Met/noticed any OzBargainer's in real life?

Just wondering if anyone has "met" any ozbargainers in real life either exisiting people they know or randoms on the street. Personally I saw a guy at uni last week with the ATH T400's for $20 from CoTD in my progamming tute and instantly knew he was an Ozbargainer. Dat cheeky feeling you have when spotting someone buying the same deal :D.

Being tight and frugal isn't something looked too kindly upon in a public/social environment so I tend to be a closet Ozbargainer as much as possible. What are your experiences with real life and Ozbargain?!?

Ps: I love a massively upvoted clothing/shoes/ any wearable item deal. Can spot fellow Ozbargainers from a mile away.


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    I was pulling some OzBargain user stats from the DB a few month ago. By default, the interface shows the first 30 records of the table before you run the query. I happened to glance over one of the users in the list and noticed it was one of my friends who I see regularly. He's always been a tightarse but being one of the first users on OzBargain, he is now a certified tightarse.

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      Dunno, that guy sounds alright to me.

    • No wonder he's a friend of yours then :b

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    Quite a few of my friends know about ozbargain and others are 'ozbargainers'.

    There's probably more of them out there than you would think. I wore an ozbargain shirt to oweek at my uni and there were a few people that stopped me to talk about ozbargain.

    • No one asked me about OzBargain when I wore the T-shirts, on uni campus as well :(

      • Did you wear it inside out, like most uni students? :p

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          Maybe the problem is that I am too old to look like a student. Most of them wouldn't bother to engage in conversation with some guy their lecturer's age.

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          Cheer up scotty.. I'd talk to you

        • I know the feeling. Only exception is doing post grad work, then there are people to talk to who are at least close to my age.

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      I met some guy at my uni's o-week who was wearing an ozbargain shirt and I stopped him to talk about ozbargain. Consequently, I became friends with his other ozbargainer friends. I also knew someone who I met on the bus who had ozbargain as his homepage.

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        ah yes. Um Google? We kinda sorta need to talk about you and my homepage…

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    Haven't 'officially' met any random ozbargainers, but I just assume the people hanging around the clearance section of kmart/ikea/supermarkets, constantly buying $2 whoppers for lunch, stealing packets of salt/pepper/sauce and arguing at length with officeworks staff for pricematches are all from ozbargain ;)

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      Most of those people are from the wider group known as "tightarses". We belong to a subset of that wider group. Professional tightarses, if you will.

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    Anyone taking a photo of a clearance sign in a shop would be highly suspect.

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    95% of the people at Coles/KMart Burwood (Vic) would be.

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    After seeing deals on here I've gone to the shops only to see someone hovering around the item of interest.. Always makes me singger a little inside

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    A guy came in to work and asked if he could price match something and then showed me a photo of a receipt on his phone that he told me he "found on a forum". I had seen the post earlier that day so I knew what forum he was talking about, haha.

    • What shop was that?

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      More importantly, did you pricematch for him? As your fellow OZBargainer, your buddy, your friend??

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    Yes! I met an ozbargainer on a flight to Hobart just a few months ago. My girlfriend and I had booked a return flight from a Tiger sale and then price matched it with Jetstar to get us both return from Melb to Hobart for $55 each.

    The guy in the seat in front overheard me and said he had booked the same flight from the same ozbargain notice. We spent 30 mins or so talking about the best way to find cheap flights!

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    Quite a few years back I had worked a 9-to-5 job where I had often laughed at the money-saving pursuits of the office cheapskate. When I quit that job I went backpacking for a few years and lived a frugal life that would make this man proud (perhaps even envious).

    These days when I go on holiday my frugality is a badge of honour. Every time I fly back home on AirAsia in my compact, oft non-reclining seat, as I suck plasticky tap water from my CamelBak I eagerly turn to the traveller beside me and confess my true reason for being on vacation - I saw an offer on OzBargain I couldn't resist. Despite all the adulation and marriage proposals I have received for being the sensei of thrift, I am yet to meet another self-confessed OzBargainer in-flight - but saying that, I haven't lost a price battle to date…and an OzBargainer would hate to confess losing by even a dollar.

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      The Sensei of Thrift…I love it!

    • Swoon!

    • Mmmmmmm…… Baby…..

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    I reckon everyone checking into a certain (banned on this site) hotel/casino on the Gold Coast about this time last year was an Ozbargainer, especially since most didn't appear to be speaking the language that a certain newspaper advert was published in. Since we don't have access to those deals anymore and I don't know the newspaper or the language, guess I won't be visiting anytime soon, but wasn't it fun to be paid to go on holiday there?

  • Too many to count:) Most recently at Southland buying 1/2 price easter eggs, at Dominoes (the cheltenham one) and a few guys wearing thisconverse watch.
    I've never met a female ozbargainer though.

    Edit: Pretty sure I've met Shmahoo too:)My best friend was getting new glasses and I got dragged along to help him choose the frame.My best friend lives in Watsonia.

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    My girlfriend's cousin introduced me to this site. She has two three kids and they live frugally, within their means.

    I have introduced this site to a co-worker, who now checks the website every now and then. She's always lived within her means and budgets accordingly.

    In contrast, another co-worker does not do anything in regards to budgeting, and has a loan agreement attached to each significant piece of furniture/appliance that she has: fridge, couch, bed, 55' plasma. She also happens to buy from bricks and mortar, and somehow manages to pay way more than what anything is worth.

    I give her shit about it all the time in a sly manner, and wear my frugality like a king's cloak.

  • Yes, at uni. Particularly when game/steam deals were posted

  • I still haven't seen anyone else wearing these mambo boardies yet.

    • I wear them all the time!

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    I went into Kmart a while ago to grab the $2 ladder mentioned here and saw none was left. As I was about to go, I saw a Kmart staff person coming there and rushing behind him was another guy who asked him about the $2 ladder. I didn't said anything, stayed there for about 10-15 mins and saw 4 more ozbargainers hunting for the same ladder :)

    Sadly, I couldn't muster up the courage to talk to em. But yeah, I saw some real life ozbargainers there.

    • you should of just "arrived, raised hell, then leave"…

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    I'm assuming we're going to see a lot at Sydney/Melbourne Food Festival ;)

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      Yep I reckon there should be a special OZB sticker or something made up to wear on your shirt for the show!

    • Tunnelling under the fence!

  • I got introduced to Ozbargain by a colleague and I am buying things that I wouldn't normally buy otherwise. I've started buying online as well.

  • Anyone notice any ozbargainer from this deal ? Haha. I thought i would have seen heaps, but i didnt. I was expecting to struggle to give my excess vouchers away at the bowser because i thought everyone would have known about the deal.

    • I was thinking that too but there was no one else there. Not even anyone to give the other vouchers to.

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        I met my First fellow ozbargainer thanks to this deal…..that actually made me as happy as getting the discount

  • Sad to say ive not met anyone yet. :(

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    I'll be on the lookout for others with woodworm umbrellas this winter^^

    • Ha, I did see somebody with one of these months ago and thought they'd be an OzBargainer. Didn't happen to be carrying mine at the time so I remained anonymous :)

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    Yeah wore my free 7-11 slurpee t-shirt to uni two weeks ago, and some freggin nerdy Asian guy had the exact same shirt too. Pretty sure no one would go out of their way to actually purchase a slurpee tshirt.

    Damns had to hide behind my gf because of the awkward moment when you don't know whether to praise the other guy for being a fellow bargain hunter or to hide your cheapness…. LOL

    • Haha……he might be thinking the same thing when he saw you with the T-shirt!! Lol

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    I wore my Ozbargain shirt every time I went to the shops. No one said anything, let alone care.

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    I found out one of my mates uses this forum by a deal he submitted. It looked like something he would have found.

  • I'm pretty sure 90% of the people I saw during the Dick Smith sales used OzB. Lots of uni students though. Guess they're the ones who need to be cheap the most.