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Meritline 1.5m 3.5mm to RCA Stereo AUX Audio Cable - $0.75 inc Free Shipping


Always handy to have a few of these laying around at home, in the workshop at work or in the car and at 75c including Shipping they're a bargain! Not the best quality but they do work perfectly well… just don't expect '√°udiophile' performance.

As per any Meritline purchase please wait up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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  • Thanks…. You are completely correct about these being handy

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    192-276-002 5 Feet 3.5mm to RCA L/R Audio Auxiliary Y Cable
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    Wouldn't be surprised if it had run out/expired. Weren't these on their Monday Madness sale?
    EDIT: Nothing wrong with the code. Just added 1 to the cart, signed in, applied code… and bammm… You saved $0.64 today!
    It did state only one per customer… You're not trying to get extras are you?

  • Worked for me… Cheers!

  • What are the differences in terms of quality for these elcheapo ones compared to the other more expensive ones? Or are they just like hdmi cables where they all do the same thing just at different prices?

    Also for car use Im guessing the other end plugs into the headphone jack on the phone? Was actually looking for an Iphone one but this might work?

    • Where do I start ;)

      Seriously, for most general day-to-day use these will be perfectly fine. The differences between these and higher quality ones come down to better shielding in the wire, more flexible wire, more reliable soldered connections to the plugs and of course better quality plugs too (gold plated etc.) and although these small differences will make an improvement just be aware that there's a lot of wank relating to cables so do not get sucked in! Spend anything more than $15-$20 on a better quality version of a basic cable like this and you should make an appointment with a shrink ;) You do pay more for longer lengths but not too much.

      HDMI cables are different becasue the signal is digital so the cables don't need as much shielding as an analogue cable as above. Shielding adds more copper content to the cable which of course increases the cost.

      Careful expecting to use this cable in a car. Check what socket your car has because some have the two RCA sockets but others have a single 3.5mm jack. Either way, it's 75c so just go get one of these :)

      • Ahh thanks for that

        Umm my car has the yellow, red, and white so I'm guessing they will work. Just bought one, at 75c even if it doesnt work its still only 75c lol so cant go wrong there :)

        • No probs. This cable will work fine in your car by the sounds so well done & enjoy your 75c bargain :)

          PS. There's a LOT of 'wank' in cabling, Speaker Cables especially. You can cut the ends off extension cable and use that for your speakers and get extremely good performance out of it. Another favourite is Cat5 (computer network) cable either just one piece or multiple pieces braided together. So cheap and has been tested to beat specialist speaker cable costing thousands! Do a Google search for Cat5 DIY Speaker cable and get informed! Don't believe the hype!!

  • Worked for me to thanks

  • worked for me too.

  • Worked for me. Thanks.

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    Dicks sell these or similar for $15 or so

    • Hence being dicks.

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