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Refurbished Asus VX7SX-SZ052V (Orange Colour) Gaming Notebook - $999.95 Including Shipping


Hi OzBargainers!

We have a large quantity of Orange coloured Asus VX7SX-SZ052V notebooks to clear.

******This OzBargain code will only be accepted with the purchase of the Asus VX7SX-SZ052V, all other orders using this code will be refunded and cancelled******
(unfortunately our system cannot discriminate between products using discount codes.)

These are factory refurbished notebooks and carry a 12 month manufacturer (Asus) warranty.

So the deal is $999.95 including shipping (usually overnight). The discount code will bring the price down to $990.00 and freight is $9.95

We are available for on-line chat if you have any questions.


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  • are you official asus reseller? i mean your website is the one and only one official online store for ASUS in australia?

    • Hi there - we are an official reseller - not sure about being the one and only though…. If you mean are we Asus - no we are not, we are an independent reseller.



  • It would be very tempting, if only the HDMI port wasn't at the front left. Nothing annoys me more than cables interfering with my mouse.

  • Do you guys have a trade in deal?

  • What are people's opinions on refurbished laptops?

    • OK to purchase IMO since it has 1 yr warranty. Some refurbs offer less warranty periods but in this case, 12 months is the norm even for new laptops.

    • I had a refurb Asus and the only difference I could see from new was the generic brown box it came in.

  • Great specs, just the 2nd generation processor is the main draw back in my humble opinion…

  • These beasts weigh a hefty 3.82kg!

  • hey, put some good asus ultrabooks deals, you may get a lot more interest.

    • Why whats wrong with this one?, I mean this is like Super powerful and will play anything!, Im surprised why more people arent interested in this!

  • "Design inspired and licensed by Automobili Lamborghini"
    Should be fast enough for some… even has the Lambo Badge for street cred

    Official Automobili Lamborghini materials and design

    Custom-designed to bring out the decades-long legacy of Lamborghini supercars, the VX7SX uses colors that are formulated in exactly the same way as their automotive counterparts for a genuine touch of high-octane luxury. Now in new and extra-durable official orange and features many motifs from Lamborghini designs, including leather-trimmed palm rests, an engine start key, rear exhaust and taillight assembly, and the world-famous bull logo.

  • Would this be capable of running a lot of games released in 2012 at a reasonable speed?

  • hey do u have a store based in Brisbane?

    • Hi Kyrahzen,

      unfortunately we don't have a store in Brisbane. We conduct all our business online only but are always happy to take calls or online chat requests.



  • Bought it.
    My official justification:
    "Suppose its cheaper than the car"

    • +1 vote

      Hi Risto,

      all vx7 orders ordered as of 5 mins ago shipped so you should receive it tomorrow!

      • That is impressive. Thank you.

        • Received already this morning.
          Incredibly prompt.
          Computer looks brand new in my opinion. I was hopeful I was going to get the carry case with it as it seemed to be shown on the ASUS website. But definitely no complaints. This is a wonderful machine for the price.

  • Does it come with the nice looking black box like you would get in a new one?, the hard box is really really awesome!

    • Hi Ichigo - unfortunately not….the refurbished units don't come with original boxes sorry….whats inside still rocks though ;)

      • What box will it come in?, can you provide an image?

        Will it at least be an Asus box with instruction manuals etc..?

  • Discount code does not seem to be working!

  • really? what is the problem?