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FREE - SLEEVE OF Z STAR GOLF BALLS - 15000 Sleeves to Give Away



To celebrate the release of the brand new Srixon Z Star and Z Star XV, Srixon Australia are giving 15,000 golfers the chance to play a better ball.

Find your nearest retailer to collect the balls..


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  • Whoop … get me some balls in 28 days… and counting.

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    Nothing better than a free handful of balls.

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      Who'd like free golf balls? 1 Wood!

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        Tiger Wood.

        • +2

          Lol. You win :)

  • Nice timing considering the Masters starts tomorrow.

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    Got to love the ol' Gmail dot….. (just kidding)

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    Thanks OP, forwarded to my hubby, dad and brothers :)

  • nice. That is I need the most when I play golf.

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    Somebody was just telling me to "Get some balls, man" yesterday. Spooky.

  • Thanks OP.. Bit annoying that we have to wait for the voucher to be posted out..

    But I shouldn't complain.. It is free after all =)

  • Nice find.

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    these will be great for the day i decide to take up golf which i probably won't

    love free stuff.

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    what club did everyone put int the golf club section - i put "5 iron"

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      sorry forgot to change to 'sarcastia'font

      • i put in dubai golf club

      • No seriously - do you reckon that you can only claim from the club you're a "member" of? - can imagine it getting a little akward when you go in to pick you your balls "er, sir, we can't seem to find you on our system?"

        • They mail you a voucher, and I assume you just present it.
          I also thought they meant brand of clubs; I entered "rentals".

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      I out "Broncos Leagues"

    • I put "Any, thanks"

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      One wood (just realised that they wanted which golf club I have joined, ha ha)

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      I put "yes"

    • +5

      lol i put 'Ozbargain'

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    Nice freebie, I wanted to take one but then I figured I'd leave it for fellow OZBARGAINERS, as I don't (and won't!) need it.

    Then again, anyone in OZBARGAIN actually plays golf?!

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      heaps would

      i'll sell you my free ones for $5

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        some people dont play golf?

        • If I wasn't time poor, I'd totally go happy Gilmore at a driving range fo sure

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        Hey, don't be greedy.

        Be a classy OZBARGAINER…

        • did you seriously neg my sarcastic comment? coz i was totally serious.

    • i don't but golf balls are great for off-ice hockey stickhandling practice :)

      edit: wasn't sure which ball to pick but ZV sounds better…firmer balls!

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    Done! Just waiting for a free golf club sample and I can start playing!

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    I used "open faced club sand wedge"

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      mmmmmmm open faced club sand-wedge… aaaaahhhchhhhhchchhhh

    • +2

      Well played. I'd just taken a sip of tea when I read you two and made a mess while I was laughing…

  • what no home delivery?

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          You get a big neg for not posting it a couple of weeks ago.

  • Nice, I like these yellow ones - easier to find

  • Nice post OP. +1

  • Anyone else noticed this on the T&C's:

    "3. Offer commences 1/03/13 and closes 11:59pm AEDST on 15/04/13. Or until stock lasts (“Offer Period”)."

    So does that mean that we'll have to redeem the golf balls by Monday the 15th? Don't about the rest of you, but I doubt my voucher will arrive in the next couple of days, considering the fact that they have warned us that it could take 28 days for it to come…

    Nonetheless, nice find, OP..:)

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      All vouchers must be redeemed by 30/06/13.

  • Awesome deal. Is there a way to redeem it when you don't live within cooee of any of the retailers listed? Eh, what the heck, I'll fill the form out and see if my holidays take me near one.

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    Thanks OP. I rarely get a chance to use new balls as most of mine are fished out of a creek/lake

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    Read the title and thought it had to do something with Dragon Ball Z for a moment.

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    If anyone is interested in going for a bit of a bash, a friend of mine is arranging a Charity golf day on Friday 3rd May in Sydney (Northern Beaches area). Starting at 12:30pm with BBQ lunch. There will be various prizes. Cost $40 per player. PM me for more info.

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      Ill get back to you within 28 days

  • -2

    whats a handicap?

    • Best

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    I think it's a hat that comes in handy e.g when you you need a sun visor and you happen to find one near to where you are standing.

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      Now that's a handy cap

  • Top find, grabbed one for me! Has anyone actually read through this thread, I actually have tears from laughing at some of the quick witted stuff!! Well done OB for another crack up thread!

  • Thanks. I will actually use these :)

  • Now just need a cheap bum bag to carry my balls, thrift shop style.

  • Thanks OP, forwarded to my hubby, dad and brothers & my friends:)

  • +1

    And - the spam has started.

    Anyone see where it said that one was subscribing to their 'newsletter' ?

    "You are receiving this email because you signed up to receive news and promotional information from Srixon.com as [email protected]"

    I did not click any box agreeing to receive this. Nor did I see anything about this at all.

    Still, easy enough to "unsubscribe".

    • once u click unsubscribe, million of other junkies will arrive…

      better off put them as Spam or in your Junk list.

    • easier to use a throwaway email account in the first place

      • easier to use a throwaway email account in the first place

        Which is 'sort of' what I did.

        Their mail came to the address I used [email protected][mydomainname].com when completing their form.

  • awesome, great find. which is better/more expensive? the Z star or Z star XV

    • +2

      Z star is for those with a driver speed of 100mph or less and Z star XV is for those who hit it faster than 100mph. If you are unsure then you should probably go for the Z star.

      • Cheers for that :)

  • Got my coupon thing today.

  • got my voucher today

  • Damn, we actually have to go to a golf course?

    • in vic there are heaps of places to redeem it

  • Got my card today

  • got my voucher - taking it to the golf club tomorrow. Mine is numbers 9741, so still quite a few after I registered to be claimed.

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