expired Telstra (Prepaid) Huawei Ascend Y201 Smartphone $39.50 at Coles + 2500 Flybuys Points


2500 Flybuy Points equals $12.50. So it's really $27.00.
Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
3.5" screen, 320 x 480 pixels, 3.5 inches (~165 ppi pixel density)
3.2 MP Camera
Video Yes, VGA@30fps
CPU 800 MHz Cortex-A5
Wi-Fi hotspot
4GB Storage (2.5GB User accessible) 512 MB RAM
microSD, up to 32 GB
More specs here (Not sure if this is the pro?) -

Locked to Telstra.
Before you go and purchase an unlock code, try your sim card first. It may just work.
Huawei Y201 Unlock Codes $5 -

More info here -

Not all stores have stock, you might want to ring and check.
The sale is on until 01/05/13.

Mod: Updated link to offer in catalog.

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          Thanks - will give it a go.
          Have about $18 real credit left on a $10 Starter Pack SIM expiring on 19th (set up as a "Pre-Paid Micro-SIM for Apple iPad" for 3GB of data) & hoping to transfer that to this SIM on 18th for 2 weeks & then transfer onto another one of those $10 SIMs when I activate it 1 June. The things I do to save money!

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          Thanks BB - PUK unlock code sent with activation email - so easy.

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          No Worries Mate.


          Bargains on top of Bargains!
          I chatted online with Telstra & got them to transfer all my remaining credit ($18.90 of $30 Starter Pack bought at PO for $10) without any fee to the $10 Bonus Credit SIM with this deal - which extended that 14 day free SIM to 31 days & $29.90 total credit! (Need to use Bonus Credit within 14d for standard calls & text.) Transfer was somehow counted as a $20 recharge, so now get 15c calls with no flagfall & 10c/MB data on Simplicity plan!!

          Will then transfer remaining full credit (not Bonus) to next SIM to add credit & extend time (if added near expiry date), and so on accumulating credit for later use / buy apps. Usually a limit of $10/day transfer & 25c fee per transfer with credit2u.

          Handy Tip: "If you want to extend the pre-paid credit account balance expiry for your Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile Broadband service, you can try to do so by regularly performing a CreditMe2U transfer immediately prior to credit expiry, and pushing back the expiry date by 13 or 14 days at each turn" (same with phone service)


    Tech illiterate me wonders why people need to unlock from TLS? I bought this, but haven't moved on it as yet. Current use a Voda locked phone.

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      Flexibility. You can easily change to a service with better deal. (I posted a $3.20 45day Woolies Mobile deal last year.)

      But if you are happy with Telstra you can forget unlocking. I have taken Telstra to the TIO due to so many mistakes (my $100 prepaid credit was removed as Telstra accused me of fraud - it was their data entry error. After days complaining, they agreed to fix their mistake but denied they had accused me of fraud as their record had been lost. Instead T removed a further $170 credit & disconnected my service. After Kevin Rudd intervened, Telstra attempted to give my account with personalised number away.
      The TIO believed I had authorized all Telstra's mistakes as Telstra failed to provide all records & claimed I had connected the handset the day after Telstra records show I started complaining (4 weeks after connected)!! So I hate Telstra.)

      I have been with Vodafone for years. But my current remote location only has limited Telstra coverage. Unlocking the handset means I can pop in a local SIM when traveling overseas or one that works in my current location . Try Vodafone's unlock site to unlock free. Has worked every time with many phones & mobile broadband modems.


    Or, maybe just a Coles buyer as it was in all their special for about a fortnight.

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    Did anyone get their bonus points yet with the Coles purchase?

    Looking at my flybuys account online I havent got anything.

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