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Borderlands 2 for £12 (~$17.99) from GamesPlanet


Just got the email then, this is the best (non-russian, non-pricing-error) price I think I've seen to get this game. I'll definitely recommend it - I've already had so much fun playing. I also found it kinda cool that Google converted the £12 price to a number you'd legitimately see on something, not a whacked out $16.81 or whatever. Anyway, enjoy!

The site says the end date is the 17th, but I marked as the 18th because of the time zone difference. The deal will likely end before this site says it will. Also, there's limited stock and the deal may end earlier still.

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    Hmm sold out already :(


    Just purchased, was a bit over $18 with exchange rate, but its perfect. Works with Steam also!


    Bit the bullet.

    Thank you for this post. Seems a good deal.

    Couldn't get the web site checkout to work with IE in Windows 8, but worked fine in Chrome.


    Just ordered, however haven't received my second email with the Steam key.

    How long did others have to wait?

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    I still have some copies of BL2 for $15 if anyone is interested, just pm me :)

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      I can't seem to edit this, but to whomever downvoted, I checked the commenting guidelines and don't see anything wrong with the above…if you think I'm scamming or some such all you had to do was ask for steamID etc. Had two others from here last month and it worked out fine.


        If it were half the price of this deal then people might consider - but it isn't really worth saving $3 to buy from you when you can pay a small fraction more and get it from a legitimate site. Not to discredit your authenticity, but the price is basically the same man.

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    Well its been 9 hours and no key… there goes my plans for a weekend game =/


    It took 6 hours for an email asking for additional verification on my orders.
    No BL2 key yet either, but some googling says that GamesPlanet is generally a slow process.

    Edit: Speak of the devil, keys received and registered on Steam.

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