get rid of those by sub. Great deal for $4, much better than refund

  • I got a tax invoice about an hour ago. I ordered 3 of them with delivery at 1.22pm yesterday (QLD time).

  • Just scored a couple for my bro and sis at Frankston. WOOT!

  • Went and picked mine up today, they had been substituted for SHE5105BK CitiScape Collection Headphones.
    They had a $59.95 sticker on the back. The sound is fantastic, for 4 Bucks This turned out to be an amazing deal. Thanks OP.

  • Well I got offered two models that are selling for $9 ATM at their stores so I'm not gonna take it. Stingy stingy Harvey Norman.

  • I haven't heard a thing, anyone else still waiting?

    • I called up the store yesterday and the guy said he handed out the last 3 earphones yesterday morning. He said he will try to get the stock from other stores. Havent heard from him since.

      Are we allowed to request for the replacement like the previous users had and not accept a refund?

      • You can request for it, thats what i did after being offered an inferior quality model to the original. This is well within your consumer rights- being offered a similar or better quality product after they failed on their side of the contract to sell you something.

        • Is it really within our rights to ask for similar or better quality product if the order has gone through?

          Does anyone have some linkage about this? Im wanting to ask/demand they offer me another pair but obviously would like some prior knowledge of my rights and some link/refrence that states this.

          The guy I just spoke to said they would not offer a replacement :(

    • I got mine delivered this morning, ordered 3 additional pairs of SHE8500, right around the time I posted this deal.

  • Auburn Store, requested replacement as I said 24 days wait is atrocious, told them I wanted this one http://www.harveynorman.com.au/philips-citiscape-st-germain-..., $59.95 model, sales person said no problem. $4 score and got a much more expensive model, also has microphone and button answer for calls. Schweet. Picked up today, plenty in stock. Hope this helps.

  • Picked up what I thought was going to be 2 8500 and 1 3750. Instead once I looked at home are 2 9750 and 1 8005. For $12 I wasn't expecting much. Maybe I got better then what I thought. Time will tell

  • Don't think I'll ever receive a call from them so I made the call to the store. The guy was surprised and said haven't you got the refund yet? and want me to call to online service centre myself asking for refund. I should know when dealing with HN, shouldn't I?

  • Oh man i ordered like 6 of them for family from fountain gate store at around 4.30pm and have only received an order confirmation email but nothing else no call or email to let me know my order is ready, my order is probably cancelled too

  • I finally picked up my order - managed to get the guy to give me the St Germain ones instead of the SHE3570 that he tried to offer me.
    A few minutes after I'd left the store I realised he didn't give me a tax invoice, but didn't care too much about it ($4 loss at worst if so). However, then saw in my e-mail the tax invoice for the headphones. I noticed it listed the SHE8500, even though I got another set. I presume others who ended up getting a different pair have received the same (incorrect) invoice?

    • I didn't check my invoice - was just happy the order was fulfilled and I unexpectedly walked out with Philips Shibuya headphones (RRP $79.95) in place of the 8500's - I saw another OzBargainer got the same ones further up in the thread.

      Haven't opened them yet but user reviews on Amazon and other sites are very very good.

  • Does anyone know what HN's RRP for the SHE3570's was? Was offered the cheap alternative also- trying to figure out what is comparable…

    • They had a price of $29.95 at the store I got my replacement from.

      It was interesting because they offered me these ones, to which I said no. I ended up getting the St Germain ones which I asked for, which happened to be in the bargain bin at $26, yet when I first tried to get them to replace with these ones, he wanted to charge me $8 in total for them. When I pointed out that these were cheaper than the SHE3570s, he relented and gave me the St Germains at no extra cost.

  • Has anyone not received theirs yet either? I ordered 3 pairs delivered online and got the confirmation straight away on the 30th, but I still haven't received them even though the confirmation says that delivery will take no more than 5 days! It has now been 10 days.

    I sent a "Where is my order" email on their contact page after 7 days and even though that says you should receive an answer within 24 hours I am also yet to hear back from them about my order! WTF?? Does HN not know how to count or something?

    Will have to call them on Monday and find out what the hell is going on.

    • +2

      So I just spoke to someone at HN Sunshine store and he told me that they will be issuing refunds to everyone sometime next week along with an apology.

      Apparently there were only 3 pairs of the headphones and they got over 800 orders. He said it was a "glitch" in their system that kept them online.

      And apparently they sent out an email to everyone already letting them know about the situation but another "glitch" prevented most people from getting that email.

      FFS, Total BS! I had purchased 3 pairs to take with me traveling. You would think HN would have learned from their previous mistakes!! Worst retailer ever.

      • I got mine. I'm a little disappointed I got what I ordered, as it seems quite a few people got an upgrade. But happy with mine anyway.

  • Just picked up m\y Phillips Citiscape SHibuya from HN QV. Staff was very friendly and told me it's worth $79.95. Very happy :)

    Wished I'd ordered 2 instead of one :(

  • Hey guys, I just got my order. 2 pairs of SHL5205BK.

    Obviously I dont need two pairs of the same headphone.
    Anyone want to swap for a pair of SHE5201BK's (in-ear headphones)?
    Or even another pair of decent headphones from this offer.
    The ones I'm offering for a swap are the ones still in the box, unopened!

    I'm in Melbourne Central during business hours.

    • Hey. I got 2 pairs of the St Germain's… Would be happy to swap a pair! I don't work in the city, but I should be able to get a representative to make the trade on my behalf!

  • Could someone please upload a coy of their receipt showing the replacement of the original headphones with citiscape model as I am trying to convince HN headoffice to authorise the replacement


    • Yes please someone upload the replacement receipt. I ordered SHE8500 and they replaced with SHE3500BL. They lied to me saying the latter one better than original order, what a shame Harvey Norman!

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