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2013 The Australian Uni Offer - $20 Digital Pass (Access until March 2014)


Another university subscription offer this time from The Australian. The offer is that for $20, you get 'Digital Pass' access to their pay-walled website, mobile site, and tablet app until March 2014 - which is a pretty good offer seeing the Pass is normally $2.95 per week!

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  • I think I might save my money for a subscription to The Guardian, they're apparently launching an Aussie edition soon :)

    Good offer though for those who are interested in this paper

  • so many of their articles are from other AAP so I am not quite sure what you end up paying for.

    • What is AAP?

      • Australian Associated Press

    • del

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    I really want a student sub for Crikey.. it's about the only online paper that is worth it IMO.

    • Seems like someone isn't a Crikey fan LMAO

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    I can read The Australian without subscription. All I do is if I want to read an article I'm interested in, I copy the title and paste it in Google search. Then I access to the full article in The Australian online.

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    If this was for a somewhat balanced newspaper this would be a nice deal, but The Australian, really?

  • I have access to The Australian through the library's subscription to PressDisplay. What more do I get with the digital subscription?

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      Nothing. Pressdisplay is the way to go if you can find a local/state library that lets you access it outside the library. That's what I do for The Australian, The Guardian, The Independent (UK), etc etc.. basically everything except The Age (since they won't let PressDisplay show it to Aussies).

      • aussies can access the age and smh via fairfax's library digital edition as per comments in http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/92673

        • Yes, for a fee. PressDisplay via your library costs zip, zero, ziltch.

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          no, for free. digital edition via your library costs zip, zero, ziltch.

        • As I said above, The Age is region blocked for many Australians using PressDisplay.

        • and as i said above, aussies can access the age via digital edition

      • Do you know which libraries in NSW has subscribed to this?