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Bought PS3 games from EB Games, Why Do All Of The Discs Have PEGI Classification?

Isn't PEGI a UK-based rating? Oddly enough, the cover case has Australian rating but the game disc seems to have UK-based PEGI rating. Do Ebgame sell imported games? Is that normal?

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Refund Issue BigW (PayPal)

Hi. I made a purchase then never arrived. And BigW gladly issued a refund for me on Thursday. I received emails from Paypal/BigW stating that full amount has been refunded to me. However, when I …

is 4gb enough RAM for Macbook Pro 13inch 2012 model?

My friends were suggetsing to me to upgrade it to 8gb (extra 120$). is it worth upgrading? FYI, i will be surfing web, doing some words/excel, PDF reading, movies..

TRS: Do I need to report back my tax claimed MacBook when coming in Melbourne?

Hi there. I am planning to buy a new Macbook/PC laptop next week. I will leave Melbourne to the USA for a short holiday…If i claim the tax refund for my Macbook, when I return back to Melb, can …

Mac or PC?

Guys, i am in dilemma for 1 month+ already. to cut it short, i am a student who has been using PC for his entire life. never uses a Mac before.. lately, my good 3 yr old dell laptop is going nuts. i …