expired Tell Coles Survey; Pick between (1000 Flybuys Points NO MIN) or ($5 off if You Spend over $100)


This survey has been around for a while but now they offer you a choice between 1000 Flybuy points (no minimum spend) or $5 off if you spend $100 or more. 1000 Flybuys points is equivalent in value to $5 but you won't have to spend the $100 to get it.

If you have 2000 Flybuy points, you can claim it as $10 Flybuys dollars and use your Flybuys card like a gift card (swipe it and enter in a pin). No need to wait for a gift card in the mail.

You will need a Coles receipt to do the survey and you can only claim the points/voucher once a month. At the end of the survey, there is an option for them to send you email each month as a reminder to do the survey.

It says that the bonus points will be credited 4 weeks after the offer ends. Not sure if this is a typo or not because the offer period ends next year. It could just mean 4 weeks after you complete the survey but I guess we'll see.

EDIT: This forum post seems to suggest that the points should be credited within 4 weeks of completing the survey.

mod - attempted to highlight in the title, that there is NO MINIMUM SPEND if you will take points instead.


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