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Myer - Pricing / price matching

Was at the local shopping centre and walking through Myer and thought I'd pick up a kids birthday present while I'm there as they had a 20% of toys sale. I picked out a Fisher Price product …

Are You Actively Working Towards Leaving Your Kids an Inheritance?

Come across a few trains of thoughts recently, I was brought up with the view that your parents are financially responsible for you until 18-21yo then afterwards, if you want to live at home you pay …

Has Anyone Learnt How to Swim in Their Adult Life?

Just started adult lessons, are there any success stories out there?

Real Estate Agent Did Not Collect Bond

*Disclaimer - asking for a friend, apologies for the lack of detail Agent allowed tenant to move in before receiving the bond of 5 weeks rent. Tenant paid 2 weeks worth of rent then …

Gym Membership - Wanting to Put on Hold Longer than Time Frame Per Contract

Fractured my foot almost 3 months ago, still in the process of healing. I will have to use crutches until late Aug, which is when I will have my screws removed. After that I can begin partial weight …

[AMA] My Parents Were Refugees from SE Asia - Arrived in The 80's. AMA

So our friend Pauline has made a comeback. I've been surprised (not really) at some of the things she has said so far. Anyways, AMA!