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[AMA] Lifesaving Open Heart Surgery

It has now been almost 3 months since my lifesaving Open Heart Surgery. I'll keep this as short as possible but I'm a 24 year old male born with congenital heart disease. I had an …

Win an XBOX Series X OR PS5 from Sattelizer

closed Win an XBOX Series X OR PS5 from Sattelizer

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Car Clear Coat Fail? or Can It Be Polished out?

Need some help from the ozbargain car detailing community. Not sure if this is clear coat failure? Can it simply be polished out and then I can wax over for protection? Or is it simply just a stain …

eBay Australia

eBay Buyer with 0 Feedback (eCP address) - Should I be worried?

I just sold $350 headphones on eBay yesterday to a 0 feedback ebay user. The buyer has already paid via PayPal and the address I'm supposed to send to has "eCP" in it. So apparently …

Solo Travel to Japan 22yr Old - Tour Group?

I'm traveling solo to Japan (second time but first time solo), arriving at night time in tokyo on the 23rd of June and departing Tokyo at night on the 4th of July. I've been looking to join …

eBay 0 Feedback Buyers, Should I Be Concerned?

I'm currently selling two items around the $200-$300 mark on eBay. Both of my items have the highest bidders with 0 feedback score. I realise everyone has to start out somewhere but what tips …


Pandora Jewellery discount?

Does anyone know if Pandora offer discounts on their products or possible ways to get cheaper jewellery?

Citibank Australia

Citibank Transaction Card Use in Japan

I'm leaving for Japan soon and currently have a Citibank Plus Transaction account with a debit card for use in Japan. I've loaded my savings account with funds, however I was wondering if …

Purchase Japanese Yen Now or Later?

Hi, I'm travelling to Japan later this year (Late November) and was curious as to what others would do in relation to conversion rates. I'm not sure what the outlook is in terms of AUD - …

Should I Build up My Credit Rating While Young?

I'm currently young and looking towards the future in terms of credit rating. I was wondering if it was worth building up my rating before I take out a mortgage in the future. I understand that …

Any good 40 inch FHD TV Deals?

Looking for a 40 inch FHD TV for bedroom. Would prefer a 100Hz TV over a 50Hz tv, does anyone know of any good deals on right now or should i wait it out and watch for the Christmas sales. Looking to …

eBay Australia

Am I Being Scammed on eBay?

I listed my EA Access 12 month Code on Ebay and within a few hours it was sold for $32 (RRP is $39.99). I received payment instantly and decided to check if the buyer was legit. Upon looking at the …

Xbox Live 12 Months

Considering a large amount of individuals just purchased Xbox One's from the Target sale, does anyone know the cheapest place to get 12 months of Xbox Live Gold?