Where to get a cable modem?

So after looking around most places its pretty hard to find a pure cable modem in AUS. Ive got an old motorola which is dying and am looking to upgrade to something like this http://www.amazon.com/Motorola-SurfBoard-SB6141-DOCSIS-Cable... after seeing great reviews. Has anyone used this? or who else has cable? Also looking for a online good site to purchase as the only ones i can find are on ebay and shipping is $25 from the US (which is ok). Amazon wont ship it here. Opinions please! Responses are appreciated! thanks.


  • You would want to make sure whoever you are with will support it.

    When i needed a new one for optus i just called them and they sent me a new one. Didn't even say i needed to resign a contract.

    Also, check ebay for 2nd hand ones. They sold for next to nothing last time i looked.

  • I tried to get the modem from other sources as I didn't want to sign up for a contract. But the best I could find was one sold on Gumtree QLD few months back. Apparently only way you can get cable modems in Australia is through Optus or Bigpond. Netgear's website does not list a dealer for the cable modems.

    I gave up my search and order a modem from Bigpond on Friday. It was delivered yesterday. It is a Netgear Cable Modem bought for $72 + $9.95 delivery for being on a 24 month contract. It appears to be pretty good, has a gigabit port, 4 ethernet and a usb 3.0 too.

    My issue is(off topic) that I invested in Netgear N900 few months ago and if I installed the new modem I won't have much use for my router. Although I intend to put the router on bridge mode and connect it to my WDHD Live TV.

  • Shame you aren't in Melbourne. My folks have an Optus cable modem lying around unused. I think couple of years old only. Could have sold it to you very cheaply.