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Lenovo ThinkPad E480 - i5 or i7 and a Good Price

Hi.. I am looking to buy a Lenovo laptop E480 256 SSD. I see that there are two models commonly available - one with i5 8250U and another with i7 8550U. Is i5 version good enough or there would be a …

1 x $500 Coles eGift Card @ 3% off

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Wanted: $1000 eBay Gift Cards

Kogan Mobile

Question about Kogan Prepaid Plan Renewal

Hi.. My Kogan plan is expiring in early Dec. I have some questions about renewal (to keep the same number). 1) Which is the cheapest other SIM card to just port out and immediately port in Kogan …

Any Recommendations for a Cycle as a Gift for 5 Year Old?

I am not familiar with kids cycle brands. Any recommendation for a not-so-expensive brand? How do Decathlon cycles compare with other stores in terms of price and quality? Also, any thoughts on …

Xiaomi Phone Deals

Where have all those awesome Xiaomi phone deals (e.g. MiA1) dried up all of a sudden? There used to be a deal almost everyday and I don't see any these days.

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Opal Card - NSW Government

Woolworths and Coles doing Opal card top up

Is there a list of Woolies and Coles stores that do Opal card recharge in Sydney available anywhere? Thanks.

Recommendations for a Cheap NBN Compatible Modem

I am moving to NBN and looking to buy a cheap NBN compatible wi-fi modem. It is enabled for Fibre to the premises (FTTP) technology. We will be using 3-4 devices on the wi-fi. Thanks!

For NBN - TPG vs Aussie Broadband vs Letsbemates vs Exetel

Which one from above would you recommend? I am looking for unlimited NBN 12Mbps or 50Mbps plan with no contract, no modem, and no phone. Looking for cheap and reasonably reliable option. Thanks!

Cheapest Internet Connection in Sydney?

I am looking for the internet connection in Sydney as I plan to move to a new place. I am currently on TPG ADSL2+ and happy with it so won't mind NBN or ADSL2+ at the new place, depending on the …

Best Way to Transfer Data from One Android Phone to Another

Hi.. I am planning to change my phone so need to transfer all data from a Samsung phone to Xiaomi phone. Which is the best way to transfer data (files, pics, contacts, sms, etc)?

expiredSkype Gift Card

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Any Recommendations for All Season, Machine Washable Quilt?

Looking for a good deal for all season, machine washable quilt under budget of $50 as it's for short term use. Any recommendations are welcome. I can buy one from Kmart, Target or Big W but I …

DWI Digital Cameras (Digital World International)

Buying iPad from DWI-Digital-Cameras eBay Store

Hi.. I am planning to buy an iPad from DWI-Digital-Cameras's eBay store. Do they offer warranty or does Apple offer warranty on their products bought internationally? I don't know if they …

Best Online Cake Shop in Sydney?

Hi.. I have heard of a few online cake shops that operate in Sydney. Can you please recommend the best one/ ones among them? I will prefer one with reasonable shipping price though. Thanks!

'Woolworths Money' equivalent app for Coles gift cards?

Woolworths Money app does a fine job of scanning Woolworths eGift cards, saving them (along with PIN details) and keeping track of their balances in real time. Is there any equivalent app for Coles …

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Which is a better phone among these in terms of performance/ quality and value for money?

I have shortlisted a few phones but I am confused as to which one to choose. There's not much info about some of these phones in forum here. ZTE Axon 7 ZTE Axon 7s Xiaomi Mi A1 Xiaomi Mi …

Cheapest Pay As You Go Prepaid Mobile Plan

Can someone suggest the best pay as you go prepaid plan? Alternatively, open to take suggestions for the cheapest monthly prepaid plan as well. There's no specific data requirement. Usage: …