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(360 Only) FREE Codes for The Maw, Toy Soldiers, and 2 Week XBL Gold Trials


EDIT: Codes have all run out now

I can confirm this works 100% on Aussie Xbox Live accounts as i did it myself.

Basically enter the blow two codes and timestamps at

* bag 1 492105215 (18:08)

* bag 2 565105326 (12:05)

Enter any postcode (including Aussie ones), any name and any email address. You don't need to check your email for the codes as they will pop up after you hit submit, so you can use anything.

What you get is separate codes for The Maw and Toy Soldiers (the first one) and a 2 Week XBL Gold trial. You can do this multiple times with fake email addresses to keep amassing codes to pass onto your friends. Hit back on your browser or enter the same details twice to receive all 3 codes.

For those of you at work or can't be bothering going to your Xbox 360's and manually putting in the codes go to and select Redeem Code from the drop down menu and copy and paste your codes to there.

Terms for 2 Week XBL Gold Trials: 2 week Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Trial available for new Xbox Live Gold customers ONLY.
One Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Trial per new customer.

Credit goes to Cheap Ass Gamer.

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    zip code: 90210

  • +1

    always use 90210, we all live in Beverly Hills
    worked here thanks

    • Yep, we all either live at Google Headquarters or Beverly Hills :)

    • +1

      21 Jump Street Beverley Hills 90210

  • works~! but you have to choose one game. thats fine~
    havent try with second email yet

    • I entered same details twice and 2nd game code on the 2nd time, but only 1 trail code, which didn't work, maybe because I have gold membership till Dec.

  • Worked for me. Thanks heaps!

  • +1

    Says 2 week Xbox Live trial?

    • Really? Even better!

    • Yep just used that code and got the 2 week trial!

  • Here's a maw code for anyone lazy. Please let me know when you used it.
    and a toy soldiers

    • +1

      Thanks. Someone had used it.

  • +4

    Don't worry about putting the codes in twice, just press the "back" button on your browser and go back to select the other game. Just worked for me.

    mega thanks OP!

  • FYI, I used an Australian post code and there was no issue.

    Also, I just used the same email, name and DOB (along with the same bag 1 and 2 codes) and still got the serial codes for both games. I have also successfully entered in those serials into my AU XBOX account.

    As I already had an XBOX gold account, I was not allowed to enter in the trial gold code.


    PS: Here is the code for the free XBOX Gold trial I cold not use:

    Please let us know with a reply if you have used it.

    • +1

      someone has used it.

  • yes 2 weeks GOLD~!
    now, what can i do with GOLD… dont like play online with strangers.
    how can i get free avatar clothes hat shoes etc…. how to get MS points..

    can we generate many 14days trial and use it one by one every 2 weeks?

    • +1

      Not according to the T&Cs. One trial per new customer.

    • +2

      strangers can become friends quite easily.

    • now, what can i do with GOLD… dont like play online with strangers.

      Play online with your friends perhaps? If you have call of duty or halo you can play 2 people splitscreen with 1 gold account and online with others

  • any zip code works too

  • edit: nvm i was entering the wrong catcha

  • Free copy of the maw if you want it:

  • +1

    I wonder if this is ozbargainable?

  • Good deal - works for me. Thanks.

  • Great deal - thank you.

  • Thanks OP - Worked fine for me.

  • Awesome, worked a treat. Thanks OP!

  • any email address

    Any <unused> email address. Don't use [email protected]

    Hit back on your browser

    Good tip!

  • Amazing find!

  • +2

    Can I use another live code after two weeks trial expiries?

      • +1

        for those too lazy to click on the above link, the answer is no

        • +2

          but if the code is real why wouldnt it work multiple times?

        • The T&C does not mention anything about using different codes on same live account.
          It only states that 1 code per customer (does not mean 1 live account)

        • The T&C does not mention anything about using different codes on same live account.

          Free 2-week Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Trial available for new Xbox Live customers ONLY.
          One Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Trial per new customer.

          does not mean 1 live account

          I don't understand how you can come to that conclusion.
          You have an alternate interpretation of the Terms. Good luck to you.

        • Well I dont understand the meaning of "NEW Xbox Live customers ONLY"
          My account is not new but it works.
          It says the code expired on 4/7/13 so you are right wont be able to use again.

        • Please read the reply below your comment

  • Thanks. Free games to entertain me during the long Easter break.

  • Thanks OP :)

  • Never pay for XBL Gold membership again!

    • Codes only last until the 7th of April unfortunately.

      • what year? ;)

  • Keep in mind, codes can only be redeemed until the 7th of April 2013.

  • Awesome, thanks OP!!

  • Thanks OP, just awesome!

  • Here are some XBL Gold codes:


  • …like a charm

  • +1

    worked! thanks OP!

  • +2

    The trial doesnt work if you've had GOLD before, I had GOLD but let it lapse so am Silver now, the trial code doesnt work for me, but I did get the free games, thanks OP!

    • Thanks for confirming the T&Cs are correct.

    • +1

      Not true. I have used Gold many times before, and this trial still worked for me.
      Thanks OP! :)

  • cheers~!

  • Good find! Thanks!

    • A true professional at work!

    • Hmm even at $6 that's not a bad price considering the price of how much that would cost in Microsoft points.

      • -1

        Guessing it was you Pete hence me receiving a neg?

        • -1

          No? why ask.

  • -1

    Some chancer is flogging the two week codes on Gumtree for $5 a pop. Sigh.

    Here's a free one… PTVM4-DCQJY-R37F6-GXPT3-DVKPK

    • -2

      Dam him. But its a good idear.

    • Wow, share a code, get a negative.

  • Awesome worked for me for both games.

    More Chances Achievement Points! /Ashamed.

  • Thanks. Scored, and added to my every growing list of unplayed games across too many systems to keep track of !

    • same here…
      COD black ops,
      Max payne 3
      now 2 more >.>

  • To all those hoarding multiple xbox live codes:
    "Codes must be redeemed by 4/7/13"
    So you can pretty much only use 1 code…

  • Anyone know if I need an Xbox to get this?

    My son is getting an XBox for his birthday in May, can I sign up an XBox accound abd get the free games before I actually have the XBox?

    • +1

      Yes. All you have to do is create a gamertag on and when you have done that you just need to redeem the codes on the my account menu.

  • gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

  • sick sharing them with mates

    • Yeah - I am sick of sharing with my mates too. LOL

  • +3

    Tried numerous times, got heaps of game codes, but every time the Live Subscriptions were blank

    Need some different chip packet codes, those ones have been hammered and blocked.

    • yeah same here, not getting any live :( which is all i want out of it

      if anyone has some more codes please post them!

    • Tried numerous times, got heaps of game codes, but every time the Live Subscriptions were blank

      llama - Send me a message…I have one for ya ;)

  • Can someone PM a code for LIVE please? Thanks!

  • Tried lots of times with different emails and codes but its giving me only the games,the code for GOLD is blank,does someone have a spare one?

  • Both the game codes and Live trial codes were blank for me :(

  • Same here. Blank lines with no codes. Could anyone who has any spare could please PM me? Thanks

  • Here you go… no Live Codes (couldn't get one even for myself)

    The MAW

    Toy Soldiers

    Just keep trying, there is obviously a limit of codes each day… the promo is still running.

  • Doesn't work for me, i've had gold before but am currently on silver. When I enter the trial code, it stayed on silver.

  • +2

    For those that missed out on the gold, you could try your luck at BigW…1 cent for 3 months:

    …and this:

    • does this actually work? i doubt the stores would be willing to let go of them for 1c..

    • Bargain of the year if true! Will head to big w tomorrow

      • i think its a pricing error

    • Didn't work at my local Big W. after about 30 mins and three managers later, they said something about it being part of a console package.

  • I tried the process and it just has a blank space where the code is meant to be.

  • same here, just getting blank codes on the email - if anyone has any spare could they pm me please?

  • i got the free code and redeemed it online, said success. went home check my xbox, still say silver free.
    re-redeem, code already been used.
    check email, under the code has:
    "Free 2-week membership only applicable to new members and does not apply to current Xbox LIVE members"

    so everyone that has current live member cannot get this trial. also, i already got free 1 month during australian day promo deal.

  • Games are good fun

  • does anyone still have a code they could give me?

  • if you do msg me please.

    • codes for what?

  • xbox gold

  • There are a few guys on ebay selling these codes for $2.


  • I have a 2 week xbox live code if anyone is keen?

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