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TODAY ONLY: 18c/L off Fuel at Shell/Coles Express with This Voucher


Just got given this by my neighbour. Definitely works in Adelaide but is meant to be Australia wide. Print it out, cut off one of the strips and get your attendant at shell to scan it for 18c a litre off your fuel purchase.

EDIT: Confirmed working: NATIONALLY :)

EDIT: This has got to have cost someone their job. We have cost Coles thousands of dollars already :)

ENDED: I can't believe how MASSIVE this turned out to be, first time i've ever experienced a "viral" incident and the only time i've ever started one :D

Thanks everyone for the kudos etc. I should be able to walk into any pub in Australia now and say "I am Todes Angst and I need a beer!" and get one :)

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  • +3

    Dang. Sure coulda used this a few days ago. Fuel jumped to $1.50 yesterday. Filled up when it was still 134.

    • $1.50 is still cheaper than what it is in my neck of the woods

    • +1

      Excuse me while i sit on my $1.66 out in regional NSW

    • -1

      Does it include kerosene, I was looking to fill up ma a380.

  • +2

    You sure you don't need original?

    • Nope. I just cut off one of the vouchers and presented it at check-out. Dude scanned it and it took 18c off the price.

      • -2

        that doesn't mean that all stores will accept copies…

      • +3

        Probably a good idea to Ask the attendant to validate it first if you doubt it's authenticity :)
        (It definitely worked for me though)

  • +1

    Just filled up with 124

    • Curious, what is 124?
      Do you mean $1.24 after discount or is it something else.

      • +3

        maybe it's 124L of fuel!!!

        That would be a nice saving there.

      • +23

        It's 124 octane. (s)he drives a space shuttle.

      • 124 cents

        • +4

          I'm a little disappointed now, after SuperMatty's comment, 124 cents isn't so impressive. In my mind you're an astronaut now!

        • +3

          I am using cents to fill my space shuttle, would you like a ride ?

        • +1

          Giddy up!

  • a true ozbargainer would catch the bus!

    • -3

      To the gas station? :)

      • +25

        WTF is a gas station?

        • +4

          They have them in America but I don't think a bus will get you there.

        • +2

          Come over after I have this GYG burrito and I'll show you.

        • +2

          Failing that, msmhw's space shuttle could get you to USA post haste I reckon.

        • +1

          Gas stations in the US averaging 94 cents per litre right now.

    • a true ozbargainer would ride the bike!

      • +42

        a true ozbargainer won't leave the house!

        • +13

          a true ozbargainer would use his ING card to pay for the fuel

        • +6

          a true ozbargainer can't do it because they are salary sacrificing

        • +12

          A true ozbargainer would be growing algae in the bathtub so have biodiesel

        • +2

          A true ozbargainer would feed this discounted petrol to their family.

          Anyone watch that family guy episode where Peter puts petrol/gas into Stewie's bottle? :p

        • +1

          And the winner of the "True Ozbargainer" award goes to… ttwaite!

        • a true ozbargainer would collect his own fart, formulate to separate the hydrogen from the H2S and then feed it to his hydrogen fuel car. Damn…i would love to use this but i always use caltex and im afraid if i change to shell, it will ruin the engine or something like that.

        • +1

          You need to get big slap in the head for thinking that… all fuel comes from BP mostly and just re-distributed to other 'brands'

        • Depends which city you're in… In Brisbane, it comes from BP or Caltex.

        • i know chemically they all the same - but im just afraid of what kind of additives that has been mix by both companies.

      • A true ozbargainer would not wrote any of this, he/she would try to save the keystrokes!

      • +1

        Do we need a "you know you are an ozbargainer when" sections in Mx?

        • +1

          Probably :)

    • +1

      A true ozbargainer would fill up $20.02 and pay with cash.

  • Does Shell have Paywave/Paypass?

    • +1


      • Bahaha awesome!

        • Please explain….

          I saw a guy yesterday, ask the question if they took paypass, they said yes, he grabbed 2 pies a coke and transaction was declined.


        • +2

          Insufficient funds???????

        • +6

          5% cash back on purchases under $100 with ING Orange Everday http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/81169

        • OZB spirit…hats off..

        • +1

          insufficient vespene gas???????

        • I think the merchants have caught on to scummos trying to use paypass/paywave to get around the fact they have no funds

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Very interested in how these came by

    • +1 me too

      • +1 me too :)

  • Anyone in QLD, Brisbane confirm??

    • Yes, just filled up at runcorn, QLD without hassles.

      • Is this the one on Compton Rd?

    • Can confirm working at Sunnybank Shell on Mains Rd

  • +4

    love the way u scanned 9 copies of the fuel voucher… we really need to use 9 times in one day ;))

    • Cut them out and hand them around the office

      • +8

        And or to the person filling up next to you.

  • +1

    Can anyone confirm this is working in Sydney?

    • +1

      Confirmed working. Filled up with no dramas. 131 - 18 = 113 :D Cheapest fuel i've pumped in a long while..

  • Need to fill up today (Sydney) so will try it on my way home, thanks OP

  • +29

    Going to leave a couple of spares at the pump, hopefully make someone's day!

    • -3

      It's a sad world we live in when saving $5-$10 on fuel will make someones day.

      • +4

        I have no idea why you're a member on this site let alone a visitor if you feel that way..

  • +1


  • +4

    Has anyone used this in Melbourne??

    • Have the same question here.

    • anyone successfully use it or not in Mel?

      • In Fawkner, Unaccepted, Their reason was, too many people, called head office, reported as fake throughout all stores… 9pm

    • also wondering..

      • Yes successful at Oakleigh, Mel. Read comment of fchis.

        • +1

          I went ahead and tried anyway, as i needed to fill up.
          Can confirm working at Templestowe on Manningham Road

        • I filled my tank on my way home from Mulgrave. The girl at the counter said these are dodgy coupons. I said I don't know if the coupon is dodgy or not but if it works then it can not be dodgy. :)
          So she accepted and forced me to buy some chocolate few times.

          After 18C discount I filled at 1.40 p/L because their normal price was 1.58. However at the Liberty next to my home the normal price was 1.44 for the same type of petrol. And I know if I fill tomorrow at Liberty the price will be around 1.35 p/L. I have falled into this Coles coupon trap before as well. Shell prices are always inflated.

          So at the end no gain at all. :)

        • This is ridiculous price. I filled my tank with original price 1.45 and after 18c discount it came down to 1.27.

        • If there was that sort of difference regularly I'd always fill up at that Liberty and give the Shell a miss (even with normal vouchers). Shame I've only got Shell and Caltex left near me now.

  • +1

    Any luck in Sydney people?

  • +1

    Someone please confirm if this is working in Sydney.

  • This looks like another "candle" mistake where someone was issued with an voucher and the system is to dumb to register it as single use.


    repeated by the "circle club" mess


    Be VERY quick!

  • Yes, it scans. But I ain't filling entire tank of $1.48!!

    • +1

      Its essentially the same as filling up on a cheap day with an 8c docket
      I wouldnt have lasted till then anyway, so im happy :)

  • +3

    Anyone in Perth can confirm Coles Express MT Lawley (Fitzgerald and Walcot)?

    • +1

      I will be going there tonight, that place always has massive lines

    • +2

      yes can confirm it works there!

  • Looks like it came from the bottom of a home delivery docket. Didn't realize they were duplicatable :)

    • Ok thanks that's what I'll tell the shop assistant if they question me lol

  • +1

    Works QLD. paid cash so no trace back

    • +5

      Trace? What on earth are you afraid of?

      Will be paying on card and using my FlyBuys (Y)

  • +4

    Confirmed working in Sydney at store on lane cove road at Ryde, saved me $7 thanks op!

    • Great stuff, no questions?

      • Nope no issues, just gave it to the attendant and I paid cash, no fly buys lol

  • +2

    Bugger April 10 expiry; filled up last night :-(

    • +3

      That's okay, seeing as you're in Brisbane just drive to Sydney and you can fill up down here. It's a national deal! You're in luck.

  • Thanks for posting it,
    Hopefully it works in Melbourne

  • +2

    Worked at Brighton-le-sands (NSW)

    • How much per liter after discount?

      • should be around 124c or 1.24.

        • -1

          After discount 124c?Woolworths outlet 8c discount is like 125.9c..only different 1c..

      • +1

        51.9c for LPG. Cheering!

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