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Is This Site (Shopsprice.com) Safe or a Scam?

I came across a deal too good to be true and am wary buying from this site. Just wondering if anyone else has had experience buying from here. Prices for all their bikes seem to exceptionally low.

Electricity Provider Compensation for Surge Related Damage?

Not sure if this is the correct section to post. Recently we had several plugged in appliances fail such as heating, fridge, oven etc. When getting the ducted heater fan replaced the repair person …

Woolworths Mobile

Woolworths Prepaid Mobile Activation Site down

I called their number and was told to keep checking every 45 minutes as they are rebooting their site. Anyone have any more details or know what is going on? Trying to activate a 45 prepaid sim.

BIG W: Repco Bicycle Storage Sky Hook $10

expired BIG W: Repco Bicycle Storage Sky Hook $10