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Samsung 500GB 840 Series 2.5" Solid State Drive ~ AUD $303 Delivered from B&H Photo Video


Price is $US 312.35 delivered which equates to approximately $AUS 302.64 delivered.

Product Highlights
Sequential Read Speeds Up to 530MB/s
Sequential Write Speeds up to 330MB/s
Energy Efficient with No Moving Parts
Samsung SSD Magician Software
Smart Migration Software
Windows, Mac & Linux Compatible

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  • Oh gawd. This had to be on at a time I have to get car repairs. darnit! Excellent deal.

  • Very temped.

  • damn…cheap!

  • Note, that this is the "840 Series"; not the "840 Pro Series". It is therefore not suitable for demanding environments where large volumes of write activity is expected (e.g. video editing or 24x7 servers).

  • Very happy with my 840 Pro which I got a week ago.

    Absolutely transformed my laggy PC into a beast, even using just sata2.

    Anyone sitting on the fence should realise that time is money and you're wasting time waiting for your PC to load things. I'd be wary about the 3.5 year life expectancy of this drive but it should suit most users?

    • Cnet Review

      In real-world usage, this lower write endurance is not really a big issue, however. Per my rough calculations, if you write/rewrite about 10GB of data daily, it would still takes about 7 years for a 250GB Samsung 840 series drive to run out of P/E cycles. Most of us don't write 10GB per day, at least not every day. But heavy users, such as video-editing professionals, should pick a different SSD for their job.

  • Fck that's an awesome price… absolutely no need for it myself, but trying to conjure up a reason to buy =D

  • 250gb is also as cheap as you will find it at $150us.

    • Comes to $176 AUD shipped.

      Write speed seems considerably slower than the 500GB though. 240Mb/s vs 330Mb/s.

  • more importantly has anyone got the IOPS stats?

  • Good price. I've had a 120GB SSD for over a year now as my OS drive and I still have 30GB free on it. I don't see myself wanting to upgrade anytime soon. Would be good for people wanting it for a laptop though.

  • Dayem just bought the 240gb from MSY ($175). I would have probably ordered this!

    • How you get this price? Its still 195 on the website, please share your experience.

    • Just bought the Crucial M4 256GB for US$193 from B&H about a week ago.

      Would have prefered this, 100% more capacity for ~50% more in cost… :(

  • Bought one, thanks.

  • Geez im glad i was busy yesterday and didn't buy this at $360 .

  • Quick question, I've got a Vaio SB18, do you need a special bracket to install this? Thanks all!

  • Are these a reliable SSD?

    Anyone running with an 890 or 870SB without dramas?

  • I only wonder how low can this go? Can anyone give a guesstimate on how low would a 512gb be expected to go?

    Eg. From what I have seen the lowest 256gb Crucial m4 one went was approx $170 mark delivered….
    But a 512gb SSD drive I dunno….

    • In 2 years time this same drive will be $100, in 5 years time it will be worth nothing. That's technology.

      • Yep this. In 5 years time I expect SSDs to be competing with magnetic, unless someone manages to fix the current density issues with magnetic and they take off again.

  • international warranty?

  • I hate you ozb….

  • Finally bought my first SSD today. I've been watching the price for about a year now and i am comfortable with the price and capacity..

    Question is how am I going to install the windows 8 upgrade that I got for $15 on a previous post? Anyone know if i have to install win 7 first?

    • You can just boot from DVD and install a clean copy on your new SSD, no need to install Windows 7 first.

    • Google shows you how to make a boot disk. If you can't get one, or make one from the computer you want to install Win8 on, I'd recommend installing XP or Win7 first (no need to register) and then Win8 over the top of it. How do I know? It took me about 4 tries… You can't make a Win8 install disk from XP but you CAN just install over the top of XP. Also, if you have 64-bit Win7 it'll give you 64-bit Win8.

      If I had my time again I'd have stuck with Win7 but that's another issue altogether.

  • hmmm.. This should go in the wife's notebook.

  • Would everyday users see the difference between the 840 vs the 840 pro and the 830 which uses MLC? Will they start up at the same time? If it is a second in difference, I really don't care. But I really don't want this drive dead after say 5 years..

    • You will not notice any difference in real life usage between the Samsung SSD's, on average usage this drive should last at least 7 years and by then 500GB SSD's will be worth nothing.

    • I wouldn't worry too much about performance. Lifespan is more of an issue, but for most users the system it is in will be worthless before the drive starts to fail.

  • How does Samsung SSD compare with Intel SSD in terms of reliability? At my work they have over 250+ Intel SSDs and during a 2 year timeframe only 3 failed.

    • They're just as good, if not better by all reports. I'm still running a 256GB Samsung 810 series, which I purchased at that time for its reliability, over "speedier" but more flaky drives like the Vertex series.


    Purchased mine earlier today (first time B&H Photo shopper)

    Just got an email from them saying:

    We regret to inform you that due to a system error the ordered merchandise is not in stock.

    We apologize for this inconvenience.

    You may leave your order active and we will ship your order as soon as the products become available, or you may cancel the order and receive a full refund.

    It looks like the web site is still accepting orders but does show they currently have no stock so wait time is 7-14 days….

  • The 250GB 840 Series is still in stock at US$149.99. "Limited supply at this price".

    I ordered one earlier tonight along with two Hitachi Deskstar 4TB as per this deal http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/93843
    The Deskstars are now listed at $249.99, still a bargain compared to best local pricing.


  • Amazon UK has the 250GB back down at 125 GBP. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B009LI7C9Y/ref=oh_details...

    Comes to ~$170 + CC conversion fee ($0 if you have 128 degrees card).

  • Really want this but do not know what I am going to use it on. As recently I have bought 3 256GB SSD already.

  • First time poster long time lurker - whaddup you thrifty devils.

    Bought this yesterday without seeing the comment above from GreatWhiteHunter that it was out of stock

    Received an email this morning confirming that it's been shipped so it looks like they've restocked - hopefully GWH got an email confirming shipment too.

  • What is the best way to clone my current SSD onto this new one BTW? Any suggestions? I would prefer to keep everything than reinstall from scratch.

    • Clonezilla will do it if your comfortable with a boot disk. Or the free Acronis tools you get from WD or Seagate.

      Keep in mind though that that you need to perform a number of tweaks in Win 7 to get the best performance out of your new SSD. Win8 has these tweaks out of the box, but I haven't done a clone to Win8 so I'm not sure if it simply auto performs the tweaks once it registers the SSD. Have fun.

  • Guys the special is back on - its 50c USD more expensive - $279.99.

    Still a very good deal…