This was posted 2 years 8 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Okano 42" Full HD LCD TV $299


Seems like a great price for an 42" LCD tv, despite the no-name brand.

Ok.. so this is what I know

*May only be instore as I can't add to cart

*I think its made by the same company as 'soniq' so I would expect the same quality

*There was a product recall regarding this TV a little while ago, specifically in relation to the stand (not sure if this issue has been fixed or not)

*Link to copy of manual

Anyone have this tv or any Okano brand products please feel free to share?

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    Good price I reckon.

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    Seems like a good price. No idea about how much stock or where, looks like you'll just have to rock up in store and hope they have some. It seems that Okano is a JBHIFI brand, so you would think that they have some in stock.

    Reviews are hard to come by, but of the people that wrote about the TV, they were positive.

    Regarding the recall, I think they would have made sure the stands are fixed since they're selling them again, but still something to ask about when heading to the store.


    looks this is an old model at least 2 years old so I think it is a LCD only not LED.

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    Comparison between this one and recent Changhong 50" deal ?



    I think this is the same TV on special 2 years ago
    can't compare with Changhong, this is an old model, not a smart TV, no USB recording/playback (I think).

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    Is this a genuine Okano?


    Probably the recalled TV's Witt a stronger stand. It's hella cheap

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      Pirahna gun!

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        Oh Yeah!


    I actually have one of these.

    It was bought for a bedroom TV and it does it just fine.

    I bought it when it was $350 i think as a refurb cause of the stand.
    I didnt care about the stand as i wall mounted it.

    It is just CCFL but for the price, it's good for that bbq TV while watching the footy, or in the pool room.

    At this price i might consider one of these for outdoor use near the swimming pool


    Hi guys,

    I bought the TV around an year ago and still running good without any problems. My one has the USB recording and yes its not an LED Smart tv but I attached an old desktop to my TV and brought a wireless keyboard and mouse which made it an excellent value for money instead of buying those expensive smart tv's. Now its a fully functional smart tv without any limitations.


    what is CCFL?

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        cold-cathode fluorescent lamps

        It's an acronym that a 2 second search on Google will tell you all about (hint: use the acronym in the search). ;)

        would have taken less time to answer him than to type the above.

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          give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime


    There's no buy button online and no stock instore?


    Good price, I'm keen!!!