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Free 3D Glasses (Anaglyph Glasses - Red/Blue Ones)


I saw this as being available still, so get in while you can. You can choose from black or white color glasses. I assume anyone from different countries can get these, because it accepted my address and country. One per household per email. Simple form fill out. And you have to confirm email before they will send it to you. I'm not sure on the expiry, as it doesn't state, but I'm guessing it expires when there is no more left.

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  • might want to point out these are anaglyph glasses (red/blue ones) so mostly useless for any 3d tv available today


    free-3d-glasses.com will occasionally partner with outside parties. The email addresses submitted because of these outside parties will be shared ONLY with said outside party, who will also guarantee your email address’ safety. YOU WILL NOT BE SPAMMED. BUT YES, YOU WILL PROBABLY BE CONTACTED.

    looks like it may also be a spam gathering venture?

    • added your thoughts :)

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      On the plus side r/c glasses don't need a 3D TV, so you can slap em on and go and take a peak at all the 3D content on Google or Youtube using your good ol' laptop. I find it kinda cool that even thumbnails are in 3D without the computer needing to know that it is displaying 3D.

  • rather useless red/cyan coloured glasses…
    And pretty sure that page has been around for a fair while

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    This is always free, stilling waiting from mines from July 2012, More in the always free bit in the forums

  • Has anyone received these in the past? :/

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      I ordered mine mid February last year and still haven't received them.

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        Same here. I think it's a bit of a con to get your details.

    • Never received mine and it's been many, many months… Sorry OP :/

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