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Whipper Snipper

I'm clueless on whipper snippers. After a bargain on a whipper snipper for average size block. Petrol or electric, no preference as long as it cuts grass well. Was just going to go $99 one at …


expired 25% off Petbarn (Some Exclusions Apply)


When Do ALDI Release Their Super Savers for The Week?

Deciding on whether to put off shopping for a couple days. Enjoy trying new things and everything in this weeks super savers seems pretty average. When will the next lot (9-15 May) be released?

PlayStation 4 Controller Deals?

All places seem to be the same price, around $79. I have a $15 JB gift card that I'd like to use, so a JB price match would be ideal, but happy to shop elsewhere too. Any good deals?

Decent deal on a camping chair?

As always, camping around Australia Day, sick of using the cheap $5 Kmart chairs. Recommend me a good camping chair at a decent price.

Young Couple Looking for First Credit Card to Maximise Offset Account and Reward Points

I'm not sure what kind of points I should be looking at, QFF vs Velocity vs Virgin vs (Whatever else there is)? Credit card will be used for everyday purchases and then paid off in full monthly …

Sony GTK-XB60 Speaker - or Similiar

Hi, Looking for a good, loud speaker. Mostly used for house parties. The battery option of this Sony GTK-XB60 is incredibly appealing to take camping. Where can I find it for a bargain?!

Reliable Ute for Commuting under 15k

Hi, Looking for suggestions on a reliable ute that will be commuting 600-700kms a week. Not fussed whether single, extended or dual cab. Would prefer tub over tray but not incredibly fussed. Easy …