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Recommend a Mobile Phone with NFC $150

Can any one recommend a cell phone with NFC? My budget is 150 dollars Previously Sony Xperia XA from Vodafone was for. 130 dollars

VIC Pacific Hydro Electricity Rates Locked for Two Years?

Hello Guys , Thinking to move to Pacific Hydro. I called them to ask if their Market Offer rates will remain locked for two years as specified here Market Offer and they said that if you sign now …

Lost My Wallet in PTV Bus. Extremely Worried

Hi All Yesterday while just getting of bus I decided to touch on Myki before bus stops. I touched on my Myki and while putting my wallet back in my back pocket I guess it must have slipped or fell …

Current deals on NFC Mobile Phone ?

Hi Guys , I was wondering if any of you can suggest deals on mobile phone which has NFC chip . I am looking for cheapest option but am willing to increase budget if any good deal is on market. I …

Woolworths Mobile

Woolworths Mobile Plan Offer Is It Worth It?

A stall by Woolworth saff only for today is offering Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge for $50 for a month for 24 Month i.e. $1200 for whole package 4GB Data and Unlimited calls Australia Wide and 150 Mins to …

Replacing Lost York Air Conditioner Remote

Hi , Can any one guide from where can I buy a spare YORK AC Remote Control in Melbourne . Model is YZHFX 0018 BAMAFX Thanks