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Requirement to Remove Graffiti from Private Property

So I live in a area that is heritage listed. The house next to me is on a corner and their wall is always covered in graffiti, they do nothing about it. The previous tenant kept on top of the …


Telecube no longer offering NBN

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that Telecube will no longer be offering NBN services from 4th September 2018, after that date the NBN services are in danger of being disconnected. Please …

Is this a legit shoe website?

Thinking of getting a pair of these shoes from this website. To good to be true?

What to drink when I get home?

Hi All, So each night I get home after work and have a beer or 2. I like it cause it is cold and refreshing. I am going to stop drinking for a while and need to replace my after work drink with …

Laptop AC adapter

Hi, trying to decide on generic vs brand name ac adapter for my Metabox 17-inch-laptop. Need 120watt at 19 . 5 volts. Anyone suggest a reputable generic brand or seller or should i go …


New Telstra Plans Planned for Holiday Season

Hi All, Have been chatting to Telstra as I am a existing customer ( not on contract) and want to get on the 7GB plan. The lady confirmed that you need to be off Telstra for 6 months to get the $200 …

LG G3 32GB D855 Sub $400

After a LG G3 32gb D855. Missed all the deals from a few months ago. Wanted to pay less then $400, would like warranty with it as well.